Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Another Day of Good Things!

Good thing # 1.
The good things actually started a few days ago.  When I arrived home from my weekend in the city, hubby met me with chocolates, a red rose, and this:

My very own, hand-crafted, custom-made light box!  

My frustration was growing every week, trying to find a sunny day to trace embroidery designs using the picture window, so my new light box will now solve those problems.  I am so spoiled!

Good thing # 2.
Today I received my giveaway prize that I won in the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along sponsored by Konda Luckau of Moose on the Porch Quilts. It's  a signed copy of  Konda's Simply Charming Seasonal, a book filled with charm pack quilts for every month of the year. Thank you, Konda!  And what a perfect prize to win!  There are so many projects I want to make,  and all of them are just the right size! 

What will I make first?  Maybe these cute snowmen, or the brilliant blue snowflake!

Thanks, Konda, for also letting me use your pics of the cover and projects from your Moose on the Porch Quilts web page.  Your pics are much better than mine!

Good thing # 3.
I try to shop at local quilt shops when I can.  There are two quilt shops about forty-five minutes away, in opposite directions, and both have been visited by me and my pocketbook on many occasions.    But sometimes, when I know I won't get out of town for awhile, I shop online for fabrics, patterns, and notions.  I have tried a variety of online fabric shops and have always been fortunate with good and timely service.  But todays' arrival was like receiving a gift! 

Inside the package was a custom order for the Ruby Stitch Along Kit  that I ordered from  Sew Lux Fabric and Gifts. Have you ever seen anything so pretty?  And inside was a bundle of fabric and a package of colorful embroidery floss tied with a bow and a signed thank you card.  Now that was special!   It was almost fun to spend money when my purchase made me feel like it was my birthday again!

Are you wondering what I'm going to make with this bundle?  A tote with an embroidered pocket!  Yes, I am stretching  my skills and challenging myself again to participate in the Ruby Market Embroidery and Quilt Along hosted by Clover and Violet. 

So, another day is dawning  I'm sure it will be another day of good things!

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Cheers and Hugs,


  1. Lots of good things there. I like the look of the book, and the Snowmen would be just the right thing to make at this time of year. (Maybe on a Christmas Quiltalong day? Teehee.)

  2. Chocolates and a red rose would have been wonderful.....but a light-box! That is so special, you are one lucky lady! The book you won looks like it has a lot of great patterns in it, congrats on your win from Moose on the Porch. I enjoy shopping at my LQS's too but the internet makes it very easy to buy and it looks like you found a great store and great goodies, enjoy!

  3. Hi Lesley - thanks so much for sharing about your purchase with us! We're thrilled that you're thrilled! :-) Happy Sewing, Chrissy

  4. YOu have had alot of good things your wins and purchase.


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