Saturday, April 14, 2012

Post 4 Christmas Quiltalong April 14

Wow!  I love this Christmas party!  All I can think about is Santa, and quilts, and fabric and chocolate...ooops!  And my apologies to the folks who loved seeing and hearing about those yummy rolls, but aren't able to buy the prepackaged dough. So sorry to make your mouth water. If you come visit me,I will make you home made cinnamon rolls!  Oh, do I see a bus pulling up to the house? Giggle..

Back to the task at hand.

Don't you love how Unit 3 is coming together?  I gathered up my units and squared them up, sewed them in groups of three, and here is what I have.  I need 20 of these units so I better get busy!

I chose to use two different "darks". It will be a 'mystery' to me as to how this will work, but I think I'll vary the groups of three and it should be just fine!

If you're just joining us, make sure you check out my first post of the day for the details of the Christmas Fabric Giveaway. If you click right here you will go right to my first post. Christmas fat quarters may be calling your name!

Are you in the Christmas spirit today?  Well Lynn at Sew'n Wild Oats Quilting certainly is!  She shared this picture on her blog   when she invited her followers to travel on over here to the Quiltalong.  They had snow yesterday! I asked Lynn if I could share the picture with you and of course she said yes, because all quilters are so generous and love to share! After all, we need a Christmas tree for this party, don't we? 

It's been a wonderful day so far, and I do have plans to make one more visit with you before bed time. Make sure you visit the blogs of all the 'Quiltalongers' who linked up at the end of the first post today here.   I can almost guarantee there have been smiles all across Blog Land.  

You should come back once more today because there might just be another GIVEAWAY opportunity. What?  Another giveaway?  Why, you ask? Have you looked at the number of followers of my blog?  I have 98  99 followers!  I told myself when I started blogging that I would have a giveaway when I reached 100 followers. I am just so close to the magic number, and with this Quiltalong happening, it just made sense to bring it on today so I could share my excitement with you!  

Tune in for my last post later today when I'll show you how to qualify for the Granny Giveaway, just saying.  And for those who are going to bed soon, the last post will be within the hour. 

It's a great day for quilting! 


  1. Now the last two quilt alongs we had I think our only major snow storms - with one being about 6" - any other storms were a dusting.

  2. Great fabric! I am loving all the different fabrics I see people using for the mystery quilt. I haven't started Sue's mystery yet because I'm working on another Christmas mystery quilt - but I think I might be able to start on it next month.


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