Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christmas Quiltalong Saturday

Christmas Quiltalong:  Two updates are below.  Please keep reading!

Happy Saturday!  It's the second Saturday of the month, so that means it is Christmas Quiltalong Day!

This is such a fun quiltalong! Coordinated by Quilt Sue at Quilt Times, it is one day a month where you set aside some time to sew on a Christmas project.  Either work on a Christmas project of your own choosing, or join with many of us as we head to our sewing rooms across the globe to follow the second installment of the Festive Mystery Quilt. The finished quilt will be 42" x 60", a perfect cuddle quilt! 

It's certainly not too late to participate and we really hope you will! Last month we cut our fabric and today we will start to sew. If you're ready to join us, it won't take you any time to catch up. Hazel was the guest host in February and you can find the supply list and cutting instructions for the quilt at her blog HERE. Just scroll down past the Mister Linky's and you'll see the first installment.

I chose my fabrics to include background, dark, medium, and light.  I decided to use two darks instead of one, just because I love the two of them. Here is my fabric all cut and ready to start sewing. Can you tell I love bright, bold Christmas colors?

Don't have any Christmas fabric in your stash?  Then make the Festive Mystery Quilt in your favorite colors or fabrics. Have some fabric that you're saving for a rainy day?  Do I detect rain falling? Today is the day to stop petting that precious fabric and put it to good use! You won't be sorry.

Join today's host Joanna at Needle, Thread, Happiness as she unveils installment 2 of the Festive Mystery Quilt. You can also use Mr. Linky to link up at her blog there and show us what you're working on during the Christmas Quiltalong day.  Throughout the day, there will be updates and lots of inspiration from Joanna and the elves, and sometimes there are surprises!

It's a great day for quilting!

Update # 1 at 9:00 am Atlantic Standard Time

I'm making the non-scrappy quilt. I have had so much fun this morning and I have a few little hints that I've picked up over the years from other vquilters that might make your cutting and sewing go a little faster if you're making the non-scrappy quilt. 

First thing I did was press my medium strips face up.

Then I put my light strip right on top of a medium strip and pressed  right sides together.  By pressing them together, the fabrics stay a little tighter when you go to your sewing machine to sew your 1/4 inch seams.

After the seams were sewn, I went back to the ironing board and placed the pieced strip dark side on top.

Then I pressed carefully using the iron to press the seam "up" towards the dark.

Here is the time saving hint that works for me!

Put one pieced strip on top of another pieced strip so that the dark of one strip is on top of the light of the other and "feel" the seams come together.

Now go to your cutting board and cut the units as indicated in Section A, part iv. 

I then stacked them on top of each other in the "perfect pairs" that have been created. 

I sewed a coupple of units to see if I was on track, and next I'll take the units to the sewing machine and start chain piecing and presto, (almost) perfect 4-patch blocks, that don't need much trimming.

I'll have to finish the blocks later as I'm off to do errands. Even with a Christmas Quiltalong, I still have to get groceries!

If you're thinking of joining us, I can email you the instructions for this installment when I get back or you can contact today's host, Joanna, or Quilt Sue.

Might see you later!  It's a great day for quilting!

Update # 2 at 1:00 pm Atlantic Standard Time

I'm back with my plate of Christmas goodies!

I'm finished my units and ready to put away in a little bag labelled Unit B  'till next month!  

Next time, if I have the schedule correct, I will be your guest host right here at The Cuddle Quilter on Saturday, April 14. Thanks so much to Joanna for guest hosting today, Quilt Sue for coordinating these monthly Quiltalongs, and thanks to you for dropping by! 

It's a great day for quilting! 


  1. Gosh, you got to the party before me! Still, all my chores are done now, so the rest of the day is my own. I'm ready to partaaaaay.

  2. Have fun with your Christmas project today, I am sure it will be lots of fun , love the fabrics you are using .Happy Stitching!

  3. Love your fabrics - we have snow!! Just a blanket, but makes for the spirit of seasonal sewing.

  4. Great fabrics Lesley! This is going to be so pretty.

  5. What useful hints, thanks Lesley.

  6. your fabric choices, Lesley! Can't wait to see how this creates. Your writing skills ---> You had to have been in advertising. You're so good at promoting products and blogs and people and, well, quilt-a-longs, of course. Sometimes I forget where I am! LOL

  7. How fun to work on Christmas projects throughout the year. And what a great time saving technique!

  8. Excellent tips there, Lesley, thank you! :) Love your fabrics!

  9. Fantastic tips. I hadn't thought of pressing the strips together before sewing. It is too late for me to do today; however, I will remember. Thanks. Love your fabrics!

  10. Thanks for the hint. It does save time to get to the sewing machine with the stack all ready for sewing. Love the polka dots:)

  11. Your little plate of Christmas goodies looks wonderful. Very festive.

  12. I love the four-patches. I'll enjoy visiting your neck of the woods next month.

  13. great tips I really love your fabric choices!

  14. Love your 4 patches in red!Coming along very pretty :)

  15. Oh this looks like fun! I love your fabric choices! :-)


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