Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Quilt Show on Christmas Quiltalong Day

I'm really late for today's Christmas Quiltalong being hosted by our wonderful Lynn at Sew'n Wild Oaks Quilting. Our creative Quilt Sue at Quilt Times had been up for hours in the UK waiting for the rest of us to open our eyes, but when I opened my eyes I bolted!  But I didn't bolt to my sewing corner to start the final segment of the Festive Mystery Quilt designed by her majesty, Quilt Sue. Instead I bolted across the Canso Causeway with my hubby of 33 years today (yep, anniversary day...I am such a lucky gal) and dragged encouraged him to join me as I visited the 10th anniversary Quilt Show of the Highland Quilt Guild of Antigonish.  

This is what we saw when we arrived at the "Stitched From the Heart" show at the Coady International Institute at Saint Francis Xavier University, the same university where my hubby and I met many years ago while both receiving our degrees in Physical Education.

In addition to this spectacular arrangement of quilts in the courtyard, they had filled the gardens surrounding the courtyard with more quilts.

And then we paid a $3 admission and went into the quilt show, a show that filled two huge rooms including a juried show with quilts and hooked rugs, and another room filled to the rafters. It was amazing, wonderful, inspiring, fabulous and so much more, and I promise to share more quilts with you on another day!  After all, I took over 100 pictures...

But since this is the Christmas Quiltalong, and I want to join my quiltalong friends for an hour or two before Woodworker Hubby and I enjoy a romantic supper, I thought I'd very quickly share with you some festive quilts with a festive theme!

Of course I had to start with some know how I love Santas...this one was set up around a display of handcrafted dolls, bunnies, and bears sharing a Christmas quilt.

This little guy grew, and grew, and grew! 

Don't you love the night stars? 

Loved, loved, loved this one...I think I've seen the pattern somewhere.

The Christmas fabrics jumped out at me when I looked at this one...

Who can resist little trees? The vines were actually satin stitched with variegated thread.

This tree skirt was a work of art...I'd hate for any tree sap to land on this! 

So, am I forgiven for being a little late? I'm trying to catch up... I took a very quick read of some of the Quiltalong posts and will soon visit Mr. Linky at Lynn's first post of the day right here  to join the others participating today.  Make sure you visit Lynn now, right now!  She has a recipe, a tutorial and free pattern for today only for the cutest little Christmas mittens you will ever see, as well as a giveaway for the participants that will make your Christmas heart melt with delight if you are the one chosen. 

Lynn will be emailing me Part 6 of the Festive Mystery and I will make sure to add this latest installment to the others that are located at the top of my blog.  Thank you Quilt Sue and thank you, Lynn...a very special day all around.

Of course before I go, since this is a Christmas theme, make sure you remember to get your blocks ready for Think Christmas, the blog hop especially made for Christmas lovers!  Created by the fabulous Madame Samm, and hosted by me, this blog hop is all ready to go with 56 quilters all lined up ready to show you their blocks from July 30 - August 3.  You can find the schedule right here.

OK, now I'm going to my sewing corner.  And I think this is the arrangement of my blocks that I'm going with, so I better get sewing!

Until next time, it's a great day for quilting!


  1. Happy anniversary to you both,and thank you for sharing the beautiful quilt display.
    Laura x

  2. Oh, a quilt show is always excuseable. And the santas are a delight, great setting leading into today and for the Hop.

  3. Happy anniversary ! What an amazing display , wow , I love howmtheynhadvthem arranged outside , awesome , sure wish I had gotten there . Can't wait for more pictures , thanks for sharing and enjoy your romantic supper . Hugs Sheila

  4. Happy Anniversary to the both of you.What a fantastic way of displaying the quilts.Thank goodness for a beautiful day. Enjoy your dinner.

  5. Oh, Lesley, that quilt show looks fabulous. I love how they displayed the quilts outside. And Happy Anniversary. Looking at beautiful quilts is one nice way to celebrate.

  6. Lots going on for you today. Happy Anniversary, happy quilt show, happy QAL. What a perfect venue for a quilt show....beautiful. Thank you so much for joining in Lesley.

  7. and.....I forgot to tell you just how great your quilt looks!

  8. Happy Anniversary! How nice of your hubby to go with you to see those gorgeous quilts.

  9. Big congratulations to you both for your anniversary. That's wonderful. You deserve to celebrate!
    Thank you for the lovely pictures of the quilt show at the University. Wonderful quilts and what a beautiful setting!
    Enjoy your QAL. I love watching it grow!

  10. Happy Anniversary Lesley and many, many more happy years together!!!

    Beautiful quilt show...thanks for sharing the pics!

  11. Happy Anniversary, Lesley!
    What a beautiful location to see those quilts. Looking forward to seeing more pics.

  12. Happy Anniversary!! Loved the Quilts in the show!! Especially the log cabin beauty!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see all your photos of the quilt show.

  14. Since you showed us some lovely Christmas quilts, I think that counts as taking pat in the QAL. I loved the tall Santa especially.

    I also love the layout you've selected for your Festive Mystery.

    Happy anniversary.

  15. Happy anniversary, Lesley!

    Thanks for the Christmas quilt tour. I'm definitely in the mood since I'm working on a Christmas quilt now.

    Your Festive Mystery is awesome. I can't wait to see it finished.

  16. happy anniversary. lovely quilts and your block layout is beautiful

  17. Happy anniversary.There are wonderful quilts and the locations show is spectacular.Love your blocks layout.Thanks for sharing!!


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