Monday, June 4, 2012

Quilt Canada 2012

I was in Halifax on Thursday and Friday for the Canadian Quilters' Assocation Quilt Canada 2012 and had an amazing time! I managed to get to most of the ten quilt shows, visited the Merchants Mall twice, hung out at the dorm with quilters from my own little community and with new friends from across the country, and met a fellow Nova Scotian blog friend in person.  It can't get much better than that! 

Pictures were not allowed at the National Juried Show so I can't share those quilts with you. But this is what greeted us in the foyer as we made our way towards the entrance.  Gotta love that red and white! 

Once I walked into the show, I ran out of adjectives within the first two minutes. I started with "amazing", "astounding", and "awesome" and essentially repeated those words and others just like it for the remainder of my visit to the show. If you visit the Quilt Canada 2012 blog here, you can see the list of winners. If you're a member of CQA, in the Fall you will receive a full color booklet including pictures of all the entries.

I did take a few pics of the quilts featured in the 24th annual Trend-Tex Quilter's Challenge. There were 78 quilts in many fabulous quilts...I loved them all! The wall they were displayed on was a sea of pastels.  The theme, "At Home In My Garden By The Sea" was alive and well in every little quilt I saw. The walls were overflowing...

And I couldn't resist sneaking up on a few:

This was my small, cute, and reminded me of summers past...
You can see all the quilts in the Trend-Tex Challenge by clicking here and you can see pictures of the winning quilts by clicking here.

I also had a fantastic time viewing the quilts of the Nova Scotia Miniature Challenge. Quilters from across Nova Scotia were challenged to make a quilt no larger than 80" in perimeter using "Seams Like Home" as the theme.  Have a look at this little beauty... notice that beautiful sky of  Kaffe Fassett!
This "amazing" miniature was designed and created by my new blog friend Linda who blogs at Scrapmaster. Linda and I have been following each other's blogs for awhile and arranged to meet at Quilt Canada. It was wonderful to share the afternoon with someone who has so much in common with me. We hit it off right away and quickly shared a picture in front of the challenge quilts. Linda is holding a Jane Austen miniature quilt...Jane went everywhere with Linda.  Make sure you visit Linda's blog to read more about Jane and her travels and see the great pics Linda took while visiting Quilt Canada.

Jane Austen in the foreground, Linda's quilt in the background! 
The miniature quilts were amazing...just like everything else I saw.  A few of my favorites:

I guess you can tell I was pretty impressed with the talent at Quilt Canada 2012.  I have a bit more to share with you from Quilt Canada but it will have to wait for another day. 

Just a reminder that this Saturday is Christmas Quiltalong Day with the next part of the Festive Mystery quilt. For info, click the button on the sidebar.   

And for those in the area, the Thistle Quilt Guild is hosting their 10th anniversary Quilt Show and Tea at the Westville Civic Auditorium on Saturday, June 9 from 10-4.  Fellow Nova Scotian blogger Sheila at Sheila's Quilt World will have some of her quilted treasures there, so make sure you drop by! 

Bye for now. It's a great day for sewing!


  1. Thanks, Lesley. I love to see what our friends north of the "Border" are doing. I truly enjoy yours posts. You teach me a lot.

  2. What fun wonderful quilts. Thanks for the quilt show. Just my kind of show since I'm a hermit.....grin.

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..

  4. I'm a traditional quilter and it never ceases to amaze me when I view 'art' quilts such as these and the paintings that these gals can create from fabric. I'm blown away! This world certainly has no shortage of talent, does it?

    So where are to goodies you bought? I NEED to see pictures! *wink*

  5. I love these little quilts so fun! my favorite is the boat with the chain
    is that a fabric in the background or did she piece that sky! just perfect fabric for the sky!
    the skirt that is 3 d with the knee socks, too fun!
    thanks for sharing what a fun show it must have been

  6. Wow talent friends quilts adventure and some photos..what could be nicer than that?

  7. Wow! Such beauty and wonder. I'm always so impressed with what others create. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Such amazing talent that was on display. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It reinforces my opinion that some quilts are works of art worthy of respect.

  9. Great post Lesley , I was like you in amazement at the quilts , the work was nothing short of awesome! Glad you posted some photos of the Trend Tex challenge as some of these were gone by the time I got there but those I saw I was very impressed with . I love the little mini challenges too and Linda's quilt is awesome ,nice that you got to meet up with her. Thanks for the little advertisement for our show :-)

  10. Wondering if you are going to post Step 5 in the Christmas Quilt along anytime soon. Thanks, Daisy or


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