Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm Having a Full House

Family visiting starts this week so that mean's summer is officially here and the house will be full in a few days!  I am so excited!  Thought this would be the perfect time to show you my finished "Full House" quilt, a Schnibbles pattern by Carrie Nelson.

I used a couple of charm packs of Grand Finale by Sandy Gervais and some coordinating fabrics for the border, binding, and backing.

I love my little house!  My little treasure was machine quilted by Lynda from her shop Fiddlestitches located in Mabou, a scenic 40-minute drive up the road along the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  She custom quilted this and stitched a few perfectly spaced flowers to make my quilt even more fun! Thank you, Lynda, it's perfect! Can you folks see the little flower?

It was a wonderful day at the post office yesterday. Just look what I very first quilted postcard sent to me by my friend and fellow blogger Sheila from Sheila's Quilt World. Sheila lives a little more than an hour away and we've met on a couple of occasions in "real life".  

It is a fabulous piece of art and I feel soooo special to be on the receiving end.  Thank you, Sheila, it is precious.  It intrigues me that  our post offices will mail these little babies.  Have a even has a stamp on it!

Registration for Think Christmas blog hop from July 30-August 3 is now closed. We've received over 50 registrations so everyone around the globe is already in Christmas spirit!  

I'll be putting together the schedule and will send it out in a few days. Do you have your thinking, I mean, Santa cap on? 

And our creator of super blog hops Madame Samm continues to come up with ideas!  Just this morning she posted a new blog hop...Bowls With Borders.  How cute is this button? Have a peek at her bowl cool! 

To sign up for Bowls with Borders,visit Carol at Just Let Me Quilt.

So that's it for today. Off to sit in my quilting chair, sip my coffee, and watch a chick flick.  Life is good, and it's a great day for quilting!


  1. Have fun with your company!
    oh your little quilt is adorable!
    she did a nice job quilting it!

    yes summer is here too, way too hot lately for me!
    looking forward to the fall!

  2. Enjoy your 'full house'...I luv your Schnibbles quilt and just bought the pattern on Monday. I had a full house...7 family and friends Father's Day weekend....3 days of fun. Again for the first weekend in July we are having 6 house guests....3 more days of fun. I really wanted to do the Christmas Blog Hop but I just couldn't make the commitment. I'm thinking I may try to squeeze in the Bowl Blog Hop. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!

  3. What a wonderful quilt! I just love those fabrics you chose as you always do such a great job with putting just the right fabrics in your quilts!

    This is such a great pattern.

    Summer sure is here and it's busy on this end. Enjoy your time with family!

  4. Love your full house Lesley, looks great, I really must get round to making one of these, where do you get the pattern from? Have a great week.

  5. Love your quilt and enjoy your company. Summer is here with a blast of heat but lovin it.

  6. A full house of fun! Nothing could be better. You have a wonderful time.
    I love your house quilt soooo much!! I have wanted to try that pattern but just could not decide on a color theme. Yours is just beautiful. So what chick flick will you be watching?

  7. Your little house quilt is so lovely.I must look into making one myself.
    Enjoy your family visits.
    Love Laura.xx

  8. What a fun little the fabrics!! Have a great time with your family :o)

  9. Adorable Full House Lesley! I am thinking about Christmas. :-)
    Have fun with your family!

  10. I just loved this Schnibbles pattern and yours is just fantastic. R/W/B, Santa around the bend and now on to the Bowls - doesn't slow down or get boring.

  11. How cute is that schnibbles quilt. Love it. And I do see the flower quilted in the design. I have been tempted to make a quilted postcard but never really believed they would go through the mail without a problem. But now I'm a believer. Love your little card.

  12. Full House is my favorite Schnibbles! I love your fall village!

  13. Sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead of you with family coming to stay. We are just home from a month with our family in Philadelphia and I know we had a great time! Hope you do, too!
    Great to see your Full House quilt finished. It looks so warm and inviting!

  14. I love your "Full House" quilt. Aren't houses fun to make?!?! -Looking forward to the Think Christmas Blog Hop.

  15. I love your Full House quilt too and the postcard from Sheila is awesome! I would be afraid to put something like that in the mail thinking that someone along the way would want it for their own.

    How exciting that your family is coming home for a visit. Looks like some busy and fun times are in the forecast!

  16. Beautiful quilt Lesley, I just love that's on my to do list!


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