Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Ready to Quilt

I finally sandwiched a cuddle quilt the other day. I am having so much fun these days making smaller projects that I was leaving the larger quilts behind.  But this was the week to get a sandwich made!  I had a Chip and Dale quilt day with my friend, complete with laughter, snacks and, by the end of the day, two quilts sandwiched and ready for hand quilting!  Chip, a brand new quilter, left with her Garden Steps quilt in hand and I now have a flannel quilt waiting for me on the quilt frame.

We sandwiched the quilts on the dining room table and while I was down in my sewing corner looking for more safety pins, the Easter bunny arrived with some chocolate treats. Yummy!

The quilt I sandwiched is a Terry Atkinson pattern called "Lucky Stars" which I pieced with flannel fat quarters. I used Warm and Natural batting and used the background cream flannel for the backing.

I set up the quilt frame in the livingroom in front of the TV. This is my version of multi-tasking as a new retiree...quilting and watching TV at the same time.  When company comes, I can easily move the whole package down the hall to the spare room. I'm going to use DMC perle cotton in ecru to do utility stitches, or as I call them, big stitches. I find that regular quilting thread gets lost in a flannel quilt and the perle gives the cosy quilt a little more interest. It also tends to speed up the quilting!

I finished the embroidery for Block 2 of the Clover and Violet Garden Steps Stitch and Quiltalong.  

Closer look:

I am so glad I decided to do the stitchery. At first I was going to leave the centres as solid white, but then decided to try a block and now I am hooked.  You can see some of the other finished blocks here.  

I have to share one other project with you...a table runner with a coffee theme that I just finished in time for my daughter's birthday.(Happy Birthday to you!) She sent me a picture of the drapes and gave me a few ideas. I wanted to try to make a "modern" table runner. It took me awhile to get the fabrics gathered together but I was very pleased with the results. I purchased a coffee-themed panel and decided to frame a few of the prints, using squares and circles to make it somewhat contemporary. Here is a picture diary of the table runner from start to finish. 

The back of the runner:

And here is the table runner in its new home! 

I love it when a quilt finds a new home so I better get busy!  It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Love the star quilt redy to go. Coffee blocks thrilled me and then you put it into a whole new perspective combining with the other blocks and presto a table runner that is so sweet. Looking good on the C&V blocks!

  2. Doesn't it may the time go easily when you share the day with a friend and do something together? That's a lovely way to sandwich your quilts.
    The table runner has turned out so well. The coffee theme is a great idea. Looks great on the table.
    Great to see the embroidery blocks progressing too. Lovely stitching.
    Hope Easter Bunny keeps visiting!

  3. Hello Lesley
    your tablerunner looks wonderful. I like it, but most i like your Star-Quilt. This will be a great Quilt after finishing. To quilt with perle-threads is new for me, and you are right, a normal quiltthread disappears in Flanelfabrics. A note to myself: order perl cotton.

    Have wonderful Easter Days with your yummi german Goldbunny.

    Hugs from Germany

  4. Wow, so much going on. That table runner you made for your daughter is amazing, it looks great on her table. It does have a great modern feel to it. It's the dots that make it I think! Good Luck with the quilting, looks like a perfect way to spend some time in front of the TV!

  5. Wow you've been so busy! I love your BOM Block..your stitching turned out fantastic. I am watching that project from the sidelines..but may have to jump in :) ALSO your daughters Table Runner is WONDERFUL! I love the coffee print... may have to find out where you got that from! I have a SIL that would something similiar!! Congrats and have fun watching TV & being productive all at the same time. *My favorite thing to do*

  6. Your ideas know no limits. They are gorgeous. I believe you have found a new career. Lovely.

  7. My goodness what a beautiful quilt you sandwiched up! You have really been busy making some great blocks. I wish I had that much energy!,

    Happy stitching!

  8. Wonderful post with so many gorgeous projects , your star quilt is so lovely and will be so cosy .You are making great progress on your clover and violet blocks , so cute and I really love the runner you made for your daughter , I bet she loved it !!Have a great day stitching :-)

  9. Lots of eye candy in this post, Lesley.

    The photo with the table runner that you made for your daughter looks like something out of a home decorating magazine. Beautiful!

    Love your star quilt, especially the colors! And I love to embroider so your quilt along blocks real appeal to me as well.

    Now if only there were more hours in a day, huh?

  10. Lesley, your stars quilt looks beautiful! I especially love your modern coffee themeed table runner! It turned out terrific and it looks so awesome at it's new home with your daughter!

  11. The table runner is perfect in it's new home! Lots of fun things in this post!

  12. Love both the quilt and the runner. That quilt pattern was the first pattern I ever followed to make a quilt for my daughter. I loved it - it was so easy to follow :) I love the colors you used for the runner - looks great in your dining room!!

  13. Oh that table runner is perfect!

  14. Lucky Stars looks wonderful - very soft and cozy and I love the table runner. I don't think I'd have been able to part with it if I'd made it.

  15. What a great Star quilt! I'm stuck on stars. I really think your table runner would look much better on my table.....grin.

  16. Love your multi-tasking!! What a great block and your table runner is beautiful, love the coffee cup prints and the way you designed the runner!

  17. The table runner is beautiful and what a great match it is for the curtains.
    Love your pretty stitchery block and the star quilt is gorgeous!


  18. WOW!!! have been a very busy girl!! I just got back to my computer for the first time in weeks. All my post have been scheduled. Your blog seems to be just taking off...You Go Girl!!!! Thanks for being friends with just started from April15th and worked my way back to this post. Great jobe sweets..Sandie


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