Sunday, August 5, 2012

Think Christmas Final Day is Here

Day 7.  Final day of Madame Samm's Think Christmas blog hop.  A day that is sure to be packed full of inspiration, motivation, and education, and maybe a few Santas?

I have to tell a quick story before I show you today's schedule. Yesterday morning I left my sewing corner and my computer for almost the whole day. I attended a quilt show in Pictou, Nova Scotia put on by the Northumberland Quilt Guild.  Of course, after this week, all I could think about was Christmas! Thank goodness there was a Christmas corner at the show and of course that was my first stop.

But what did I find to my dismay? Very few Santas! Christmas seems to have been taken over by snowmen...I searched high, and I searched low, but only a few Santas were actually at the show.  (that cute!)  Here is one little guy that could not escape my camera...but is he waving goodbye?

And another little guy tried to fly away...

Hear me shout...I am pledging to work sew at bringing Santa back to Christmas, one little quilt at a time. And speaking of Santas, just a quick but so very sincere "thank you" to all of you who visited my blog yesterday and left such wonderful comments about my Santas. You make me smile and blush all at one time. ( And please, snowmen lovers, please know that I do I like snowmen, I really do, but I love Santas!  As I said to a quilt friend, "This has been a wonderful week...I wasn't Thinking Christmas, I was Sewing Christmas".

Now for today's schedule...a list that is full of promise and excitement. How do I know?  Just look at this list and start hopping.  All you have to do is click on each name. 

August 5
Briarside Lane
Pigtales and Quilts
Quilts From My Crayonbox
Quilt n Queen
Pattie at That Other Blog

Quilting, Losing and Tea
Madame Samm

Mmm, whose name is at the bottom of the list?  Could it be our creative cheerleader Madame Samm?

I think it is!  Yay, we finally get to see Madame Samm's blocks today...she is such a creative soul, the anticipation is building!

Did you read Madame Samm's blog yesterday when she announced the most generous of giveaways?  Check it out here at Sew We is'll read about awesome prizes for participants, winners and honourable mentions, and for commentors.  Sponsors are Michael Miller and Westminster Fibers (Esprit).  Thank you, thank you, thank you...hands clapping...

Want to see the top two blocks of the day?  Then check out 
Sew We Quilt to see the winners and the honourable mentions.  All the blocks from the entire blog hop are featured on Madame Samm's Pinterest page right here.  

Before I leave, thank you again for participating, following, commenting, watching, reading, and Thinking Christmas.  It has been one wonderful week and I think we can all say that we are many steps closer to being ready for Christmas.  Now lets all get started Sewing Christmas! 

Thank you, Madame Samm, you are awesome...sending you many, many hugs!  And to the cheerleaders, may you wear your pom poms with pride! 

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Thank you for hosting - just a lovely job on a super hop that has been so inspirational.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops...I woke up too early and replied to Sharon here instead of where I usually reply through my inbox...going to my inbox now!

  3. Yes it was absolutely a terrific hop. You ladies sure know how to do it right. You deserve a big pat on the back for this. And then a little rest is in order I'm sure. Thank you again.

  4. Thanks many times over for hosting such a fun hop. It's certainly got me moving. I've started a Christmas tree quilt and of course I'm thinking Santas.

  5. I had no Santa in my projects...hmmmmm...guess I better make sure I sew one before Christmas so you don't send your Santa police after me. As for the blog hop--I don't want this to end! I had so much fun seeing all the different blocks and finished projects. Thanks for a wonderful, inspiring, and entertaining hop. You did a great job! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :O)

  6. Sorry, but my block is delayed... :-(.
    I was in Stockholm this weekend, and enjoyed a concert by Tony Bennet. Totally amazing... the man is 85 years old!!
    So I will need a couple of days longer deadline.... Sorry... ;-)

  7. Well Santa Lesley, You have done an amazing job on the hop! Thank you for all your hard work.

  8. Thank you for bringing all this remarkable talent together in one place, maybe next year I'll jump into the fray as well! ;o)

  9. Hi Lesley, I noticed the lack of Santas in the hop too but what I thought was even more lacking was anything to do with the real meaning of Christmas. I can't think of a block that had any relation to the story of Christmas, no mangers, no wise men, not shepherds, not angels. I wonder why? I have enjoyed the hop. Such great creative talent and I like Santas and snowmen. (Snowmen are easier to draw for those of us who are a bit limited in the drawing department so that could be part of the reason why they are so prevalent.) Vicki vickilorraine at hotmail dot com

    1. I had planned to do a manger block, but my tree took much longer than expected. Next year!

  10. I love your Santa! He is friendly and you just want to smile when you look at him out on a starry night. Love the flying Santa..he would fit right in with some angels flying beside him.

  11. Hi Lesley, after bemoaning the lack of anything relating the the Christmas story in the blog hop earlier this morning (see my previous comment) I went over the Briarside Lane and saw Karen's drummer boy. I take it back, someone has remember the true meaning of Christmas. Vicki vickilorraine at hotmail dot com

  12. Congratulations, Lesley, for a very successful hop. Well done for all the hard work with hosting.
    Now you deserve a well-earned rest!

  13. was my first blog hop and for sure not the last was a big pleasure! thank's to you both!

  14. Thank you for hosting this lovely hop!! I had so much fun!!!


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