Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's a Quiltie Day!

Yesterday, the mail held a treasure trove of gifts in the form of little quilties.  I had participated in a fun December quiltie trade hosted by SandieThis was a perfect project for me because the quilties are only 4" x 6".   The deal was that we would make three quilties, send them off to Sandie by the December deadline, and receive three quilties back from the other participants.

Here are the three quilties that I sent along for the exchange. 

Believe it or not, I forgot to take a picture before I mailed them, so this picture is thanks to wonderful host Sandie who took pics of all the quilties.  

The December quiltie trade was the perfect opportunity for me to try out some of the "Sew Small" blocks featured in "Sew Scrappy", Volume Two.  

So, now you know what a quiltie trade is all about. So when I received my quilties yesterday, you can imagine how pleased and tickled pink I was!  And because I love structure, I will show them to you in alphabetical order.  Some of the participants do not have their own blog, but I hope they will visit me here and know how much I appreciate their quilties.

From Lori:

How cute is this door?  Lori, thank you so much. Your wintry door makes me smile so much as I know there will be lots of shovelling snow in the next month or two in Nova Scotia!  The ceramic tree button is wonderful and certainly compliments that wonderful window.  Gotta love that snow...the fake kind! 

From Marguerite:

I'm all about Christmas, Marguerite, so thank you so much for this tribute to Christmas! Love the fabric you chose, the sweet Christmas Blessings ribbon which sparkles, and that cute tiny button atop the tree!  Just a sweet reminder of a wonderful Christmas day!

And from Sandie, our very special host:

Sandi, your quiltie is so special!  That little snowman makes me smile as he sits atop a snowflake on that lovely plaid fabric. I love the little extras you used like the tiny little tree and the tiny little Christmas light, and of course, the lace trim,  Hmmm, are you trying to tell me something?  (Sandie tells me there is a new quiltie trade coming up soon with a theme of lace).

Today Sandie has a Quiltie Trade Show and Tell.  You'll see some wonderful creations by some wonderful ladies!  And if you're interested in the next trade, touch base with her soon to let her know and the fun will begin! You don't have to be a blogger to participate.

Thanks for dropping by.  It's a great day for quilting!


  1. The quilties are just adorable , especially love the door ,too cute . Are these mailed in an envelope or as is?

  2. I'm glad you loved your quilties!! I really enjoy hosting the trade!!! It was so much fun!! Thanks for playing Sweets!!! Hugs

  3. Aren't those the cutest little quilties both given and received!

    I can see them becoming very addictive.

  4. They are so fun and wonderful....

  5. Those are just beautiful! So much detail...and such clever ideas. :)

  6. Hi Lesley
    I received one of your Quilties, Thank you very much its lovely, love the Santa peg also.
    I have posted on my blog about this trade as well


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