Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little Quilts Keep Me Hopping!

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Blessings!  Isn't that a wonderful name for a little quilt? This was the featured quilt during a recent quiltalong hosted by the Temecula Quilt Company during the month of March. Five different basket blocks, some setting triangles, and the little "Blessings" mini top is ready for quilting. 

I  "auditioned" fabrics from my stash for the triangles.  I do this a lot for smaller projects. I placed the blocks on some background fabrics and took some pictures.  Then through the camera's eye, I chose what appealed to me the most.  I know there can be "rules" about fabric choices, but essentially I choose what I like. In this case, I kept gravitating towards the blue fabric. After I chose the fabric I wanted, I saw on the selvedge that it is called "Blessings" by Brannock and Patek.  So my "Blessings" quilt is surrounded by "blessings" fabric.  How cool is that? 

Here are the auditions that I didn't choose.  I probably would have been OK with any of them, but I really did want a blue quilt! 

The first ever Pocket Patchwork Sewalong is being hosted right now by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts.  It's a six-week quiltalong with instructions posted once a week on Pam's blog. She calls the quilt, "Busy Work". I adore Pam's creations. You may remember that in the Fall I won the Frontier Foundations kit designed by Pam.You can see my finished quilt here.  When I heard she was doing a quiltalong, I was in!

Pam is using blacks, browns, and neutrals and tells us "It is scrappy".  This quilt has my name on it! I've been buying some blacks and browns, but had started to hoard them rather than use them. This would be a perfect chance to cut into them. In no time at all, I had finished the week's assignment. Block One was a, easy, and makes me very anxious to get started on Block 2. Is the homework ready yet? The finished block is just 6 inches square! 

Pam and Lynne (Kansas Troubles Quilters) are getting together to host an Alaskan Quilting Cruise in August. They call it "The Great Girlfriend Getaway".  I know a quilter and her wonderful Woodworker Hubby who are planning to go on this cruise as a celebration of 33 years of marriage and good times.  Cruising and quilting...can't get much better! 

The Bloggers Block of the Month, hosted by Canton Village Quiltworks, is posted on the 25th of every month. I loved the March block, designed by Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew, and had fun using my brights.  

If you go here, you'll see the rest of the blocks. Block 7 will fit right into the mix! 

Thanks so much for dropping by. I have lots of projects in my sewing corner, but right now my quilting chair is calling me. It's a great day for quilting!


  1. You're working on the sweetest projects.
    I think the blue "Blessings" fabric was meant to be for the setting triangles.
    Oh dear -- I just went to Pam B's blog and found the instructions for the first block. That looks like a fun, doable 6-week quilt-along (as if I need another direction to turn and something else to start). I need to think about it. So tempting. So tempting.
    Keep quilting, Lesley. You're obviously having a blast with all the things your doing.

  2. I think the blue was the perfect choice - really set off the baskets. This was a cute little project - will post mine today also. And I love the HeartSpun so have added that to my list - love small projects. Just enjoy all your pieces.

  3. I think you chose well with your colors. Love the little basket quilt!! Hugs

  4. I think the blue was the perfect choice , I love how it brings out the baskets so well , the other fabrics looked great too but I agree the blue is best and with the fabric called Blessings you couldn't go wrong. I am tempted to do Pam't block , don't have many blacks so many have to change that color or dare I say it go buy some black;-)Lovely work as usual!!

  5. Blessings and Pam's quilt along are on the top of my 'to do' list. Hopefully I'll be able to get to them this week but I have to finish my FFF first.

    I would have chosen the blue fabric as well. Love it!

    Great projects and thanks for sharing, Lesley.

    So tell me...have you started packing for your Alaskan trip yet? I'm soooooo jealous!!!

  6. I agree with the BLUE too :) I love how you took pictures too! (will have to remember that for the future) I love all the projects you are working on... Will have to go and check out Pam's Blog! It looks like fun!

  7. Beautiful work, Lesley! That pinwheel block really calls to me. There's just something about pinwheels that grab ahold of my attention and make me forget everything else!

  8. I love the blue setting triangles....looks perfect....I also made the blessings was a lot of fun to do...And I did their 12 days of Christmas mini quilt.

  9. Your work is just beautiful with such a great eye for fabrics.

    Love the baskets quilt!

  10. Love your little baskets and I'm sure which ever fabric you choose will be perfect. Beautiful blocks, I love black, brown and neutrals in a quilt, I'll have to check this out!

  11. you made the right choice for sure! Love the blue
    Ok you have been very busy! isn't it fun though making progress in the sewing room!

  12. Blessings is beautiful, and I agree, the blue was the perfect choice.

    As for the cruise, I am sooooo envious. Have you started packing yet?

  13. The blue is unique and very different from others I have seen. I love it.


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