Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Wooden Quilt

Here is the story of My Wooden Quilt.

Once upon a time, on an island in a far off land (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia), two hockey moms met every weekend in cold hockey rinks to watch their children play hockey.  These two moms had much in common.  Their children were the same age, their children played on the same hockey team, and their children went to the same school.  The two moms loved watching their children play hockey and would often drink coffee together, especially flavored coffee!

These two moms soon found out that they had something more in common.   They both  loved Christmas, and in particular, they loved Santas!   They both collected Santas long before everyone else started to collect Santas. And when they found out they both loved Christmas and collected Santas, they became even better friends.

Every year since they became friends, they would meet before Christmas to exchange Christmas presents with each other.  The Christmas presents were always special, and hubbies and children would laugh in glee at the excitement and antics of these two moms as they opened their treasures.

One mom was called Quilter Mom, and would  surprise the other mom with Santas that were small and chubby

long and skinny,

or even embroidered! 

Sometimes, Quilter Mom would make  a Christmas tree

and sometimes, she would just make something cosy!

The other mom, Shopper Mom, would scour the globe to find the most special and unique Santas to give to Quilter Mom for her growing collection of Santas.  Over the years, Shopper Mom gave all kinds of Santas to Quilter Mom, including a tall, skinny Santa,

a fireman Santa, 

a Santa wearing funny long underwear,

and an elf Santa. 

One Christmas,  Shopper Mom gave Quilter Mom a Santa to hang a stocking from.  

And the next year, she gave her a stocking with a beautiful wool Santa on it!

Now on this island of Cape Breton lived Woodworker Lady who was famous  for creating wooden Santas.  In fact, Woodworker Lady had created so many wonderful Santas that an author decided to write a special Christmas story using her wooden Santas in the book.

Woodworker Lady had made many Santas over the years for   Shopper Mom, but Quilter Mom used all her extra money for quilting fabrics and had no money left to buy a wooden Santa.

So one Christmas, as the two moms were exchanging presents, Quilter Mom opened a special Santa box from Shopper Mom. 

In the box was $3.85 and a hand-written note.  The note said, "This money is the first payment towards the cost of a wooden Santa.   If  you save $3.85 each week, you will have enough money to buy a wood Santa."  Quilter Mom was so happy!  She knew she could save this money every week and that someday she too would own a wooden Santa.  

So for 52 weeks, Quilter Mom saved $3.85 each week and put it in the special Santa box. At the end of the year, Quilter Mom and Shopper Mom went for a trip to visit Woodworker Lady.   

Woodworker Lady asked Quilter Mom, "What do you want your Santa to look like?"  Quilter Mom showed Woodworker Lady a picture of a Christmas cuddle quilt that she had just finished making, made of cosy flannels in shades of red and green. 

She asked Woodworker Lady if Santa could have a quilt like the one she had just made.   And before you could say "Merry Christmas", Woodworker Lady had carved the Santa, with a quilt! 

This was no ordinary Santa.  This was Santa, standing in front of a Christmas tree, with his bag of toys and his hand on a quilt rack.  And carved on the quilt rack was a perfect copy of Quilter Mom's quilt.  She was so happy she cried!  

And this is the story of "My Wooden Quilt".

The End.

With many apologies to accomplished authors everywhere!

Hope you enjoyed the story.  It's a true story, and every year, a smile comes on my face when I unpack this special Santa.  I unpacked him today and wanted to share the story with you.  My flannel quilt is my favorite cuddle quilt, well used, year round!

And of course, Quilter Mom and Shopper Mom will once again meet in the next few weeks to again exchange their annual Christmas gifts 

It's a great day for quilting!
Cheers and Hugs, 
Quilter Mom  (aka Lesley)


  1. what a wonderful story and beautiful Santa and quilt and what a wonderful friend!!!!

  2. I was captivated until the last word of the last sentence. What a wonderful story, Lesley!

    Since quilts and hand carved Santas are amongst mt favorite things, I can so relate! And yoou're not going to believe it but I bought "The House Of Wooden Santas" at a craft show on Saturday. Now how's that for coincidence?

    Enjoy your week!

  3. I cannot understand all, i will try again with google translate, but the little quilt is so wonderful.
    I love this one so much.
    A question: i can follow you, but i cannot do your blog in my bloglist. He does not show me your newest entrys. I tried to do it with bloglovin. They write, your blog does not exist...isn't it funny?
    It is the first time, i have this problem.

    Hugs from Germany

  4. What a wonderful story, and what a lovely Santa. I love him.

  5. What a beautiful story and your wooden Santa and quilt are so beautiful! Shopper Mom was very smart!

  6. What a wonderful and very heartwarming Christmas story, Lesley. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! And what a smart thought to have your quilt carved along with your santa. Beautiful quilt.

  7. Wow! What a great friend to treasure and a great story! When I saw the first picture I didn't even realize it was a carving, not a real quilt!

  8. Morning Leslie...ohhhh I do love santas...almost as much as elves truly inspiring to hear your enthusiasm...and see it too ..x

  9. Oh my, that is the best story! I just loved it. I love how you wrote it (Quilter Mom and Shopper Mom) It was so entertaining. Honestly, that is the cutest little quilt with Santa, he's bag and tree. Can you believe she got your quilt (which is just beautiful itself) carved into the wood? It's just adorable, as is the story!!

  10. Really great story , loved it and I love Santas too . The wooden quilt is amazing as is the real quilt . So glad I have found your blog.

  11. I love your story and I love your wooden Santa and quilt. What a wonderful idea. I have not seen anything as special as that before!

  12. It's all about you, Lesley:)!! What a perfect story. I'm so glad you linked up to it!! I've often admired the borders of your blog page!! I had no idea there was a story behind it. I've toted that pattern around with me for years, but have never made it. Now that I see how beautiful it can be with just the right fabrics, I might have to dig it out of the pattern box!!


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