Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Small Quilt

Four things that I really love:
  • putting the final border on a quilt top
  • putting the final stitch in the quilt sandwich
  • tying off the last stitch of the quilt binding, and
  • attaching the quilt label.
Of course, you know that once I attach a quilt label, I 'm ready to start another quilt!

So what did I do this week? I put the final border on a quilt top. But not just any quilt top. It is the little "mourning" quilt I made as part of Kathleen Tracy's One Small Quilt a Month project. 

The pattern for this Crosses Mourning Quilt is in Kathleen's second book, "Prairie Children and Their Quilts". Every month, Kathleen will feature on her blog a small quilt from one of her books.  She'll inspire us with samples and encouragement, giving us suggestions so that by the end of the month, we'll have completed a small quilt.

I also bought Kathleen's "Civil War Sewing Circle, Quilts and Sewing Accessories Inspired by the Era". Both books offer a look back in time with some wonderful patterns for small quilts, doll quilts, pin cushions, needle cases, and many more quilted treasures. The beauty of participating is that by the end of the year I'll have a dozen small quilts that are perfect as take-along hand quilting projects for sewing nights with friends or a trip to visit family. Make sure you check it all out at Kathleen's blog.  

Before I go, I have to show you another way I try to make my sewing corner a little more useful. I don't have the space for a design wall, but I like to see my finished blocks as samples. If I put the finished blocks on my sewing table, in no time at all, they're covered with rulers, rotary cutters, fabrics, books, etc. I want to be able to look at them while I sew and the only space I could find was the space above the ironing board/table.

Ta da! A dowel and some clips and I am the proud owner of a miniature design wall, or at least, a miniature clothesline. It sure works for me!

A closer look:

If my daughter reads this blog, she'll recognize the clips as what she used to fashion "economical" curtains while in university.  Thanks, kiddo! 

It's February 1st already.  Where has the time gone? It's gone into little quilts, cuddle quilts, Schnibble quilts, stitcheries, mug rugs, table runners, blocks of the month, and so on, and so on, and so on.  If you want to see some amazing January Full House Schnibble quilts, visit Sinta or Sherri for the parades of quilts! You might just see mine in Sherri's parade! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. how great is that idea for a design wall!
    very clever.
    Love your new little quilt, the fabric border is great!
    Thanks for sharing I need to get that book out again
    Love Kathy's books

  2. Oh your quilt is so beautiful! I love your border fabric. Nice work!

    What a great idea with that dowel bar and the clips for auditioning your blocks. Thanks for sharing such a great tip with us!

    I am so anxious to see what quilt Kathie has for us this month!


  3. the little quilt is adorable!! Love the design bar it would look great as a valance too.
    I'm off to sub at the colony today back to country school.

  4. Lovely quilt!! And the pole idea is great!! Smart thinking!! Hugs

  5. A lovely little quilt, Lesley. Quite inovative with your "adjustable" design wall. All that matters is that it works for you. I'm working on making a design wall for myself too.

  6. Great idea for displaying your blocks! I have that book, too, and there are lots of great ideas in there! Looking forward to seeing your projects, too!

  7. Your design-line is very clever.

  8. What a great idea with the little clips! Any kind of design wall works, your little quilt is adorable!

  9. Great idea. I like your little quilt too.


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