Thursday, January 10, 2013

Country Charmer Quiltalong is Waiting!

I would love some company in making a quilt and am inviting you to sew along with me! I fell in love with this quilt last year. It is called Country Charmer and is designed by the lovely Lynn who blogs at Sew'n Wild Oaks. When I saw the quilt, I knew I wanted to make it. There is so much about the quilt that I love...the stars, the nine-patches, the variety of checks, plaids, and stripes, the fact that I could use so many fabrics from my stash, and the size is a perfect cuddle quilt at 60" x 70". 

I purchased the pattern online from In Between Stitches, the LQS where Lynn often spends her time teaching classes, quilting and shopping(?).  If you click on In Between Stitches, you will be taken direectly to the online store where you can purchase the pattern online. By the way, Lynn is also the designer of the Nostalgic Christmas quilt and pillows that I started before Christmas. You can see some of my blocks here. I am about half way through making the quilt blocks now and love every one!

Back to Country are a couple more pictures of Lynn's Country Charmer quilts that she shared recently on her blog. I also posted them here because I think they are gorgeous and I would love you to join me in making one! 

This quilt hangs in Lynn's home...

and this quilt was hung in the window of In Between Stitches for the Christmas season.

I am ready to start this quilt and wonder if you might consider making it along with me and join me at the end of every month to share your progress?

This is a no frills, no pressure, no anxiety quiltalong! All you need to do is to purchase the pattern,  have your fabrics on hand, and you will be good to go. BTW, I am not affiliated in any way with the quilt shop. I just love the quilt and it would be a fun one to do with a group of friends. 

The quilt is stunning as it is in the reds and greens for a Christmasy feel, but also lends itself to a wide variety of colours and fabric collections. Lynn tells me that she will share some ideas with us on colour and construction as we quilt along. Thanks, Lynn, it is pretty cool to make a quilt with the designer just a mouse click away! We also have Quilt Sue, who blogs at Quilt Times, coordinator and hostess for the past number of years for the Christmas Quiltalong, who indicated that she hopes to join us as well from across the pond. 

Are you going to join us too? The pattern is divided into 7 steps so I thought the progress of the quilt could be organized with the following deadlines:

January 31- Purchase your pattern and cut your fabric 
February 28- Complete Step 1, Section A
March 31-Complete Step 2, Section B
April 30-Complete Step 3, stitching all units together
May 31-Step 4, sashing
June 30-Step 5, nine-patch units
July 31-Step 6, putting it together
August 31-Step 7-borders
November 30- send pics of flimsy or quilt for the final parade of quilts

At the end of every month, we would share our progress. There are a couple of ways to do this. If you don't have a blog, just email me your picture by the deadline and I will post on this blog. If you have a blog, post your pictures and send me the link by the deadline and I will post your link on this blog. Depending on numbers, we could also consider Mr. Linky and/or opening a Flickr account.

But for now, all I want you to do is think about it. Yes, there are a lot of tempations out there and I'm participating in several BOMs as well...but I need you to help me achieve this goal.  Just think, by Christmas we could have a beautiful new quilt! Who can argue with that?

If you're interested, leave me a comment or email me at Oh, and there are no quilt police involved.  If your pattern doesn't arrive in time, or you're having trouble rounding up the fabric, just try to catch up when you can and keep me posted.  You can start anytime, and if you choose to rush through the process,that's OK too!

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. this is such a beautiful quilt and well you know I love red and green quilts
    let me think about it....

  2. Hi Lesley - oh golly - this wasn't on y list of things to do but I am oh so sorely tempted!! Let me think on it and we'll see..... It really is lovely isn't it?

  3. I am in. Actually I have been waiting for this quilt along. I have the pattern, I LOVE this quilt and have most of the fabrics - blue and mauve on a cream background. I need to "raid" the local quilt shop for a few plaids, strips and I am thinking paisley prints. It will soon be time to start cutting. Happy quilting.

  4. As you know, I'm in. I just need to decide if I'm doing traditional or modern colours.

  5. The quilt is lovely. Good luck with your quilt along.

  6. I've been eying this quilt for a while, so I'm in!

  7. As much as I love this quilt I have way too much on my plate at the moment and would not dare to take anything else on just now but I will sure enjoy watching your progress along with any others who decide to sew along with you !!

  8. LOVE this quilt...all my green and red fabrics are at home (and I have a ton of it!!) do I go and buy more?? BUT I do love this quilt...I need to think about this one..I will get back to you...have I mentioned how much I LOVE this quilt!!!

  9. I wish I could join in, but I too have more projects than time. But I'll watch your progress. It is a beatiful quilt.

  10. Oh, you instigator - I just ordered my pattern!

  11. Ok, I'm in... Just ordered my pattern. I also have a friend ( no blog) that is joining me.

    I'm fairly new to bloging. So, can I post some of your pictures on my sight. And, I'm sure going to need help posting email pictures from my friend. HELP!!!!!

    This is a LOVELY quilt. I spotted it at Sew'n wild Oats last month and thought about it then. With others doing it, maybe I can keep myself countable.

  12. I would like to join because it doesn't have to be done so quickly. I would like fabrics other than Christmas so I can keep it out longer on my couch. If a confident beginner can do it I would like to try.

  13. I just ordered the pattern.I do not have a blog but I am in.Hopefully it will not take long for the pattern to come to me in Canada.

  14. This is such a temptation!! I just LOVE the In Between Stitches quilt shop. It just happens to be in my hometown!! I'm really going to consider this. Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. I have that pattern and would really like to get it made this year. I may miss the first deadline because I will be on a quilt cruise, but I may be able to keep up after that.

  16. I would like to join. I'm not a blogger but a bloggee :-) I fell in love with this quilt months ago, purchased the pattern and have been collecting the fabrics ever since. This is perfect to get me motivated to actually start and complete this project. Thank you for reaching out to us

  17. It's a beautiful out of my league! I'll be watching your progress and wishing I could sew like you. :)

  18. You are very good at getting things done!!! I am just lost on what to work on first!! Oh well, I will figure it out!!

  19. Lesley, count me in. There, I've said it publicly - can't back out now!

    Hope Lynn will forgive me because I may have to change the number of blocks and make the finished quilt a little smaller. I'll have a good look at the pattern before I decide for sure.

  20. I would like to join, but they are sold out of patterns. Is there another quilt store where I can buy 1?


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