Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mom, Me, and Sisters Three Reunion!

And what a time we had!  Remember on the last post I mentioned there would be family, food, and fond times?  Well, there was...loads of it...we also had laughter, tears, walks, talks, hugs, kisses, movie nights and everything you would want in between when a mother and her four daughters come together for a special weekend at a cottage in New Brunswick overlooking the Northumberland Strait.   This was the first time we were all together for over four years, and did we ever go full speed ahead and make the most of a few short days!

But you know this is a quilting blog, so how will I tie in a family weekend with my quilting blog?  Mmmmm, guess I'll have to show you pics of the quilts I gave to each special person!  It was a great secret to keep from everyone.  I started the quilts when the idea of a "Mom, Me, and Sisters Three" reunion weekend in the Fall was being planned. As the date got closer and closer, the quilting fingers got busier and busier! 

On Friday night, we had a wonderful gift exchange with Mom, Me, and Sisters Three!  Christmas came early to the cottage!  There was lots of fun, belly laughs, and a parade of camera flashes - the perfect time to  present the quilts.  It was so much fun! And here is the picture taken the next day with the wind blowing, the sun shining, and the Northumberland Strait in the background.

From left to right, the first quilt is "The Love Quilt"  made for my mom.  Created from the Charm Square Quilt pattern posted on Wendy's Snippets of a Quilter blog in 2007, I chose the 4-block centres to represent the four daughters.

I chose a fabric for the borders that has hearts throughout, so the 4-block "daughters" are surrounded by the love of our mother, hence the name, "The Love Quilt".

The second quilt on the line is "The Mountain Quilt", made from flannel fabrics for the big sister who lives on the West Coast in the mountains of BC, a perfect quilt to cuddle up in after a day of skiing or sharing stories with grandkids! I told her I would ship it out, but she insists on taking it with her!

Quilt number three on the clothesline is "The Courageous Quilt", made for another sister, a sister who encourages creativity and thinking outside the box!  I left my comfort zone of flannels and earthtones to "courageously" go where I hadn't gone before...I used bright batik fabrics knowing that the end result might not match a thing, but how beautiful it turned out!  If truth be told, it's not quite finished yet. I actually brought it back home with me after the reunion weekend and have about a quarter of the quilting still to do.  It is back on my quilting frame and I'll get right to it!

Quilt number four is "The Cottage Quilt", made for my little sister who so generously shares her and her hubby's cottage(s) with our family.  This quilt was made to perfectly match her leather couch in the "little" cottage.  The couch is just waiting for this quilt and my sister to cuddle up!

So as you can see, every quilt has a story.  I attached a label to each quilt with the name of the quilt, the occasion, and date.  And since we all love the book and the movie, "The Help", I also framed the label with the phrases, "You are kind", "You are smart", and "You are important".

And all weekend, we added a fourth phrase, "You are family".  Of course, all the quilts are "cuddle"  quilts, just the right size for family members to cuddle up in.  And cuddle they was a joy to see Mom and Sisters Three trail around the cottage wrapped in their new cuddle quilts!

What a wonderful weekend.  Life is good!
Cheers and Hugs,


  1. I love your blog header and love this post full of wonderful quilts. You must have been quilting for some time!

  2. What a fun time you all must have had! I bet they all loved their quilts.
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