Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Couldn't Resist

Betsy's Closet- In Stitches...this is a quilt that takes me back, and back, and back. So I couldn't resist it any longer...I had to jump in and get started.

(Picture of pattern from

I saw this quilt pattern start to pop up in blogland in late August. Designed by Brenda Riddle and available online at her shop, Acorn Quilt and Gift Company, the little quilt has everything I's small ( 24" x 28.5"), has lots of cute stitcheries (9), has teeny, tiny nine-patches (4) and checkerboards for the sashing and borders. Who could not fall in love with this little treasure?

In fact, so many people did fall in love with it, that a blog was started by Jenny and Kathy at Stitching Betsy's Closet.  They wanted to chronicle their journey making this quilt and invited folks like me to register with them and share their experiences and pictures of their blocks on the Stitching Betsy's Closet blog.  It is so much fun to see the blocks posted and to see such a variety of colours and versions being done by so many quilters across the globe. The blog was started in August 2012 and will run until July 2013...lots of time for me to finish!

I have a couple of blocks done so far...

 Block 1: Dungarees

Block 2: Sunday Dress

Block 3: progress!

The blocks are slightly addictive, just saying...

Staying with my "block" theme, I decided to catch up on some of Barbara Brackman's Grandmother's Choice blocks over Christmas. It' s funny how time flies when doing a block of the week. I've already done 17 weeks worth of blocks!  Here are my last few...

Mother's Delight 


Capital T

Everybody's Favorite

Bride's Knot

I'm really enjoying these blocks.  There is a flickr page set up with 311 members so I can post my blocks there and see what other people are doing.  Check it out HERE

Over Christmas I decided to treat myself (it's all about me!) with a gift of a printed book of my blog. My first post was published on September 26, 2010, so I arranged for the book to be printed from the beginning post until my post on November 14, 2012. 

This is what arrived the other day...

a soft-covered 292 page book chronicling my ramblings blog, The Cuddle Quilter. I'm sure there are several sources for the printing, but I chose Blog2Print and I am so happy with them. You register online and with a few clicks of the mouse, you provide your URL and the dates you want published, make some choices such as colour or black and white photos, cover colour, design, and choice of pictures, preview it, change and amend as needed, arrange payment, and presto, within a couple of weeks, the book arrived right to my door. Here is a sample of a couple of pages...

and the back cover...

I'm so glad I did is so quick and easy to look back at the last fourteen months. Now I know where my time has gone!

And speaking of time, I've got to run, but before I go, I want to share with you what I see out my front door these days...our mugo pines are adorned with snow...lots of it!

The view up the street yesterday morning...

 It's a great day for quilting!


  1. I have been meaning to 'publish' the earlier blog years - thank you for that. Love the snow photos, how pretty!

  2. I just love the little embroidered blocks. So cute and your pieced blocks are lovely too.

    The blog book looks awesome. Thanks for the link.

  3. Oh I love that little embroidery quilt,I have seen others doing this and have been so tempted but so far have resisted , Your blocks are just darling. What a great idea to have your blog posts made into a book , that looks like a wonderful idea .You have more snow than we do , isn't it pretty !

  4. I think the little quilt you have chosen to embroider is gorgeous. I do like it when they are a manageable size. Always love the combination of embroidery and patchwork.
    The Grandmother's Choice blocks will look good together, too. I look forward to seeing them all combined.
    Your snow photo is very inviting. We have a predicted top of 41 Celsius today - 106F, so that snow looks very inviting!
    I think the idea of printing a book with your blog posts is great. It looks wonderful. Did you have the comments printed, too?

    1. Hi Karen, the book doesn't have the comments printed, just the posts themselves!

  5. Darling quilt. I want to do more enpmbriodery this year...and that quilt was perfect timing to remind me...add to my 2013 goals.

  6. Hey...I think I lost my comment :(
    I will start over!
    LOVE the photos of the snow...perfect quilting weather!
    Thanks for the link for the blog book...I've been looking for a source, and it's good to have a recommendation of a site that isn't too labour intensive.

  7. I've loved that quilt from the moment I saw it, but just didn't take it on. Yours will be gorgeous, of course. I have 8 or 9 blog books from my personal blog all printed up by Blog2Print and love to look back at them and see the changes over the years (2008-2011...I need to catch-up.) Maybe someday I'll do my quilty blog.

  8. Love your little quilt with the kiddie clothes! So cute and sounds like you are enjoying it! Love your Grandmother's Choice, especially the star! Great fabrics! And LOVE that you printed your blog! I have wondered what to do when I run out of picture space and this may be the thing to do. Wonderful idea!! Thanks!

  9. Very cute quilt...the first one!! You have been a very busy bee!!! Happy New Year dear friend :):)

  10. Darling Betsy's Closet quilt you are making... looking forward to watching your progress! The Great Grandmother's Choice blocks are gorgeous! Neat idea to print a blog book!

  11. I've been trying to resist the cute Betsy's Closet, but seeing yours has convinced me I need this pattern! It's too cute.

    And your blog book is a great idea - is that your cruise quilt I spy on the front cover? An excellent choice! I still need to get mine quilted - that should probably have been one of my January UFOs.

  12. Lesley, first of all love love the snow!! I wish so much for snow. I'm like a little child. Here in the Deep South it just isn't a regular thing. Oh well. I want to publish my blog as well but had no idea as to where to go. Thanks so uch for the inspiration. BTW, You have been a great addition to the quilt blogging world!! You are so disciplined and productive which makes me jealous. I should get more done than I do. I do love your blog so keep blogging. I notice a few have stopped or post so infrequently that it makes me sad. I LOVE the blog world, my friends, and all the inspiration I receive, not to mention new friendships,
    You are such a lovely person and I know we would be the kind of friends who would have coffee every morning, a short chat, and on with our day. It would be so nice!!
    Gmama Jane

  13. Betsy's Closet is so sweet - it's going to be a fun project. ANd good on you with the Grandmother's Choice blocks - they look really good. I love the idea of the blog book... I've been thinking about it too - yours looks really well done so thank you for the link. Your snow photos are amazing! Happy Sewing!!!

  14. Well how cool is that! I didn't even know there was such a service available to have your blog in print! I'll have to check it out since it'll be 4 years this month since I started blogging! Yikes!

    Betsy's Closet is going to be so cute when done. You're sure there are no little ones on the way, huh? JUST KIDDING!

    It's abut time you got some snow too! I thought we were the only ones enjoying a Nova Scotian Winter Wonderland.

  15. Hi Lesley,happy New Year,I loved stitching Betsys Closet,it's now hanging in my granddaughters bedroom.
    Lovely snowy pictures,all we have in the UK at the moment is lots and lots of rain.
    Laura xx

  16. Love the idea for the book, thanks for sharing! Your winter pictures are lovely!

  17. That quilt is just the cutest...and talk about being on a roll....wonderful blocks!!

  18. What beautiful blocks Lesley! The idea of a book is awesome and I remember when you started blogging....I've always, always enjoyed visiting!

  19. You've certainly been busy lately. very nice. I need to get my personal family blog printed for the kids and it is on my to do list for this year.

  20. your little embroidery blocks are just precious. Good job on printing your blog almost 300 pages!! WOW!!! I print mine 6 months at a time

  21. Your Grandmother's Choice blocks look great - so many wonderful fabrics! Thanks for the info about blog-printing. I had no idea such a thing existed. Just the other day I was wondering how it would feel to have my blog disappear into the ether and not have any hard-copy documentation of it. Now I know how to solve that problem!


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