Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Santa's Workshop

I think it's time to start calling my sewing corner "Santa's Workshop". Saturday's Christmas Quiltalong just seemed to be the push I needed to get on track to start making my Christmas projects. If you go to my previous post, you'll be able to see what I decided to work on that day. And here are some results...

I finished my Holiday Time table frame quilt, combining YLI quilting thread with three bright colors of perle cotton to frame the block and add some interest.

I added a few white snowflakes with the YLI thread, but in hindsight, they kind of look like little puckers instead. Oh well...I used some Christmas fabric on the back, added a sleeve, and now it's all set for the season.

The fabrics are from a Ready, Set, Snow charm pack by Me & My Sisters designs for Moda.  Gotta love these color combinations! 

I also spent some time machine quilting my "I Heart Santa "quilt".  Read about it here. I'm thinking of the quilt as three parts-hearts, letters, and Santas.  So I started with Part 1, the hearts. I'm taking my time, using straight stitching to echo stitch the heart blocks. 

One, two, three hearts all done...Next time I'll start the letters.  I think I'll just stitch around each letter individually and then on to the Santas!

I also finished a few smaller projects but can only show you a sneak preview at this time...

Woodworker Hubby and I just returned home late this afternoon from a whirlwind 24-hour visit to see our son who lives four hours away in a little University town. He's a fresh grad, a new teacher on the substitute list, and has another part-time job on the weekends to help pay bills. I was realizing that we probably wouldn't be seeing him 'till Christmas and that is just too long!  So we decided to head out for a quick visit that included a walk through the town, supper out, and an evening with James Bond!  Or at least, seeing James Bond on the big screen in the latest movie, "Sky Fall".  Can't believe James Bond is celebrating 50 years of movies...and I remember most of the movies...gulp! Had a wonderful visit with our son and will look forward to seeing him at Christmas. 

Did I forget to mention that my son lives ten minutes from a fabulous quilt fabric shop? So on the way to see him, I did a whirlwind shopping spree at the Avonport Discount Fabric Centre.  I had a little list but you can imagine how that worked!  Here are some of my treasures...I had to start with fabrics that could be used for Christmas projects...

Thought the fabric on the right was so cool...kind of golden with these beautiful little houses...

I also purchased a selection of fat quarters from a bin in whites, blacks and reds...

And then I discovered a of the fat quarters is actually printed with vintage Christmas pictures.

This week while sitting in my quilting chair, I watched the movie "Little Women" and the BBC mini-series "Upstairs, Downstairs".  Both had scenes of Christmas trees and decorations that were so festive from a time gone by.  This print reminds me so much of that era and times past.  How gorgeous is this Santa?

Just a few more fabrics I had to have...

Now, before you begin to think that I only make Christmas projects, and nothing else...giggle...I want to show you a quilt I finally finished this week.  I bought this magazine, McCalls Quick Quilts, in 2003 and at that time, decided that some day I would make the Petal Parade quilt on page 54. The quilt was designed by Deb Crnkovich and is a perfect size for a cuddle quilt...approximately 48 x 60.

I put the magazine away, and many years later decided to pull the pattern and get started.  I bought a fat quarter bundle at The Fabric Cupboard in Moncton that I thought would work.  I think I purchased it in the summer of 2010? The fabric is by Nancy Halvorsen but I don't remember what it is called.  

"Petal Parade" is hand quilted and machine appliqued.  I chose to mix and match the borders and the fabrics for the binding.  

So nice to have another project complete!
Thanks for coming by.  It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Do you ever sleep!! You get so much done. Me and My Sister makes some of my favorite fabrics. I LOVE that project and the way you added the stitching. You are also a shopping queen! Love all your goodies! Petal Parade, just beautiful!

  2. Oh you put me to shame! Love all your sweet little projects, but the fabric find - just love that vintage holiday print!

  3. Will ya SLOW DOWN, lady?! I see your time mean visiting your son was productive - you've picked up some wonderful fabrics. Isn't the Edwardian Christmas print cute?

    I've looked at the Avonport website - it strikes me again that costs are lower over the water than here (although there's delivery/duty to be considered, I guess). I must pick QuiltSue's brain for best online suppliers - our retail outlets are averaging at about £10/m, and however much I love to see and feel what I'm buying, I think that I could make some savings if I was a savvy shopper!

  4. Darling little projects and wonderful finds..I haven't seen any of those fabrics.

  5. Great post! Love, love, love all your projects and congrats on an awesome finish with "Petal Parade". That is so adorable. What wonderful fabrics you found at Avonport. They are all amazing. Especially the B/W vintage Christmas. That Santa is wonderful! Can't wait to see what you create with your new fabrics.

  6. Good for you and your scores at Avonport; I can see lots of inspiration from those fabric choices, especially the toile. I was in there last week but kept the blinders on. I was a lady on a mission and I kept myself on task. hehe. Your version of Petal Parade is very pretty and a real breath of spring even as the temperature starts to go down.

  7. You my dear are one busy beaver :):):) Love your work!! Hugs

  8. That vintage looking Christmas fabric is beautiful! I made a trip to the valley today, but only as far as Berwick, wish now I had gone on to Avonport! Can't wait to see what you do with that.

  9. The fact that you love Santa's is no surprise; but just how far you will go to state your love for him in a quilt is something else! One of these days he is going to hear about you, Lesley, and show up at your door:) Have your camera ready!

  10. You've been so busy Lesley that I'm exhausted just reading your post LOL!!! What pretty projects you've completed and I just love all those Christmas fabrics you purchased...thanks for sharing :o)

  11. Ohhh wow want me to think Christmas all year round too....I adore your new projects, your stitching is divine....YOU always manage to bring some smiles all the way over here...

  12. Lady! LADY! When do you sleep? Great projects, and I can't take my eyes off those funky Christmas fabrics -- the wonderful lime green/white/red fabrics in your first projects, the luscious gold and gray fabric with the little houses, and the unforgettable old time Christmas toile. I'd give a pretty penny for that one!

  13. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who spends their pension check at Avonport! *wink*

    Great fabric choices, especially the Christmas toile. I left that one on the rack for you. Your sewing energy never ceases to amaze me. You go girl!

  14. oh love those fabrics especially the one with the christmas scenes and the old fashion santa
    my Dd wants a tree skirt and this would be perfect to use ....can you tell me who the fabric company is please???
    love your tree little quilts , ok your really going to be ready for Christmas this year!
    My youngest is coming home for thanksgiving haven't seen her since August, its hard isn't it
    lucky you though he's 4 hrs away and a great quilt shop in town
    I think I would be making excuses to go visit him and the shop :)

  15. As always an interesting read , glad you had a great visit with your son and had the opportunity to visit my favourite store and take home all those treasures . Your quilt is gorgeous , and I love your mini as well , congrats on those two wonderful finishes !

  16. Looks like you had a bit of fun in that quilt shop! Your projects all look great and the Petal Parade quilt is just so cute.

  17. Wow, Lesley - so much eye candy to enjoy in your post. Love it all.

  18. What fun fabrics and great projects!! Are you watching the new Upatairs Downstairs or the old one? We loved the old one and are enjoying the new one too.

  19. I think there is more than Santa's workshop in your home. It seems more like a whole village. Lovely to see all your gorgeous Christmas projects. I love it when a visit to your son because a fabric trip as well. How convenient that he lives so close to the store!
    Great finish on Petal Parade. That's a lovely quilt, too.

  20. Wow. I just love your mini. It is perfect for the season. I'm floored by all that you retired ladies accomplish. Unfortunately I have a long way to go until I have that much free time, unless I win the lottery of course. LOL

  21. I really do feel as though I just visited Santa's workshop here, Lesley! Your quilts are adorable and I just love the hand stitching! That is also quite the shopping haul! I think you'll have lots of fabric for holiday sewing next year!

  22. Love all your work Lesley,you always inspire me.xx

  23. Hey, Lesley, am finally catching up on reading some blogs. You've been busy, as usual, I see. Love, love, love all of you projects, esp. that Petal Parade. Awhile back, someone mentioned that fabric place, so when I asked around later, no one knew anything about it. So glad you mentioned it in your post. Arrived safely in Maine yesterday afternoon. Have a day's rest, then off to visit family for Thanksgiving......back to the North, almost in Edmonston!! Enjoy your upcoming week, karen

  24. Your work on that Christmas tree is it! The fabric you picked up looks like you got some really fun Christmasy stuff. I love that golden house one.


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