Friday, January 13, 2012

I Love My Sewing Corner

Winter is here. Snow, rain, snow, and so on. It's a perfect time for The Cuddle Quilter to get busy making a cuddle quilt!  

I finished this quilt top right before Christmas, adapting Terry Atkinson's Lucky Star design.  I used a variety of cozy, warm, flannels that are ideal for Nova Scotian winters!  This flimsy will go on the frame this week and I'll use those lovely large utility stitches and perle cotton to quickly (?) get this quilt ready to use.

This has been a great sewing week for me, with several "almost finished" projects on the go. One project is my snowman "bluework" stitchery...a few more stitches and I'll be ready to frame the snowman with a piano-key border which I plan to sew together using a variety of blue fabrics. 

What else is in the works?  My January Full House Schnibbles quilt sewn with charm packs of browns, beiges, teals and oranges that make me smile as I sew them together.  One more sashing row to add, a few borders, and hopefully the big reveal in the next post.  Want to join in?  Check it out at Another Year of Schnibbles.  

I'm also almost finished hand quilting my 12 Days of Christmas sampler, a free pattern from Temecula Quilts.  I'm using an all-over crosshatch quilting design. It's a perfect project to work on in the early morning hours as I sit in the comfy chair in the livingroom, sipping my coffee, and waiting for the sun to come up. 

After my day begins with some hand quilting, I run down to my beloved Sewing Corner (SC!).

I love my sewing corner. (And yes, I cleaned it up for this picture). My entire corner has been custom made by Woodworker Hubby.  He made the desk, drawers and cupboards exactly to my specifications many years ago. And it's still a work in progress!  For example, this Christmas he added a cupboard for me on the opposite wall to store some of my quilting books and some supplies.  I just didn't have enough space!

Now he is crafting me a specially-made quilter's ironing board. I am so spoiled!  I got the great idea from Christine's blog  and WH went to work. The plywood was purchased and cut to size and the next step is to prepare the plywood by covering it with batting and fabric.  We have decided to adapt Christine's idea a little so the ironing board will better fit our small space. Thanks to a great idea from a quilting friend who dropped by (Thank you, Miss A!), we decided to make the ironing board into a "drop-down" ironing board/table. That way, I can drop it down when not needed and I can use the wall space for a design wall. When you live in a small house, but you have big quilting plans, you have to make the most of your small spaces!

This weekend will be a "Wonky Weekend" for me as I continue making my wonky houses for the Wonky House Block Swap.  Here is block two and three....only nine more to go!

As you can see, it is really hard for an organized, structured gal like me to get down and wonky, so my wonkiness is in my choice of bright fabrics!  

Stay tuned for my reveals in the next post and many thanks for dropping by. It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Lesley, I love how your cuddle quilt is coming along. The design and fabrics are fantastic! Your sewing corner looks wonderfully cozy. And your wonky house blocks are quite fun indeed!

  2. Wow, you have been a busy beaver!!! I am impressed!! I love the star quilt on top... I love anything with stars on it... I'm crazy about stars..I married one :):) (my hubby's name is Starr) And your wonky houses are turning fabulous!!! I cant wait to see your snowman embroidery...I just learned how to do redwork this week. Im working on a blue snowman pattern myself. Many Hugs Lesley!!!! Stay warm. :):)

  3. I can imagine nothing better than snuggling, or cuddling, up with a quilt you are working on when it is cold outside!
    Your stars look wonderful. Great colours.
    And good luck finishing off the snowman.
    I do like the idea of a hubby who can build whatever is needed for the sewing room. Very handy!! And I agree that when your space is small you really have to make the best use of it.
    I admire you for taking on the wonky houses. I am afraid I am a little too structured and really do have problems letting go!
    I was a bit thoughtful when I read that you were busy sewing while waiting for the sun to come up. Then I Googled sunrise in your area and realised what the time would be. Not too early after all, thankfully!

  4. So a wonderful Star Quilt. I love the colours. I never used flanels, i will try this next winter.
    Your Sewing room....a lot of space and so "clean" ;-))
    If i want to start a new project, i always have to clean up for a day, because i don't find my 3 machines or the table under all the fabrics and scraps.
    Here in Germany, we say :Only a genius dominates the chaos

    Happy Weekend


  5. Followed you over from the Wonky Houses and your reply to my comment! So glad I did as you have a lovely blog Lesley! I am torn between modern and traditional too though erring more towards a modern look but this year finishing off some quite traditional UFOs started a few years back!

    Lucky you with a woodworking hubby who has made a glorious corner for you but I am nosy and am wanting to know what the rest of the room is used for?

  6. What an awesome space, Lesley! I would love my SC too, especially will all the custom built-ins and storage. Commercial sewing stations like yours sell in for $1000+.

    You've been a busy little beaver with so many pretty things to show for it. Your wonky houses are developing a personality all their own and I love the fact that they are so colorful. And stars! Who doesn't love stars? Now that's a cuddle quilt for sure!

    Enjoy the weekend and here's hoping you achieve all you're sewing goals! *wink*

  7. You certainly have been busy this week, lots of great projects , love your star quilt and like your idea of quilting it with larger stitches with the perle cotton. Those wonky houses are so cute ,love the bright colors.Enjoy your sewing time today in that great space!

  8. I loved seeing your sewing space, so neat and tidy....Your houses are fun....glad you had a good sewing week!

  9. I need your DH to come to the UK for a while!

  10. Love your stars, and your wonky houses are adorable!

  11. I love you houses. They qre quite wonderful.


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