Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Start

Today I'm travelling over to Linky Party Tuesday at Quilting by the River.  Come on over for a meet and greet with fellow quilters!

With every quilt finish, comes a few new starts! It feels like I have all this free time once I put the final border on a quilt top. I never have a problem jumping into a new project though. My biggest problem is deciding which project to jump into, so I usually choose several! 

Last week my Thangles "Two Buck a Block" kits arrived from Hamels Fabrics and Quilting.  I couldn't resist signing up for this BOM club for three reasons: it's inexpensive, I get to try out the Thangles method of making HST's, and the three fabric choices are all beautiful!  The blocks are mailed two at a time, so when they arrived, I headed right to my sewing corner.  Within no time at all, I had made the first two blocks.

Doesn't this remind you of chocolate and blueberries?

I have to share with you the best gadget I've had in a long time. It is called the Perfect Piecing Seam Guide. Ever since I've been a quilter, I've struggled with sewing 1/4" seams. I can sew a straight line, but the seam was always too wide or too narrow. I purchased the 1/4" foot for my old faithful sewing machine and my newer model. However when I used the special foot, my seam was still a little large so I would have to "eye" the seam line as I sewed. Of course, that just meant there was a greater chance of error, so I cut off a lot of points over the years and my finished units never quite finished to the size indicated in the pattern.

I picked up the Perfect Piecing Seam Guide when I was away last month and within a few minutes, I was sewing perfect seams.  Seriously! This is the niftiest and most useful and practical sewing tool I've come across in a long time.

It's a small ruler with a teeny tiny hole in it. 

You use it to line up a row of tape that is positioned perfectly along the ruler, remove the ruler, add some more strips of tape to build it up, and then you butt the fabric against the tape. I feel like this is another new start for me! You can buy these rulers online from Perkins Dry Goods for $5 or check with your local quilt shop. 

Another new project I'm going to start will be with the beautiful charm packs that arrived in the mail from Vroomans Quilts. I was the winner of Sharon's Leap Day Blog Hop giveaway of a Sassy charm pack bundle. How joyful is this fabric? I see so many possibilities with Spring just around the corner.

Please visit Sharon's blog here. You'll meet an amazing quilter who can do anything! She always has a wonderful array of projects that will inspire and motivate you. You will be impressed! 

And speaking of motivation, have you noticed the new button on my sidebar for the Table Topper Blog Hop on April 16? 

Yours truly is going to be participating and I'm so excited! Madame Samm is hosting the Blog Hop and all the participants will share pictures of their little quilts on the table stands. Please won't you join us? Register with Madame Samm by March 20 by clicking here and join in a celebration of little quilts, with lots of prizes available to be won.  

I've already shown you a few of my table stand quilts in the past. Remember Mr. Ho! Ho! Ho! and Mr. Blueman?  I'm saving a few more surprises to show you at the big reveal on April 16th. See you there!

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. I do like those blocks! And the idea of chocolate and blueberries is delicious!
    It sounds like your little seam guide is a real winner. Have you been using it long? Have you noticed a big difference?
    Good luck with the blog hop. That's exciting!

  2. Love this combo in color,,,electrifying....and that ruler I have it...but I don't get it's application. Lol

  3. Ohhhhhh I lost my comment again lol. Ok.the colors you used for your blocks are electrifying.....like them...and the ruler....I don't get it. I have it but don't understand it's use lol

  4. What lovely blocks, Lesley! They say 'chocolate' to me too!

    I wish I'd seen that ruler! I was given the tip when I first started out of sticking a length of self-adhesive thick mounting tape on the machine bed at precisely 1/4" from the needle as a fabric guide. But of course, measuring the 1/4" is not quite so easy, which is where your handy ruler comes in...

  5. Lesley! I love those colors! WOW..going to have to check out that BOM.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you make of Sassy! I love that Line! So FUN! I am excited about Madam Samm's Hop as well!

  6. What pretty blocks Lesley!! Must check out that ruler...TFS!

  7. Lovely blocks , great color combination too! I am also taking part in the mini's with Madamme Samm , should be fun .Haven't seen that ruler but it sounds like a perfect solution!

  8. Wonderful blocks Lesley and it is always fun to start new projects! I don't have that ruler....imagine that...but I use a small one and also put blue masking tape to mark out my seam line. Great winnings from Sharon too! Thanks for linking!
    Linky Party Tuesday

  9. Just love your clocolate/blueberry blocks. I lay down the masking tape pile marker when someone new is using my machine - but I know where that mark is.


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