Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Back!

I just returned from a wonderful week-long holiday in Clearwater, Florida visiting my mom and sister. They were the bestest hosts a person could ask for, and I felt like the Queen Bee for a week!  Woodworker Hubby wasn't able to come with me, but did paint the ceiling while I was away, so hopefully wasn't too bored without me. 

It was a girls' week and what fun we had!  Golfing, shopping, eating, and lots of white sand, blue skies, and blue water. Here is a view of the palm trees I enjoyed at Clearwater Beach:
And here is what I enjoyed when I drove into the driveway on Tuesday of this week:
Woodworker Hubby became Shoveller Hubby while I was away and shovelled, and shovelled, and shovelled some more.

So let`s go back to Clearwater.  I found two wonderful quilt shops within twenty minutes of where I was staying. And of course, since this is a blog about quilting, I have to share them with you.

Country Quilts, formerly Country Bears and Quilts, is in a big red cabin located in Clearwater.  The web site is currently under construction to reflect the new name, but you can find a little more information about the shop by reading their latest newsletter

It's a wonderful quilt shop that was bustling with activity the day I popped in.  There were two classes going on and the hub bub and excitement just added to my own enthusiasm. I didn't know what CW fabric was a month ago, (Thanks, Kaaren, now I know it's Civil War fabric). Now all I want to do is add CW fabrics to my fabric collection.  This shop was perfect for me because they had an entire wall of CW fabrics.  On display was a small sampler quilt that is now on my to-do list.
I purchased the pattern, Windham Sampler designed by Clothesline Quilts, and chose some wonderful fabrics to use. Of course I looked around at everything else too!
And naturally I made a few more small purchases before I left, but I kept gravitating towards the CW corner.
The we had another day of golf. To answer your question, yes, my mother and sister regularly have much lower golf scores than me, but I still have fun!  Only in Florida would I have to avoid this kind of hazard on the course, just a few feet away from me. I think they said it was a Sand Crane.  
Next we were off to the second shop, Rainbow's End Quilt Shoppe in Dunedin.  This is a huge, huge quilt shop.  I actually didn't see any CW fabric, but I saw everything else. 
Lots of color!
They have a small separate room for woolens and a huge warehouse room filled to the rafters with Christmas fabrics, samples, quilt kits, and everything related to Christmas and the other seasons.  
My pictures do not do justice to Rainbow's End. However, they do have a Flickr link and you can see a slide show of the shop by clicking hereThen you may find yourself hopping on the next plane to Florida! 

The day I visited, there was a workshop being offered in what I call "The Christmas Room".  The only sounds I heard were sewing machines whirring and the giggling and laughter of a lot of happy sewers!  

And by the way, there is a "Sale" room, so of course I found some treasures there. Unfortunately, my treasures couldn't fit into my suitcase, so I "had" to buy a little rolling carry-on bag to fly home with.
After arriving back in Nova Scotia at 2 am, I spent the night in an airport hotel and travelled home the next morning.  But I still had one more stop to make, at Harbour Quilt Company in Antigonish,  my LQS (Local Quilt Shop), about 40 minutes from home.   Owner Kim was on hand, there was a workshop going on in the back, and I quickly added to my treasure trove! 
The shop may be small but it is overflowing with amazing fabrics, samples, and a variety of popular quilt kits, many designed by Kim.  

Kim is wonderful to find what you`re looking for and order it if it`s not in her shop.  

So that was my week in a nutshell. Believe it or not, I still haven`t unpacked my carry-on.  When I went through customs coming back, the agent did ask what I spent my exemption on, and in a little voice, I said "I'm a quilter and I bought fabrics and some small gifts for my family".  Now that I'm home, I want to organize my cupboards a little bit better before I pet my fabrics and put them away.

Thanks for dropping by. I have no projects to show you now, but I've got a lot of works in progress. I brought three projects to Florida to work on but didn't get a lot done. I was just too busy having a fantastic time! 

Hope you know that it`s a great day for quilting!


  1. Hi Lesley - glad you enjoyed your trip to Clearwater - it's where I grew up. I am headed there myself on Sunday; I've taken a new job and will be training at headquarters there. I have spent many an hour (and dollar) at Rainbow's End, but I have not been to Country Quilts in years & years. I would love to visit them this trip as I love CW fabrics, but I'll be at work when the shop is open. So sad! I had fun reading about your vacation - hope Spring arrives soon for you!

  2. That crane looks like he's walking on a couple of stolen golf clubs! haha Wow is that second quilt shop an awesome awesome place to be! I'm successfully jealous! Well, get your butt into your sewing seat and let's see what you've got in mind for all that new stuff!

  3. Oh, if you like CW, this is a blog you need to visit. The CW is commemorating 150 years and she posted a block a week. You will have to dig a little in the blog archives but it is worth it. My friend and I worked all summer on the blocks. So much fun.
    Here is the link

    It sounds as if you had a simply wonderful time. Who could ask for more, family, fun, fabric. food. Hey , the 4 f groups!!

  4. Sounds like it was a great trip. I'm looking forward to seeing all the treasures you brought home with you.

  5. welcome home! sounds like you had a great vacation! Love the Christmas room I could have spent a bundle in there! oh CW fabrics my favorites ;) looking forward to seeing what you make with your new purchases....
    we miss the snow this year , its going to be 50 again today
    crazy for our area

  6. What a wonderful getaway and how fun to shop at all of those shops! That is so funny that you had to buy another carry-on for your purchases! Way to go!

  7. You must have felt like turning around and going back! We got 8" of snow last night in Woodstock, NB. First time reading your blog. It's a good one. Nice to meet you. Marilyn


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