Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome Back and Welcome To!

It's only January 4th and already this month has been huge for this fairly new blogger.  I have a new look to my blog, complete with a banner that just invites you to cuddle up with a quilt.  Many of you have already sent wonderful compliments about the new make me blush with your compliments. The credit for the new banner goes to Madame Samm who takes a few tidbits of information about me and turns them into a banner that is truly me!   Check out her blog at Sew We Quilt and learn about some wonderful quilting tools during the month of January.  I've already put in an order to woodworker hubby to adapt my regular ironing board into a quilter's  ironing board that may change my life!  I learned this from yesterday's guest Christine, who can be found at Quilt Monster in my Closet.  

And today, after a few months of unresolved issues with my blog page, I have made the decision to move to a new site, thanks again to Madame Samm.  How do you like me now?  

Actually, you should be able to find me very easily and the transition for my followers should be easy and painless.  If you were a follower, please rejoin me.  That is one little down side to this move. Followers aren't moved automatically. I will appreciate it so much if you click and follow me once more! If you haven't been a follower, today is a perfect day to start. If you are an email subscriber, you may also have to subscribe again.  I also may have to play a bit with my buttons on the sidebar, adding a few that may have been lost in the shuffle...but please be patient while I try to put them back! I thank you in advance for your continued support and encouragement as I cruise the seas of this wonderful quilt blog community of ours.

In the midst of all this excitement, I have been busier than ever and loving it!   I have started my Wonky House Blocks.  This is an exchange, hosted by Jane at Jane's Fabrics and Quilts  where each of us makes twelve blocks, exchanging eleven of them by March 1, 2012, so that we will end up with twelve wonky house blocks, a great start to my first wonky house quilt!  

I used a tutorial posted by Sophie on how to draw a liberated house (who knew a house could be liberated?) and the rest is history.  This block will probably be my keeper because I learned a lot and my next eleven blocks should be much better!  And remember, a wonky house block is all about being wonky, so ta da...

Click on the photo to see the flock of birds in the window. Why not?  Chuckle!
And for another bright light,I finished block 4 of the Blogger's Block of the Month hosted by Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works.  

Here are all four blocks together, so you'll see there is a method to my madness with these fabrics!   

Now, for those of you who know me well, and are wondering what happened to traditional Lesley...well, I'm still here!  It's just good for me to get out of the box once in awhile.  And I'm not that far out of the box.  A few years ago, I had some extra tiny little squares left from a project, and being very frugal (at times, I really am frugal!), I refused to throw them out, instead opting to sew together more little squares together, and so on, and so on. I used scraps of deep greens, burgundies, blues, and a few golds with fillers of similar fabrics of beige. 

The blocks are 6.25 inches square(kind of square?).  I have a total of 20 blocks:  5 blue, 7 red, 7 green, and 1 lonely gold.  I laid them out on the kitchen floor for a better look:

So now what do I do?  Any suggestions?  I suppose there is a computer program that could tell me what I should do, but all I know is that I have lots more fabrics similar in color so I could make more blocks, add filler blocks of a coordinating fabric, or just sew it all together now with a few small borders and that would be it...a little quilt!  Any and all input will be greatly appreciated!

So, as you can see, I'm busy as a bee! 
Thanks for visiting today, and remember that it's always a great day for quilting!


  1. Yay! It updated on my sidebar, but only after dumping my cache and restarting my computer. I was having some doubts but thankfully it all worked out for the best.

    Your new blog look is looking great. Madame Samm does great work. And yes, you've been a busy lady with many projects on the go. That wonky house does not look easy.

    I absolutely LOVE the quilt you're making from scraps. Since you asked for opinions, mine is to continue making blocks just as you've done and sew them together just as is and bind it without a border(s).

  2. yep--- you are a busy Girl!! Happy sewing!! Sandie

  3. Hi Lesley. Great to see all the wonderful projects you are busy doing. I have updated my blog reader and we will see what happens this time. Also back as a follower again. I will let you know how it goes!
    Good luck.

  4. Hah, see, you can't escape me that easily!

    You're leftovers quilt looks great. I'd just keep going until it's about the size you want it to be/you run out of scraps. I agree with Kaaren too. It doesn't need borders, it looks good as it is.

  5. Hi Lesley. I hope your new blog updates now and that all goes well and smoothly. Some great pieces you are working on. Sew sew sew!

  6. You have some fun projects in the works. Blogger and be a "bug-ger" sometimes. I've had some problems with transfering to a paid url. ugh. One would think that if you are paying per month it SHOULD work better, easier. At the very least, be able to get some techie help. But, nope. =(

    Glad to see you are back on a smooth track =)


  7. First off I love your new look, wow it looks great .I am also having issues with blogger not allowing me to replace my header which is why you see my present background.Great wonky house , I did one for a swap once and had no clue how to go about it but it turned out not bad .As for your group of blocks I would sew as is I think they look amazing and a few borders would make this just lovely.

  8. Hi Lesley
    So great, to find you and your blog again. Now i hope to have no problem with my Bloglist.
    A follow you again here.

    Hugs and greets from Germany


  9. Great looking blog Lesley, I look forward to following along. Thank you for the shout out to my blog as well! Has your husband made your ironing board yet? :)


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