Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Still Christmas in My House

Hope everyone is enjoying Christmas. I know I am, and people who know me well know that I try to make it last as long as I can. So in our house, the tree will stay up for awhile longer, the Christmas decorations and quilts will continue to make the house festive and cosy, and I will continue to sit in my quilting chair in the early mornings with the lights of the Christmas tree shining over my shoulder.

Speaking of quilts, I finished quilting "Five Santas" a few days ago. Woodworker Hubby hung it up for me and I greet my five Santas every morning!

I really enjoyed hand quilting it while listening to Christmas music or watching Christmas movies.  My favorite Christmas movie of all time is "The Family Stone". I own it and watch it several times a year, and yes, I know most of the words by now! But I digress. Here are some closeups of my Santas...

I used several sources for my redwork Santas.  You can read more about the origin of my Five Santas quilt right HERE

I'm a firm believer that a person can never have too many Santas. Especially quilted Santas! My good friend, Mary, also believes this (Mary, aka "Shopper Mom" , aka Chip of our Chip and Dale sewing days). Mary gifted me with a gorgeous litttle Santa quilt that she purchased from Quilter Barb, another quilting friend of mine. How wonderful to have a new Santa quilt that reminds me of two special friends! Have a peek at my Wonky Santa quilt that is now hanging in my livingroom in good company with my other Santas. 

Barb used wool to applique the words and Santa's hat trim and beard. 

The quilt is 31 inches square with each block being about 7 inches square. So these Santas are tiny and their belt buckles are so cute!

I received a few little treasures in the mail from some of my blog friends over Christmas.  These little coasters arrived all the way from the UK, thanks to Quilt Sue of Quilt Times.

And Sheila of Sheila's Quilt World sent this lovely postcard that arrived in pristine condition!

I was very fortunate in a few giveaways before Christmas.  One such giveaway was sponsored by Nicole at 1 Choice 4 Quilting and has already arrived in my mail box.  I was the winner of a black and white Mystique layer cake by Lila Tueller plus three yards of fabric of my choice from Nicole's online shop.

The package arrived in no time at all, thanks to the excellent personal and prompt service provided by Nicole. I added a few more fabrics from my wish list so the package included all the makings for a new quilt that I'll start in the new year. I put Nicole's button on my sidebar that will link you to 1Choice4Quilting. She has some wonderful fabrics in her shop and so much more. I do a fair bit of online fabric shopping so from time to time I may add a button or two so you'll see where I've been! 

I made a few gifts for friends that I couldn't show you before Christmas because they read my blog on a regular basis. Their gifts have all been opened so I can now show them to you.

I made a flannel quilt that is just the perfect sized Cuddle Quilt! The  pattern is called Lucky Star by Atkinson Designs, especially made for using Fat Quarters.

I used perle cotton and large stitches to hand quilt it. 

At the last minute, I decided this quilt needed a bag. Quilts sometimes just have to be put away for awhile, so I thought this quilt should have its own bag so it would be easy to find in a closet or under a bed! I ran to the local department store, purchased a cotton zippered pillow protector, hand-appliqued the letters very primitively(!) using scraps from the quilt, and put the quilt inside it.

I wrapped it up and it was ready to gift...guess you know who received this quilt!

I also had a lot of fun making some stitchery mini-quilts for my friends, including this little bike quilt.  I thought this was just perfect for my friend who loves to Trek along!

I purchased the pattern as a PDF from Clover and Violet and added a few of my personal touches with some stitching, fabric frame and both machine and hand quilting.  

Another friend loves snowmen, so I found a snowman stitchery pattern created by Sue Allemande that was available free online and the rest is history.

Do you notice the snowman patterned border fabric?  I made this myself by stamping snowmen on white fabric...where else was I going to find snowmen fabric in a little town without a fabric shop? A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

I did manage to get to my sewing corner in the last few days in between festivities and have a few projects on the go. Today I also spent a lot of time tidying and reorganizing my sewing corner. Woodworker Hubby is hanging a new light above my sewing desk as we speak and gifted me with lots of new quilting tools for Christmas. I know they are sure to make my quilting life easier and my seams straighter!  

Thanks for coming by and hope you continue to enjoy this festive season. It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Wow... beautiful projects each and every one! Love the Santa projects and how you quilted your Lucky Star. The Family Stone is a great movie... it gets to me every time I watch it.

  2. Love your Santa quilt! And the smaller one from your friend~ did she design it or is there a pattern? I love Santa's too! ;-) Very clever to make your snowman fabric! Have a happy day!

  3. They are all wonderful. I love the stiched Santas as well as the Santa quilt from friends. The flannel stars looks like it is toasty warm and cuddly. Congratulations on your wins too.

  4. Its lovely to see you finished your (latest) Santa quilt in time to enjoy for this season. Your received and made gifts are all so lovely and inspirational! I especially love your flannel quilt and the Wonky Santas. I hope those Jingle Bells keep ringing in your house for a little while yet!

  5. Wonderful post Lesley, lots of eye candy, love the Santa quilt both made and received and the cuddle quilt for Mary is gorgeous .Great little stitcheries too , you were extra busy .Enjoy your Christmas home ,I am sure it is extra cozy:-)

  6. So much eye candy and inspiration to get away from the computer and do something..

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Love the red work Santas. Starting to take down the holiday decorations. Ready to start the new year with a clean slate (and house) ; )

  8. Beautiful projects! I love your Lucky Star quilt.

  9. I love your Lucky Star quilt. The pillow case storage isn't new to me, but I never thought of "labeling" it. What a great idea! Wish I could sit with you and sew by the light of the tree! Merry Christmas week!

  10. Your Santa's are adorable. You are can't have too many Santa's OR Snowmen....grin.

  11. Beautiful projects and gifts!!! Happy New Year Lesley...look forward to seeing what you create in 2013!!

  12. your Santa quilt is lovely. My you have done some wonderful stitching for friends and received some lovely gifts too. Enjoy your festive atmosphere for as long as you need too.

  13. Wonderful Santa quilts. I bet it'll be difficult to put those away, huh?

    Lovely gifts both given and received. Blogging friends are the best!

  14. Where do I start? Great to see the Five Santas quilt finished. Lovely work. And the Wonky Santa quilt you received as a gift is delightful, too. You have received some lovely gifts and prizes. The star quilt that was a gift is delightful. I always love to see stars in a quilt. great idea with the pillow case as a protective bag. Gorgeous little stitcheries to give as gifts. You have certainly been very productive! I always enjoy seeing the work you share. Thank you.

  15. That is a lot of lovlies that you shared here and I enjoyed seeing them all. I never even consider taking my decorations down before New Year's is over so we'll be enjoying them for a bit mroe too.

  16. Love your stamped fabric. What a terrific idea for when you can't find exactly what you are looking for.

  17. Love your Santa's Lesley, soon be time to start our 2013 one, don't know when I am going to fit it in LOL.
    Have a good weekend and Happy New Year to you xx

  18. I love your Santa's and the fact that you hand embroider them is even more impressive to me. The flannel quilt is beautiful and so warm looking. The idea of using pillow protectors as quilt holders is a great idea...I need to do that! You've amazed me once again with your quilty talent!

  19. Hi Lesley.

    I love the five Santa's quilt. You've done beautiful work. Thanks so much for the kind words. I can't wait to see your finished Mystique quilt. Have a wonderful new year!

    Best Wishes,


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