Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Look for a New Year!

Hello everyone! Christmas was, and still is, an amazing and very special time for me. Yes, I know it is now December 28th, but the spirit and the ambiance of the season will last in this house a lot longer!  We spent time with family and friends, did lots of visiting, ate (too much) wonderful food, and celebrated Christmas in many ways. When there were some quiet times, I did head to my sewing corner to piece a few seams and read a few blogs. And some extra special treats awaited me at the post office even before Christmas- several giveaway prizes I had won in December managed to arrive before Santa!

But before I tell you about that, did you notice my new look?  I absolutely adore what my creative genius (aka Madame Samm) did for my blog. Do you recognize the background?  It's from The Wooden Quilt.  Madame Samm doesn't ask for public accolades, but I am so thrilled with the new design, that I just have to thank her again within the lines of this post. Hasn't she chosen a wonderful way to tell you about me- a quilter who loves to make cuddle quilts and even loves to cuddle up with a quilt?  I Believe...that every chair and sofa needs a cuddle quilt on it! 

And I even have my own button!  It's located on the sidebar and you can take it with you to your blog!  Madame Samm, you are amazing.  And for those of you who don't know Madame Samm yet, she has an extraordinary blog which is all about quilters and for quilters called Sew We Quilt!   Check it out here!  It is a blog overflowing with guest hosts and tutorials that will keep your sewing machines whirring and your fingers quilting! And don't forget to visit Madame Samm's own blog at Sew I Quilt to see what she does in her spare time(chuckle!).

Now to thank some other wonderful and generous folks who held giveaways that I was so fortunate enough to win!  Since I'm too organized for my own good, I'll number them:

1) My new Go! Baby Fabric Cutter arrived last week, complete with three dies and three cutting mats.  

This was the grand prize in a giveaway hosted by Jacque at Lilypad Quilting and sponsored by Accuquilt.  All of this was in addition to a Moda Layer Cake, Chemistry Cosmo Cricket, that I already received from Green Fairy QuiltsI'll share the completed project that I made with some of the fabric next year!  

So of course I had to try out the Go! Baby. I found it to be so much fun, easy to use, and slightly addictive. All I want to do is cut out tumblers! Within a short time, I had cut all the tumblers I needed for a small quilt that I will call "The Delft China Quilt".

And of course I had to see how well the tumblers would sew off I went to the machine and started chain piecing:

And then I just had to sew a few rows together to see how it would look:

have seven more rows to add and then the borders.  I think I'll hand quilt this one. I just love it and will show you the finished year! 

2) I was also the winner of a copy of Amanda Murphy's Bejewelled pattern sponsored by Laurie Wisbrun.  It's a really interesting pattern that is modern, trendy, and uses yoyo's...can't wait to make this one! Laurie is a very talented fabric designer for Robert Kaufman and her designs are amazing!  She is also one amazing lady, because she didn't just send me the pattern, she asked me to pick some fabrics from her shop, and this is what I received from Laurie, a huge supply of bright, bold, and stunning fat quarters, all her own design!

Make sure you visit her Etsy shop'll see her selection of fabrics and some finished projects that are just beautiful!

3) Kaaren, of The Painted Quilt, held a giveaway of a book and autumn-themed fat quarters, and I was the lucky winner of that giveaway! I have followed Kaaren's blog since I started following blogs earlier this year.  I just love her blog...she is multi-talented, a whiz at decorating her beautiful home with her creations and the creations of others, and loves to share! Her First Friday Freebie Free Patterns are wonderful!  I have done several already and particularly love the stitchery designs.  She also has an Etsy shop ...make sure you drop by to check it out.  Kaaren is just so creative and sweet. So when the giveaway package arrived, I was thrilled anyway.  But inside the package was not only the book, "Fig Tree Quilts Fresh Vintage Sewing" by Joanna Figueroa, (another favorite blogger) and a wonderful selection of fabric, but a special needle case "custom-made" by Kaaren, just for me! I love the way she used the selvages and have already started saving mine. 

Her accompanying card once again proved to me that real and genuine friendships can be developed through this quilt blog community. I've been very fortunate to have met many, many wonderful, caring people who share the same interests in quilting and fabrics as I do. 

So all these wonderful things happened in a week, in and around Christmas, my most favorite time of the year.  I am so grateful for all that I, friends, and of course fabrics. What a wonderful life!

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Wow. There is certainly a lot happening at your place!
    Yes, love the new look. I am always impressed with M. Samm's work. Truly amazing lady.
    Congratulations on all the wonderful wins you had. And I do love the look of the blue tumblers. Gorgeous fabrics.
    With all your prizes there is plenty to do. Have fun!

  2. Hey Sweets!!! I grabbed your button...and put it on my blog!!!! Love the new look. Many hugs... I put up a new post on the things my blog friends have given me...Did I thank you for my little quilt?? I have been a little hazy.. I love it very much!! THANK YOU!!! hugs

  3. Love the new look! very nice!!! congrats on all the prizes all you new toys to play with I am learning much from following your blog and will have to check out the others.

  4. I love your new look. It matches your blog beautifully.

  5. Love the new look for your blog....Mme. Samm is amazing! I love your comment about the virtual quilting community - I have made friends with people that I may never actually meet, but the camaraderie, the love, the hope, and creativity is a wonderful part of my life now! I'm so glad you are having fun with your Go! and I think your Delft blue is just gorgeous! Happy new year, my friend!

  6. I love your new look, Madame Samm picked the perfect graphics for your blog! Makes me just want to cuddle in that chair with the quilt! I'm so glad you Go Baby finally arrived and you are having so much fun with it and what other wonderful gifts you received! Happy New Year!

  7. Hi there lesley,

    WOW!!!! Love the site....So proud of my talented friend and her amazing artistic and imaginative quilts. I don't quilt but I am blown away by your talent!!!! I am going to pass this on to my Stephenville friend who also quilts and would love this site.

    Miss you...Marjie


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