Monday, August 6, 2012

I Love Santas...Thank You!

If you read Madame Samm's post at Sew We Quilt on Sunday, the final day of the Think Christmas blog hop, you will now know that in addition to Madame Samm making some gorgeous and very creative paper-pieced blocks for the hop, that she also made one more...for me.  I have been gifted with a fabulous and beautiful hand-crafted treasure by Madame Samm herself.  She knows that I love Santas and just look what she made me...

She designed and created this just for little ole me!  I was overwhelmed when I read her post, and yes, there were tears. Of course I had awoken at 2 am that morning just to see the final day's posts, and of course, I had to read hers first! It was a great start to the final day which was yet another day filled with beautiful Christmas-themed blocks and quilts created by quilters from across the world.  

I am so fortunate to have met Madame Samm and been able to work with her and become a cheer leader for these amazing blog hops. How wonderful it is to promote the passion and love of quilting? Heartfelt thanks to Madame are awesome!  

To all of you who visit me, have followed Think Christmas so loyally from start to finish, to the cheerleaders ( you know who you are), and to all my readers who have opened up your hearts and your time to read about a little quilter's escapades in Cape Breton, thank you... 

And what a week we had with the Think Christmas blog hop! So many many many pictures!  Madame Samm's Pinterest page now has 222 Christmas items on! You can't help but be inspired. 

You can still see the complete list of blog hop participants by clicking on the Think Christmas button on my sidebar.  If you visit them all, you will qualify for the draw to win a fabulous giveaway of fabric from the Christmas collections of  sponsors Michael Miller and Westminister Fibers. The deadline is Wednesday...visit Madame Samm's Sew We Quilt blog here for all the details and to enter. 

Don't forget about my own giveaway. You could be the owner of my Santa Lesley block!  Read about it and leave a comment on my post from August 4 by clicking here . The deadline to enter is August 7 by midnight AST. Good luck!

See you next year for the 2013 Think Christmas Blog Hop!

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. It was an awesome blog hop. Koodoos to you and Samm. You inspire us all ( even the lookers). Can't wait till next year. That is a great thank you gift to you from such a dear lady.

  2. Congratulations Lesley , Madame Samm's gift to you is awesome and well deserved , you sure did an amazing job of organizing and running the Think Christmas blog hop ,way to go !!! Three cheers to Lesley and also to Madame Samm for all the work that goes into these blog hops without you this would not have been possible and just think of all we would have missed out on :-)

  3. What a lovely gift!! You deserve it!! You did an amazing job with organizing the blog hop!! It was so much fun! I enjoyed visiting all the blogs!!

  4. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift. I can't wait to finish some things so I can start on christmas.


  5. Thank you for doing such a great job of hosting the hop! You were wonderful!!!

  6. I truly enjoyed the blog Lesley and Thank you for the cheer! Judith, Texas

  7. This has been great fun, thanks so much Lesley. You bet I'll be back next year. I'm already looking forward to it.

  8. You are awesome, Lesley! This was so much fun getting in the mood for Christmas sewing! What beautiful projects I saw! Thank you for being such a gracious hostess! :)

  9. Congratulations Lesley, what a precious gift Madame Samm has given you! Thanks again for all the wonderful work you put into this blog hop!


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