Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Found Santa in Alaska

You know I love Santas.  So on our recent holiday, which you can read about here,  I took a few projects to work on anticipating that there would be lots of time spent in airports and on airplanes that I could put to good use! I was right on the little embroidery scissors were totally acceptable to the airline and the redwork pattern and thread were was just the right size to put in a zip-lock bag and pull out whenever the Christmas mood hit me.

I started and finished a Santa that I fell in love with at Birdbrain Designs.  This little guy is called "Homespun Santa", Holiday Stitchery 178 designed by Robin Kingsley.

I just think he is adorable! My plan is to do a few redwork Santas of different sizes and join them to make a little quilt or hanging using a variety of red and white pieced blocks.  

I used fusible interfacing on the back of the piece of cotton and Aurifil 12-wt. thread.  This is the perfect stitchery thread for strand so no need to separate as I'd have to do with the traditional embroidery floss.

So not only did I make a Santa, but I found Santa in Alaska!  Woodworker Hubby and I were on shore in Ketchican and discovered a shop that was filled to the rafters with all things Christmas. The name of the shop is Christmas in Alaska, and look who I found in the back of the shop, sitting on a gorgeous hand-crafted chair, in front of a fabulous Christmas quilt?  You guessed it...

And of course, I just had to bring him home with me,well, not really him, but a smaller version of Santa that I picked up in Skagway, handcarved in Russia, with a wonderful papermache pin to use during the season!

Check out the detail on his cloak!

I finally had a chance to go through our Alaska pictures and tidy them up.  Wanted to share a few more with you....

Quilt teachers Pam Buda, from Heartspun Quilts is on the left and Lynn Hagmeier, from Kansas Troubles Quilts on the right...what a time we had! I'm the giggler in the centre!

A few more pictures of Glacier Bay....this photo looks like a black and white image, but it was taken in color!

The blue of the glacier ice was amazing.  See all the slush in the foreground, caused when the ice chunks would drop into the sea and "wave" towards us...

And yet another shade of blue...

No words necessary for this one...

Now back to quilting...

What's happening in blogland?  Madame Samm's Dots on Dots blog hop starts tomorrow, September 10-20, and everyone is getting real dotty about it!  Over 90 participants, all ready to roll out with host Corrie at Quilt Taffy. Visit Corrie for the schedule and get ready to be impressed! As usual, you'll be able to see all the creations by visiting Madame Samm's Pinterest page.

A new blog hop was just announced by Madame Samm. This is really unique and should be so much's the UR Priceless blog hop from November 5-13....a blog hop where you get to make one (or many more) coin purses.   You can get all the details by clicking here.   Mdm. Samm welcomes Katherine as the coordinator... Katherine's blog is Sew Me Something Good so run over there, check things out, and register by emailing her at with "UR Priceless" in the subject line.  

And don't forget the other upcoming blog hops, Leafs Me Happy, and Wicked. The ladies are preparing everything and the schedules will be announced when ready.  See the buttons on the sidebar for more info.

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Too funny. Looks like you and Santa had a great time.....grin.

  2. The giggler made me giggle! Well, yes a sit=down with Santa is a must if you meet up with him.

  3. What a cute your Santa!

  4. So interesting Lesley and so great to see what you've been up to. Looks like loads of fun (and laughs!!)

  5. What an amazing trip! Gee.....quilting and great views along the way. I don't think it can get much better than that!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love all your photos and especially love the embroidered Santa. Isn't it hard to stitch through the backing? Well, it's all gorgeous!

    Cheery wave from

  7. I just can't get enough of those Alaska pics. That's one trip that I'd love to take.

    Your santa stitchery is wonderful, as is your idea for the quilt. I can't wait to see more as you progress.

    I don;t think that I could have turned my back on the Russian santa either. Love the detail.

  8. Love the photos Lesley,thank you for sharing them with us.
    The redwork Santa is lovely.
    Laura x

  9. Love seeing more photos from Alaska. I'm sure it is a trip that you will never forget.

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  11. I didn't realize you were on the same cruise as Lynn of Kansas Troubles. I have been reading her posts about the trip and thought it looked like fun. Love, love you picture with Santa.

  12. Oh, how fun! I love your new Santa stitchery, Lesley, and the awesome fellow you brought back from Alaska with you. :o) Did you tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas this year? ;o)

  13. Sweet little santa stitchery Lesley and love the ornament too .Those photos are amazing , wow that was some incredible trip :-)

  14. Your redwork Santa looks great. It's always nice to have a project to take along. It's a good thing you have been behaving or Santa might not have been smiling at you.,

  15. Nice to see your sweet redwork Santa on Aurifil's FB page.

  16. I love all the Santas - embroidered, carved and real!!
    Looks like you have been having a lot of fun!

  17. You are so funny, Lesley...I think you could sniff out a Santa from anywhere in the world you are! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  18. Hi:
    Welcome home, what a grand time you had. I have family on Kodiak island you'd think I would have visited Alaska more than I have. LOL
    I have one question though, did they have a problem with sewing needles? I want to start my daughter who is coming for the first time on the 27th on a piece of hand work but she will fly back to FL and I want to make sure it will clear.

    1. Hi Vicki, no one even questioned it...the attendants on the plane were so busy they might not have noticed I was hand quilting. Everything was in my carry on bag so it would have been xrayed...all was fine. I'm sure your daughter will love to have something to keep her busy on the hubby was with me but he was immersed in movies, so I was all set!
      Thanks for coming by! I tried to reply but blogger said you are a no-reply. Maybe you'll come back and read this!

  19. Your Santas are all sweet. I love having an embroidery project to work on when I travel. I'm so glad the airlines have relaxed their restrictions! I remember that for a time, all could board an airplane with was a crochet hook to keep my little hands busy, and I don't even crochet!

  20. I think you had too much fun on that cruise! I can't decide if you are cuter on Santa's lap or as a pirate! Beautiful photos too!

  21. Love the photo of you with Santa!!! Super cute!! Hugs


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