Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't You Just Love Giveaways?

Well, so do I.  I'm too new to blogland to offer one, but I want to share one with you.  My blogger friend, Sandie, a most talented artist/quilter with a really great blog, is so proud of her accomplishment of reaching 75 followers that she is sharing with all of us the opportunity to win a scrumptious, yummy Christmas quilt that she has made.  I want to win, but I did tell her I would share with others, and my word is good, so I'm sharing the info about her giveaway, but remember, I still want to win!  Go to her blog here to enter and find out more info.  She's drawing a winner on November 1, so hurry!

I'm a flipper.  Bet you didn't know that about me!  You know I have a passion for quilts, quilting, and fabrics, but you probably didn't  know I also have a passion for quilting magazines!  When I'm not working with fabric, I'm looking at it, either in blogland or by flipping through the glossies.  Have a peek at my latest purchases...can't seem to go to a supermarket without buying a new one.  And as we approach Christmas, there are even more to choose from.  I guess I am a professed magazineaholic!  Do you think there's a support group out there for someone like me?  Just imagine if I made a quilt from each magazine!  Am I flippin' crazy?

And the best thing about flipping, is that every once in awhile, you come across a quilt made by someone you've met in blogland!  For example, McCall's Quilting Magazine (November/December 201)  has a great quilt in it designed by Konda Luckau, the wonderful host of the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along which I joined.  Every second Tuesday is like Christmas when a new block design is posted!  Konda's  Snow-Kissed Star  quilt in the magazine is amazing and graces the cover of the magazine.  Kudos to Konda!

It's been a busy week and most of my evenings were tied up.  But I did manage to finish block 4 of the Christmas Sew Happy Sew Along hosted by Lesley Boost.  Isn't he a cutie! Only 3 more blocks to go and a week to finish up, so definitely ready by Christmas.

I'm off on vacation for the next few days!  A wonderful time planned with "Mom, Me, and Sisters Three! "  We're a 4-girl family, spread across the country, so when we get together, it's wonderful!    Hubby will man the fort and keep the home fires burning, while I will wander across into another province and enjoy food, family, and fond times!  Life is good!
Cheers and Hugs 'till next time!



  1. I'm a magazine-aholic too. I just love them. Unfortunately, here in the UK they aren't usually available in supermarkets, and not often in quilt shops either, so the only reliable way is to get them on subscription.

    Have a great time with your family.

  2. Your stitchery is are right about that flipping,

  3. Wonderful story of love, quilts and family connection. Lesley, you are truely a sweetheart. Love you. Nancy


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