Thursday, April 12, 2012

Christmas Quiltalong and Cherry Blossoms!

Right off the bat, I have to tell you how excited I am to be the guest host for this month of Quilt Sue's Christmas Quiltalong right here at my blog on Saturday, April 14.  

The big reveal of Part 3 of the Festive Mystery Quilt will be posted on my blog Saturday morning as soon as I wake up. It would be very easy for you to catch up with us and I hope you do! Part 1 instructions are posted at Hazels Quilts, and Part 2 instructions are posted at Joanne's Needle, Thread, and Happiness.  They were terrific in their hosting duties and have paved the way to Part 3, coming to a computer near you on SATURDAY!  Yes, I am yelling!  

I'm using Christmas fabrics, just because, but you can use whatever you have in your stash.  

Quilt Sue has even designed the quilt so you can make it scrappy or planned! She is amazing. The instructions are so well explained and easy peasy! 

I'm starting to see lots of action around Blog Land as fellow Christmas quilters light up their blogs inviting folks to come by and see what all the fuss is about! Some of the rumours are true. I will have some Christmas fabric giveaways for anyone who leaves a comment on my posts that day. Here'a a small peak at some of the fabric that just might find it's way to your place if you visit that day and leave a comment.  

As to the rumour of me wearing a dress to the party, just a little exaggerated!  I did tell Quilt Sue I would have to dress up for the occasion and get a new dress, but I have decided since then, since I am now retired, to spend money on fabric instead. Good idea, right? So no new dress, but I may be hosting the party in my Christmas jammies. You know morning comes early here in Nova Scotia. We're on Atlantic Standard Time so we'll be well on our way to completing Part 3 by the time the West Coasters open their eyes! 

Anyone who joins us that day will be able to link up with Mister Linky through my blog so we can all share and enjoy the quilting party together. Of course, that is presuming that I will be able to figure out how to do it.   have joined Linky parties in the past, but have never hosted one. Fingers crossed... 

Before I go, I have to tell you that my Cherry Blossoms quilt is finished. This is actually the Pink Lemonade quilt that was so popular in Blog Land recently, thanks to Lori's expert tutorials at Humble Quilts. When I told a friend I had recently completed a small quilt and named it Cherry Blossoms, she immediately thought of Cherry Blossoms.  You know, the flowers on the trees?

Guess what?  When I named my quilt,  I called it Cherry Blossoms because it reminded me of the colors in those luscious Cherry Blossom chocolate bars. Don't you think?

Chocolate and pink...yummy!

A look at the back:

So there you have it.  Thanks for dropping by.  I better run now to clean the house for Saturday for the Christmas Quiltalong Party.  And when I'm done cleaning, it's a great day for quilting!


  1. It sounds like a great party , but I don't dare take anything else on:-) I love your cherry blossoms quilt , and you know the doors do remind me of the cherry blossom bar , yummy , great job !! Hugs Sheila

  2. I'll be watchiing the the fabrics.

  3. I'll have to be checking out the Saturday party! In the meantime, I've been checking out your Cherry Blossoms quilt...very very pretty, Leslie (I've been having pretty good luck getting my comments to post on your blog lately. Let's hope it stays that way!)

  4. Whoop, whoop! See you Saturday, Lesley!

  5. I love your Cherry Blossom's beautifully hand quilted and perfectly named!

  6. I don't know which I like more, your Cherry Blossoms quilt or the chocolate Cherry Blossom. Both are yummy and mouth watering.

    Have fun with your quilt along. I'll be with you in spirit while organizing and folding fabric...still.

  7. Chocolates and cherries - yum! And the quilt looks good,too! Okay - gorgeous colours and fabrics. It does look lovely.
    Have fun with the Christmas Quiltalong.

  8. lovely quilts both are so cute!!

    Can't wait for the party to start tomorrow. I have my Santa hat out and ready to wear!

  9. I'm so excited for you hosting the Christmas QAL! How fun is that! I'm afraid I won't be sewing along with the QAL this month as I'll be sewing along with my sewing buddies and we are working on a purse tomorrow...I will print out the instructions and hopefully catch up on the QAL and get to play with y'all next month. Have fun and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of this!

    Your little Cherry Blossoms quilt is really cute! I love the colors and the fabrics you used. I can't say that I've even heard of that candy but it looks pretty yummy. Why don't you send us a sample down this way???? Ha ha, just kidding! Have fun tomorrow and I'll be showing you some stuff later on our purses and don't forget about Thimbleberries next week! Hugs from Texas!

  10. I love Cherry Blossoms. Pink is a cheerful, happy color and it looks super with the various shades and prints. I know you'll be a great host tomorrow.

  11. I just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. You can find out all the details on my Blog.

  12. :) I'll be back bright and early in the morning for the CQAL :) Jammies and all!

  13. Beautiful quilt and I can't wait for the party Lesley!!

  14. oh my gosh I just love your cherry blossom quilt


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