Saturday, February 11, 2012

Updated: Christmas Quiltalong Day In Progress

Update: Please see the update below with pictures of my fabric choices. Just scroll down to the end of this post.

Today is the day I will be in Christmas mode as I participate in Quilt Sue's 2012 Christmas Quiltalong. It's being hosted by Hazel at Hazel's Quilts and throughout the day you might see some updates, inspiration and surprises at Hazel's so make sure you visit her.

Before I head to my sewing corner, I wanted to get some  Christmas spirit flowing. I started by having my morning coffee in a Christmas mug, a mug that is still hidden in the back of the cupboard. My "coffee" is made with hot chocolate, butterscotch flavored coffee and Irish Creme is so yummy! 

As I sipped my coffee and waited for the sun to come up, I watched an episode of "Castle" and put a few quilting stitches in my Frontier Foundations quilt.

For more Christmas inspiration, I had a good long look at my Santa plant, a gift from a friend. The plant is still gracing my kitchen table and the Santa always makes me smile! Thank you, friend!

For even more inspiration, I admired the flowers and card that I received yesterday at my retirement lunch.  OK, this isn't about Christmas, but it is about starting a new chapter in my life and having the time to embrace family, friends, sewing, quilting, the wonderful blog community we share and especially the 2012 Christmas Quiltalong!

For a brief moment, I viewed the snow melting on the back deck, anticipating more rain and a possible change over to snow later.  Gotta love winter in Nova Scotia! 

So now I am ready to head to my sewing corner. I'm going to make Quilt Sue's Festive Mystery quilt and will decide on my fabrics today. If I'm quick to decide, I may have time to cut my fabrics.  The instructions for Part 1 are posted on Hazel's blog here. I better get to it, 'cause it looks like I may be late to the gate!

UPDATE:  12:15 pm AST
Hi folks!  I did it...I chose my fabrics for the Festive Mystery Quilt. Background is is a solid white, dark is a multi-colored Christmas print on a black background, medium is red with white medallions, and the light is white with red polkadots.  

I started to cut my strips, and thought it would be fun to have two darks (of course, if you can read between the lines, that means that I didn't have enough fabric), so I now have two darks, both with a black background that I hope will make the quilt more interesting!  
I didn't cut the white strips yet, but that will be next.  Then I'll cut the squares and be ready for next month!  If you're interested in joining us, it's never too late.  Go here and scroll past the Mr. Linky names, and there you'll see the directions.

It's still a wonderful day for quilting!


  1. Your morning drink sounds even more yummy than mine was.

    Many congrats on the retirement by the way. Being retired's great!

    Now I'm looking forward to seeing what fabrics you choose for your quilt.

  2. Happy retirement! Love the Santa planter, such a pleasant face to sstart the day with. We had a wee bit of snow last night, but the sun is already melting it off.

  3. Happy Retirement!! Only 17 more years to go for me...but who's counting?? lol

  4. I love your Christmas mug, and the planter! Looking forward to seeing your Mystery Quilt fabrics - isn't this brill!

  5. Yay retirement!!! I think I may have to go over to Hazel's and see what's up. I can be in a Christmas mood anytime, no prep necessary for me, but I love the way you got ready. (Fingers crossed that this post will take)

  6. Woww, I love your fabrics. They will look great.

  7. You have lots of pretty things to look at for inspiration. I love the fabrics you are using for Festive Mystery.

  8. Great start! Your fabrics are so pretty altogether and you have a lot of beautiful inspirations around...

  9. Hello Miss April, fancy meeting you here. I adore your background print with the spunky polka dots, great choices. :-)

  10. Lovely fabric choices!! I think i need to rethink mine now :)

  11. pretty Christmas colors...what fun! I really liked the picture of snow on your deck...but, sigh...I really wish we had some here in my neck of the woods (well, not so many woods...but, there are mountains)


  12. Like them and I look forward to seeing it made

  13. The two dark fabrics looks right at home! Good choice.

  14. I still love reading about all the things you do in the morning before the sun comes up. What a lovely way to start the day!.And retirement, too! Congratulations.
    Lovely fabrics for the QAL. It isn't too hard to get in a Christmas mood when it is cold and there is snow on the ground. Have fun!

  15. I love the Frontier quilt you have in the works. Good design and good colors.

  16. Thank you for coming to the Christmas QAL party this month, Lesley - hope to see you over at Joanna's in March.

    Your fabrics are fab & I can't wait until we start putting them together into blocks!

  17. You have a wonderful long list of ways to trick your mind into thinking it's really Christmas. And once your mind is set, away you go!
    Hearty congrat's on your retirement. With the fun of quilting, you'll never run out of ways to spend your free hours, now that you're not heading to the workplace.

  18. Love your fabrics for Mystery Quilt! Very pretty :D Having too much fun?


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