Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Quiltalong Day

It's the second Saturday of the month and you know what that means!  It means that Quilt Sue at Quilt Times is hosting another glorious quilt day dedicated to all things Christmas. Make sure you visit her today and link up with Quilt Sue's blog if you are participating. All you have to do is work on something with a Christmas theme and you're good to go!

Since the QAL started in February, many of us chose to make the 6-part Festive Mystery quilt designed by Sue, a free pattern now available at the top of this page.  I finished mine last month and you can read all about it here.  But of course, I just have to show it to you one more time, and maybe once more  closer to Christmas.

Since today is all about Christmas, I have lots of projects to work on in my sewing corner.  But before I start today's projects, I want to share with you some of the Christmas items I have been working on.

I finished piecing my Santa quilt this week, appropriately called my  "Five Santas" quilt!

I'm not going to rush the quilting, because I want to sit in my quilting chair and listen to Christmas  music while I quilt perhaps I'll start quilting in a couple of weeks.  If I start listening to the Christmas music too early, I actually get tired of it.  If you know me, you'll find that hard to believe but it is true! 

Here are a few close-ups of the Santas. The great news is that four of the five stitchery patterns are available free of charge!  To find the sources, just read my post about the quilt dated October 21.

Of course I don't just work on one project at a time!  I found another free pattern at Connecting Threads and decided to make this quilt to put in my table frame. The Holiday Time Embroidered Mini Quilt pattern was calling my name and the Ready Set Snow charm packs in my stash were waiting to be pieced, so off I went. 

And when the borders were ready, they were quickly sewn into a frame around the stitchery. 

This little quilt definitely needs some quilting, so I plan to use a couple of rows of perle cotton in a couple of Christmas colors to frame the stitchery. And who knows...maybe add a button or two?

So what are my plans for today's QAL? I may do the quilting on Holiday Time, but also I have a couple of other projects I want to work on.  Do you remember the paper pieced flimsy I received from Madame Samm in recognition of hosting the Think Christmas blog hop last July?  I grabbed this picture of it from Madame Samm's Pinterest page where she posts all the pictures from all the hops...pages and pages of inspiration! 

Well, I have been working on this recently.  When I received it, I knew that I wanted to "embellish" it with just a couple of Santas to finish it off.  So I found another free pattern for a pieced Santa face at Quilters Cache and pieced two Santas together using some fabrics that were close in color to the fabrics Madame Samm used for the hearts and the letters.  I added a border and this is what I came up with...

Today I plan to start to machine quilt this using straight line stitching and some creative patterns I learned from Norma at Petite Design Co  during her 31 Days of  Walking Foot Quilting. And I love the fact that this Christmas quilt was made by both Madame Samm and little ole me...a joint venture celebrating Christmas! Thank you again, Madame Samm!

Make sure you check out Madame Samm's latest blog hop, U R Priceless, where you will see amazing little change purses created by quilters in every corner of the quilting community. Host Katherine at Sew Me Something Good has the complete schedule of participants.  The hop continues 'till November 13.  As of the time I wrote this post, there were 307 pictures of little coin purses on Madame Samm's Pinterest page, each one unique and very special!

So, enough said, I have work to do...

Thanks for coming by and have a great day at the Quiltalong. Thank you Quilt Sue, for rising to the challenge to host all of us Christmas enthusiasts today! It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Wow. Just wow. I love the way your Santa quilt came out. And Yes I am bewildered at the idea that you to get sick and tired of Christmas music if you listen to it too long. Your tree mini is great. Love it. And your think Christmas piece is perfect. You sure are in the holiday mood these days.

  2. I love Santas, also. Your "Five Santas" is beautiful. Happy quilting.

  3. All your santas are wonderful. Keep them around, we may need them next month during the last QAL!

  4. Wow, you have been busy! So Christmassy! Love the 'I love Santas' design - thank you for the link to the pattern for the santas.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to today.

  5. How many Wows do you have your comment section for this post? I feel the need to add another. Amazing progress. I love the way your mystery quilt turned out, so different and pretty.

  6. Your post if full of eye candy Lesley! I love all of your projects.

  7. Lesley, your Mystery Quilt is gorgeous. The quilting is super and just brings it to life. And your redwork quilt is another terrific project. You do make beautiful things.

  8. Love your Santas! What fun things to look at today, you busy lady.

  9. What can I say...gorgeous as usual, my friend.

    I absolutely love your mystery quilt and the quilting just brings it to life. And the 5 Santas? Waaaay cool!

    P.S. Just got back from Wolfville and Avonport. Need I say more? *wink*

  10. Love your finished Santas stitchery, and also what you have done with the I love Santas piece. Your post is doing a really good job of reminding me that Christmas is fast approaching!!! Coincidently I am piecing red stars for a Christmas mini today as well.

  11. You sure have had a very productive day , love your Christmas quilts, the redwork santas are wonderful and you arrangement is perfect. Your little mini will be quite festive as well ,lovely work!

  12. Love your santa quilt. Lots of santa for you. You are so creative. Enjoy this christmas season coming up and I am with you, christmas music too early is not the way to go.

  13. You are going to be busy, I love the redwork Santa's. That reminds me I have the Wish quilt redwork started from last year but not finished.
    I love Christmas music as well.

  14. those are such fun little quilts and love your redwork!!

  15. Your embroidered santas are SO beautiful!!! So much detail in each block. Just wonderful. You still post too much in one post for me to remember it all by the time I get to commenting, but your santas stuck in my mind.


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