Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Think Christmas Registration Extended for Today Only

The Christmas elves have talked and we have listened!  Madame Samm and I have exciting news...registration for the Think Christmas Blog Hop has been extended for one more day...today only!  

This is your chance...if you did not register yet, then send me an email today with the words "I want in!" Include your URL, if you have one, ( if not, we will post your block on That Other Blog), and await my reply. Space is limited so hook up your sleigh and  get over here, right now! My email is lcarruthers3@gmail.com

We will add two days to the length of the blog hop. The new and longer schedule will be posted later this week.  What are you waiting for?

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. This is exciting ... is there any space left for a little baby elf to work in Santa workshop : )

  2. Hi Lesley!
    I would like to sing up for the blog hop!


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