Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baskets and DOC

Today is Linky Party Tuesday at Quilting By The River.  Make sure you drop by Connie's blog to see what people are up to!
A wonderful blog friend and I decided to do a basket block exchange. Sandie, at Sandra Kaye Designs, is always on fire with ideas. She was the very first person to leave a comment on my blog way back in October when I published my first post, and since then, we've connected pretty regularly. She is just a sweetie and I smile every time I read her post or get an email from her!

Sandie saw a quilt by quilt teacher/author Bonnie Hunter that featured dozens of little baskets and immediately thought of a basket exchange. (I can't find the picture of the original quilt; suffice to say it was gorgeous and scrappy!) Sandie asked me if I'd be interested in doing a basket exchange and my answer was yes, yes, yes! 

So for the next year or so, every month we will make 5 little baskets for ourselves, and 5 little baskets for the other. After only a month, I love this already! Here are the blocks that arrived from Sandie:

Here are my blocks:

And here they are all together:

We were pretty close in our styles, weren't we? I think I'll shake it up this month and follow her lead in using some "not beige" in my backgrounds...I'm just so predictable! 

I just "may" make the May deadline for the Another Year of Schnibbles parade. This Carrie Nelson pattern is called DOC. Carrie uses the Card Tricks block, which of course only strengthens Woodworker Hubby's argument that Carrie must have gotten her inspiration for the name of the quilt from Doc Holliday, an American from the Old West known for gambling, drinking, and gun fighting...in no particular order!  However, if you read about Carrie's inspiration on the pattern, she doesn't mention this Doc! 

Here is my first block...only 8 more to go...

Fast forward a few days, and here is what I now have to show...all my blocks are done!

Today I will work on the sashing and adding the HST borders. 

I love the colours in this quilt...I used shades of greens, blues, and pinks from Cape Ann Petite by Oliver + S by Moda, plus a few pieces  from my stash. Sure makes me think of Summer! 

Thanks so much for dropping  by today. It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Look at those two lovely quilts starting to grow. It may be just the beginning but they are looking wonderful already! I think you are in for lots of fun with the basket swap.

  2. I remember Bonnie's basket quilt - how cute are those! Need to throw some 'cheddar' in there. And your DOC is coming along nicely, such soft colors.

  3. The baskets are just adorable Lesley! They are going to look so good together. You have been busy, busy this week!

  4. Love the baskets and your Doc blocks.

  5. I love my baskets that you sent me!!!! I am sooo going to love this quilt when it is done!! I'm working on my next set !! Hugs

  6. I don't think I'm going to get Doc done this month! I bought the pattern and love it but just can't come up with any fabric combinations that thrill me! I love how yours is shaping up. I have a saying about basket blocks, " you can never have too much money, be too thin, or have too many basket blocks"! Love them all!

  7. I love your blocks, and complement you on your fabric choices. The card tricks look terrific. I have a stash of basket blocks that I mean to get to as soon as I can get to them. I just love basket blocks.

  8. What a fantastic idea to exchange basket blocks , they are wonderful ! I also love your new schnibble quilt , that will be sweet.

  9. What a great idea to do a basket exchange!!

  10. Your Schnibble quilt screams of summer...all pastel-y and oh so pretty. Reminds me of my favorite sorbet flavors!

    And those basket blocks? To die for! How many do you plan to make in all? That's going to be one gorgeous, scrappy quilt!

  11. Love those baskets,going to be two gorgeous quilts,I'm jealous .xxx

  12. cute baskets thats going to be a fun quilt , don't you just love getting the blocks in the mail too!
    yes your styles are similar
    keep posting the blocks I for one would love to see them each month!
    love your card block , so soft and pastely...yes it says summer to me!

  13. Oh my...love the scrappy baskets...and your Doc looks so fresh, clean, sweet! Talk soon!

  14. Heavens you've been busy! I love those basket blocks - several years ago I made one for myself and it's one of my favorite table toppers. blessings, marlene

  15. Your baskets are so sweet. I love the card trick blocks - your choice of Cape Ann fabrics is just wonderful!

  16. What a great swap! You are so lucky to have such a sweet blog friend. Your finished Doc is going to be amazing :-)


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