Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hotel Room Becomes Sewing Mecca!

Guess you know by now I like to play with words, and that books and fabrics are my passions.  This weekend is a perfect combination of the two worlds! I travelled to the city yesterday to do some shopping for work.  Isn't that great?  I get  such enjoyment out of shopping whether it's for me or someone else!  And I also attended a book launch for my cousin's sixth book.
Cousin Anne is an award-winning mystery author. The launch took place in an "authentic" Irish pub, apparently a pretty good rendition of the pubs mentioned in the book.  The  launch was a great celebration of books, literacy, and good company, followed by some great entertainment afterwards.  So how does this relate to my quilting blog?

Well, I'm here for another day (meeting tomorrow) so today was a free day! I brought everything with me to transform the hotel room into a sewing  mecca! Yes, I could have spent hours in shopping malls, but lately I just want to make sure I have enough fabric and notions so that I can sew some exciting projects.  There's nothing better than cutting into new fabric, sewing it together, and pressing the finished project!

The hotel's white bedspread became my impromptu design wall.  I finished a few more blocks of Terry Atkinson's Lucky Stars quilt, but unfortunately, I didn't bring enough background fabric, so these are all the blocks I can work on  'till I get back home.

The desk in the room became my sewing table and my cutting board.

I made good use of the ironing board!  I refused to throw anything away so sewed together some fabric leftovers and have a new stash of mini HSTs that I'll put to good use down the road.  The thimble puts it all in perspective...I'm sure you can see how tiny the squares are!

The couch in the room became my quilting corner.  This is "The Courageous Quilt" that I'm finishing for my sister from our Mom, Me, and Sisters Three Reunion  a few weeks ago. I managed to get a fair bit done this weekend by jumping from one project to another.  That way, I never get bored!

Have a peek at the's really been a fun project to quilt.  The colors just draw me in and I tend to quilt longer than I have planned to just because of the fabrics.  They make me happy!

And last but not least, I decorated my hotel room for Christmas.  Ok, not really, but my sewing/cutting
table became my "Christmas Project" table.  I'm working on a couple of the mini-quilts from "Sew Scrappy Volume Two". Again, note the travelling thimble to show you some perspective.

So  it continues to be a great day for quilting!

And before I go, I just want to remind you about the start of an exciting November Block Party brought to you by Madame Samm and a bevy of busy block quilters.  It starts  tomorrow so be sure to check it out !

Cheers and Hugs,


  1. That is just too funny! Sounds like a perfect stay in a motel. I'm like you, no shopping unless it is a quilt store. Congrats to your cousin on her book! I wish her the best of luck! Are you taking part in Madame Samm's Block Hop?

  2. Hello Lesley,
    I love "The Courageous Quilt" it's even bolder than I remember. Enjoyed you blog this weekend. So much to take in. Have a great week. Nancy


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