Friday, February 10, 2012

What are you doing on Saturday?

Want to have some fun with some folks that love Christmas as much as I do?  Then join the gang for the first 2012 Christmas Quiltalong on Saturday, February 11. This is the second Christmas Quiltalong being coordinated by Quilt Sue at Quilt Times

From now until December, on the second Saturday of the month, Christmas Quiltalongers will set up shop in their sewing room, studio, sewing corner, in the spare room, or at the kitchen table to sew on a Christmas-related project. You'll be able to join with Quilters from around the world that day and see what Christmas project they're working on through the Mr. Linky tool which will be provided at the guest host's blog site.

You can choose to do your own project, or the Festive Mystery Quilt designed by Quilt Sue. There will be six installments, so tomorrow we'll get to see what fabrics we'll need and from there it's full speed ahead.  I'm definitely in it for the mystery.  I've actually been collecting red fabrics so my quilt may become a Festive Mystery in Red! 

Quilt Sue has some Christmas elves all set up this year to guest host. Tomorrow, the guest host is going to be Hazel at Hazel's Quilts and she's all ready to roll out the welcome wagon. I'm going to be the host for the month of April and I'm already thinking of some fun activities for blog visitors that day. Mmmm, maybe that might be the time for my very first giveaway?  

Won't you join us?  You can never be too ready for Christmas! By the way, there are no quilt police looking over our shoulders.  Sew for five minutes, or the whole day. Whatever you want to do is fine with us.  We love Christmas! 

Santa says it's a great day for sewing!


  1. Sounds like fun Lesley , perhaps I can manage a few minutes of Christmas tomorrow ;-)

  2. Am I really seeing
    Christmas already...have I been that busy
    Love your blue quilt btw....stunning...have a great weekend my dear

  3. Ok weird my comment disappeared..... I said I must be awful busy to see Christmas already....yes I know you love Christmas ans snowman but it is feb isn.'t lol. Love your blue quilt it is very calming...have a great weekend


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