Monday, July 16, 2012

A Little Show and Tell

When I traveled  to the quilt show in Antigonish on Saturday, this little lady met us at the entrance.

I'm sure you recognise this Quilt Diva from Amy Bradley. Her creations are always a lot of fun!

I went crazy at the quilt show taking pictures left, right, and centre!  But the pictures that jumped off my computer the most were the pictures I had taken of the centres of some of the quilts. Have a look and see what I mean...

Now, for my favorite quilt of the day...a quilt that inspired me and made me think that maybe I could do it too!  There were so many fabulous quilts at the show that impressed me with both their beauty and the excellent skills of their makers.  This little quilt was no different in that respect, but this little quilt also spoke to me and said, "You could do this too!"  Don't you see a cuddle quilt coming down the road?  

I have a feeling I have seen the pattern in one of my books, so I better start looking! But if I don't find the pattern, and you know where I could find it, please leave me a note.  Update:  Lovely Carol and Ann have advised me that the name of the book is "Simple Blessings" by Kim Diehl.  Thanks to the speed and convenience of shopping online, I have already purchased the title as an ebook, have already downloaded it, and am soooo glad I found it.  I would never presume my piecing and applique would be as precise and perfect as this quilter has achieved, but it would be a fun quilt to make, don't you think?  You can read a little more about the quilt show on my previous post here

My Hugs and Kisses quilt that I'm making as a donation for Julie at Phoenix Quilts grew today, from a few blocks...

to a few strips competing for space in the garden... 

The sun was beaming today so I couldn't resist hanging the strips on the line in the formation for the quilt...

Tomorrow I'll work on the borders, some pieced and some not, and then I'll travel some day this week to Mabou forty minutes away to take the quilt to Lynda at Fiddlestitches.  She so gratiously offered to machine quilt this flimsy as her donation for the Phoenix Quilts program.Thank you, Lynda, you are a doll! It is so special to be working with you on this quilt that may give a little bit of a quilt hug to someone who needs it. For more info on Phoenix Quilts, just click on the button on my sidebar.  

So, another day, another project. Thanks so much for stopping by.  It's a great day for quilting!  

PS  Today is the last day of the Red, White, and Blue Blog Hop.  Do not miss it!  It has been 16 days of inspiration thanks to Madame Samm and Jane.  Check these final RWB block ladies out today...

Day 16 is right here...

To see all the blocks, visit the Pinterest site Madame Samm has set up here

Bye for now...


  1. Wow! All those show quilts are fabulous. I'm itching to go to a show myself. And the new project is going to be so wonderful.

  2. I love the quilt you fell in love with - very pretty secondary pattern from those two simple blocks.

  3. There is so much inspiration from the quilt show - I wouldn't know where to start. Love the one you have chosen!
    The donation quilt is looking great, too. The colours are so warm and inviting. Lovely work.

  4. I too love the last quilt you showed.If you do get the name I would love to know it.I judge how good the quilt sjow was by the number of pictures I take it looks like you had a ggod time.

  5. What a nice post...loved all your pictures! The orange quilt is very cute! Love the yellow flowers they are sitting on...what are those flowers? I really need some good yellow flowers in my garden! Again, loved all the pictures...very inspiring!!

  6. Quite a show , loved your photos , lots of inspiration there and the quilt you want to make is gorgeous , love ,love it!! Your flimsy for the Pheonix quilts is so pretty and so nice of Lynda to quilt it for you , she is a sweetie. Have a great day quilting:-) hugs Sheila

  7. The pictures from the quilt show are fabulous Lesley.
    I havnt been to a show in years.We only have 1a year here,The Festival Of Quilts.Not much fun on your own,and as my best friend lives in Canada and my daughter lives in Australia,no one else shares my interests.
    I may persuade hubby to come this year as I'm getting very jealous of you girls going off to the shows.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.Love the Diva..
    Laura xx

  8. You know Lesley, I think that the photos you took showing the center of the quilts actually show more than photos of the entire quilt. They're up close and personal and you can actually see and appreciate more of the detail. Great job, my friend.

    If you find out the name of the quilt that you'd like to make, please share it with us because I just might have to attempt one as well.

    And your flimsy for the Phoenix quilts is awesome. What a great collaborative effort from both you and Lynda. Kudos to you both for your generosity and time.

  9. Great post! Thanks for sharing those centre shots of the quilts. I am so in love with the second one. Beautiful! I am also in love with your fav. That looks like a quilt I would love to make too. Now see what you started!!lol Your Phoenix quilt is so pretty. I love the colours. Can't wait to see it quilted.

  10. You've shared some magnificent quilt pics! Thank you. I especially like the snap of the leaves.

  11. great pics! Your favorite quilt of the day is on my to do list too its in a book by Kim Diehl Simple Blessings maybe.

  12. What a great quilt show! The quilts you showed us are beautiful! The quilt you are donating to Phoenix Quilts is darling! Thank you so much for being so generous! And Lynda, too! You guys are the best! :) I know the recipient of that quilt will feel great comfort from it! Hugs!

  13. What an awesome quilt show, thanks for sharing :) And hugs and kisses in the bright summer sun is just beautiful!!

  14. Hi Lesley, I was at the show on Friday and not surprising, your favorite quilt was also mine!! Great to know where I can find the pattern. Thanks. I am still culling my pictures, I took SO many. The display outside in the courtyard was so beautiful, wasn't it?? They did a lovely job! ~karen


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