Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Mr. Blueman

I've just finished a winter stitchery in bluework.  It's just like redwork, but instead of using red thread, I used a beautiful shade of perriwinkle blue.  I now have a new block to hang on my table stand for the  month of January. Mr. Ho! Ho! Ho! has gone away for a year and I've replaced him with Mr. Blueman!

The pattern for the block is by Sherri Falls of This and That Pattern Company. I used some blue scraps I had left from my Delft China quilt for the border and there you see it...a blue January block which of course will be replaced by a red February block in the not too distant future.

I now love to press.  I can't get enough of pressing! I know you're wondering if I've gone bonkers, but seriously, I am now in love with using my iron because I have a new and improved ironing board! 

The idea for this super-duper ironing board came from Christine who blogs at Quilt Monster in My Closet.  Christine was a special guest at Madame Samm`s Sew We Quilt blog which, for the entire month of January, is featuring guests with their favorite quilting tools.  

I took Christine's idea to Woodworker Hubby, and in no time at all, he had made me my own super duper ironing board!   We decided  to adapt the directions and attach the ironing board to the wall so it could fold down.

Of course, it will probably be set up most of the time. 

And then, because there are no table legs to get in the way, the space underneath becomes the perfect place to store my fabric totes!

Having a larger ironing board is a real treat. My work space seems to have exploded in size. I can spread things out and still have lots of room left to sort and to iron.  Because the board is attached to the wall, there is no overhang space for larger projects, but the old ironing board is close enough if I need it, and these days I tend to be making more smaller projects.

Like this little gift card wallet for an example.  I purchased the little kit and pattern through Quilt Taffy from their Etsy store. I sewed it up in a jiffy, and I can see down the road that there may be many more of these made!
It`s a great day for sewing and a great day for ironing! Thanks for coming by! 


  1. Now that snowman is just too cute. Love it! And that's a lovely table stand, too!
    Your ironing board has come up well. Pass on my compliments to that amazing handyman hubby of yours. Very impressive.
    Those little card wallets are a wonderful idea, too. Sweet fabric. Great way to give a gift.

  2. LOVE it Lesley! I am glad you are enjoying are your new ironing/creative space! Thanks for the link.. I appreciate it :) Have a fabulous week!!

  3. Love your snowman , it looks sweet in your little table top frame. What a fantastic ironing board , wow I am jealous ,that will make ironing so much more enjoyable. Enjoy this sunny day . Sheila

  4. Great board ! Think my cat would end up sitting on it!

  5. I love the ironing board...give your hubby a big smooch for that!!!!! I posted my finished room. come see!! And you know I really love your snowman!! I am after all an official snowman collector!! Great job Sweets!! Many hugs

  6. What a sweet snowman, he looks wonderful in your little frame! So how is the board staying up without legs??? I've got to show Builder Bob this one as I love it!

  7. Oh my goodness, what an awesome sewing space! Whoo hoo! Love your snowman mini! I just got my Ackfeld stand and I'm making a block for it now!

  8. I can comment again!! I just LOVE this sooo much!!! When I think January, I also think blues! Wonderful job!!

  9. Hi Leslie! I'm your newest follower! ~ I will be back tomorrow to see what you are working on for Thimbleberries Sew Day. ;-)

    Love your little snowman~ I embroidered the same one, but he needs borders. ;-o And your sewing space is wonderful! Great new pressing board!

  10. Well that confirms it - I HAVE to have your husband come visit me for a while!

    I love Mr Blueman too.

  11. Love the snowman and the new ironing board your hubby is a dear! Its always good to have the right tools for our projects my big board sits on top of ironing board.


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