Monday, March 19, 2012

Garden Steps A Success

A good friend and I are participating in the Garden Steps Stitch and Quilt Along hosted by Clover and Violet. We're having so much fun in the process. There's nothing better than sharing a passion for quilts!

Our hubbies call us Chip and Dale...we both chatter along, talking and laughing incessantly, complimenting each other's projects, and just having good fun. She's Chip and I'm Dale! 
Garden Steps is a perfect project for the two of us, not too difficult for my friend who is a new quilter/sewer, and the wonderful pattern and instructions by the ladies at Clover and Violet allows us to customize the quilt in the process. I will admit, we chattered so much the very first day there were a few little oopsies. Our blocks aren't quite the same size as the instructions state...just saying.

I visited my LQS, Harbour Quilt Company in Antigonish, and picked up some gorgeous Chelsea fat quarters by Windham fabrics, a mixture of teals, browns, and roses. I chose white for the center, a perfect setting for the embroidery that I'll be doing later. Clover and Violet have an excellent tutorial series on their blog that they call Embroidery 101It's like one-stop shopping. Everything you need to know about embroidery and the stitches is right there, plus all the wonderful tutorials that they have offered in the past.

Here is one of my Garden Steps blocks.

"Dale" chose some equally wonderful fabrics of deep burgundies, greens, and golds, with a tea-dyed fabric for the centre.  She is a perfect piecer already. I am so proud of her! Her blocks are all so well coordinated and the colors are gorgeous... much brighter that they appear here.

We get together once or twice a week for a our quiltalong day, alternating between her place and mine.Yes, I will admit there are treats.  

And even more treats!
After all, quilters need their energy! And we do get a lot accomplished. We decided to make the smaller 6-block version and were both pleased with our progress.

We were so pleased, in fact, that the day we were finishing up  our six blocks, we decided to jump in the car and drive 45 minutes to our LQS to buy more fabric for another six blocks! 

The rest is history.We each finished our twelve blocks and at our next session this week, we'll start to work on the sashing. It's been a marvelous journey, and it's not over yet! See you on Tuesday, Chip!

P.S. Don't forget to drop by Linky Party Tuesdays at Connie's Quilting by the River.  It's a great party and you will be so inspired! 

It's a great day for quilting! 


  1. Very nice, Wish I were there to have a 'quiltie day' with you...

  2. Such fun and such lovely blocks , love both choices of fabrics and your piecing is great .Nice to have a friend to stitch along with.

  3. The food looks as good as the blocks do. Sounds like you enjoyed your session.

  4. All who's missing is Alvin, then you'd be the 3 Quilt-skateers. Oh, wait...Alvin is a chipmunk. But what's a chipmunk or squirrel between friends?

    Alvin! A-L-V-I-N!!!!!

    Great work by Chip 'n Dale. Looks like there's no stopping Chip now, huh?

  5. Just love that you have a partner with this project. Both fabric settings are lovely. Can't wait to see your little stitcheries grow.

  6. Beautiful blocks and how neat that you get to quilt and have wonderful treats together.

  7. Sounds like good times to be had to me!!


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