Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Chocolate Cherries Quilt

Why is it that when I name a quilt, I choose a name that has something to do with candy? ( This is a rhetorical question...please don't answer...)

This is my Schnibbles quilt, designed by Carrie Nelson, who named the quilt "Roadshow". You can read more about my quilt on a previous post HERE.  The quilt arrived back from the longarmer, Quilting on the Mira, before Christmas so today I pulled it out and sewed on the binding and the quilt hanging sleeve.

I kept looking at the quilt and all I could think about was chocolate covered cherries, so I am calling it, "Chocolate Cherries", not be be confused with another quilt I made last spring called "Cherry Blossoms".  Mmm, I think I detect a pattern here... 

The following pictures give a more accurate reflection of the actual colours and fabrics in the quilt. 

In 2013, I plan to finish quilts and start quilts! I think that maybe "Chocolate Cherries" is my first finish of the year, or at least the only finish that I have a picture to show you.

This paper pieced church block is block 2 of the Quilted Village BOM that I joined last year through Shabby Fabrics. The blocks arrived like clockwork each month, all year long, but I only took the time to finish the first one. Yesterday I decided I would get back to it and "whip up" the church block. 

Now the truth...I kept making mistakes, no one's fault but mine. In fact, only when I was putting the three church units units together did I notice that I had a whole wall of the church wrong. Here is the wrong block...  

Notice the church wall has some background fabric in it, plus I ran out of fabric because of my cutting errors so had to piece the background together, plus when I pressed the block, the iron seemed to spread the ink from the foundation paper I had printed with my printer right onto the white walls of the church. The good news is that I learned a lot from my mistakes. Although far from perfect, my church block now is definitely much better, albeit a day longer in the making.  I'll embroider a steeple on the top of the church and perhaps plant a few shrubs beside the steps on another day. 

I guess I'm not the only one who did some shopping over the holidays.  I love the fabrics and patterns by Moda designer, Kathy Schmitz, who blogs at Kathy Schmitz DesignsShe creates such wonderful patterns and there are so many I wanted to try out. I tried to be a good girl and tried to be frugal, so I limited my shopping and only ordered 2 items from her Etsy shop HERE.  

My purchases arrived in no time at all, a pattern for a little quilt that combines monthly cottage stitcheries with a log cabin pattern, and a wool needle holder kit that is adorable!

But guess what?  Kathy hated to "waste" a near empty envelope so she decided to fill it up for its trip to Nova Scotia. This is what she "threw" into my gratis! Four patterns and a set of the cutest notecards!

And even more...a charm pack of her latest fabric, "Round Robin",  that to my knowledge will not be available in the stores until the Spring.  I just  had to open up the pack and look at each fabric...I am already dreaming of another Schnibble quilt!

I am so spoiled...Kathy had said that she might add a little something to her December orders, but I think I was the big winner that day!  She has a sale going on in her shop right now until the end of January.

I was a co-winner in Quilt Time's December wrap-up party of the 2012 Christmas Quiltalong hosted by Quilt Sue. Sue had a few games that day and my prize arrived last week...a charm pack of Seasonal Little Gatherings sent from the Crazy Quilt Girl Fabric Shop. 

Guess what I decided to do with this charm pack?  I'm using it for the first installment of the Mystery Quilt designed by fellow Nova Scotian quilter and blogger Darlene at Quilts by Darlene. She just posted the first part on Thursday. Here is a picture of the first instalment that I borrowed from Darlene's web page to tempt you show you the centre unit. It is so gorgeous....this is why I just had to make this quilt. This is only the use your imagination and dream of what this quilt can become!

Darlene's Snowballs at Quilts by Darlene

Darlene tells us that the quilt can be made to any size.  If we do the full mystery, the quilt will fit a queen size bed, or we can stop any time.  Who knows, it could be a future Cuddle Quilt! So why not join the fun and head on over to Darlene's to get started. 

Tomorrow is a huge day in Blog Land. It is the first day of Madame Samm's Sew We Quilt's latest blog hop, "In Your Words".  The blog hop goes from January 7-16. Host Linda has the schedule at Buzzing and Bumbling so make sure you check out all the wordy creations coming your way.

One last mention...if you love scrappy and love small, then check out Pam Buda's blog, Heartspun Quilts, for her latest Pocket Patchwork Sewalong. This sewalong is called "Orphans and Scraps" and she tells us that all the blocks finish at 4", and none of the pieces are smaller than 1.5". Pam's sewalongs are always a lot of fun! 

That's it for now...I'm all caught up with the news. It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Beautiful quilt, Lesley! I need to start doing my roadshow.. So many quilts and so little time! LOL

    Wishing you a happy new year!!

  2. Lovely little quilt. Sweet little pattern with the church block - we all make mistakes. Oh, another quilt along - I am so full, so will enjoy watching you with this one.

  3. Look at you, such a busy gal! Your chocolate cherry quilt is so 'yummy"

  4. Yum yum yum Lesley!! Your chocolate and cherries is delicious - congrats on a finish!!! I too am planning on starting new things but also finishing others---hope I can get the balance right!! Lucky you with your winnings and gifties :-) I printed off Pam's pocket Patchwork this morning thinking that I may just be tempted to play along... as long as I'm using scraps, I'm ok aren't I?! I think I'll watch Darlene's mystery through your blog... it does sound fun though...

  5. Whew! You continually leave me breathless, Lesley.

    Congratulations on your first finish for 2013! Chocolate Cherries, huh? I don't know which I like more...chocolate cherries or Cherry eat, i.e. As for your two quilts, well, they're equally as yummy!

    I finished piecing the center medallion for Darlene's mystery quilt yesterday. I can't wait till next month for step two!

    I think you should buy a lottery ticket because it looks like you've been on a giveaway roll!

  6. Oh my goodness, so much to look at! Choco. Cherries does look very chocolatey and yummy!! And I just adore that church block. And what good luck you had with all of those extras. Happy New Year!

  7. Love the Chocolate Cherries quilt and your new purchases, can't wait to see what you make. Happy New Year. Susie x

  8. Your chocolate cherries quilt looks awesome, and that little church is lovely! Thanks so much for mentioning my quilt along! Your little charm park will be great for this project.

  9. LOVE!!!!!!! Yep, love chocolate cherries quilt. Fun reading here today...didn't need a newspaper to finish first cup of coffee. LOL!!! I enjoy your long post always!

  10. Great little quilt and perfect name. I tend to name quilts for foods too.

  11. I just love your first finish of the year, Lesley! Let's see....where is that box of chocolate cherries I put aside (wink)! Funny - I almost signed up for that BOM at Shabby Fabrics! Instead, I signed up for their Kathy Schmitz BOM that begins shortly! I, too, love her fabric and designs! She is the nicest person, too, having met her at quilt shows! What a wonderful surprise package she sent! Looks like you have your work cut out for you (pun intended)!

  12. Your blog is amazing! Your Chocolate Cherries is wonderful. I love that pattern. I'm trying the Heartspun quilt along but it is hard for me with those little pieces. It could be my fabric. I am also doing another which is easier. I love the idea of the Snow Balls at quilts. I'll check it out. I was wondering what you were doing this new year. Happy you posted. Thank you.

  13. Love the chocolate cherries , good enough to eat ;-) so many wonderful projects in the works and some lovely wins as well . Happy stitching !

  14. I think Chocolate Cherries is the perfect name for the quilt!! It looks good enough to eat!! :-) I love Schnibbles and you did a beautiful job on yours!!

  15. I am a few days late but I am catching up on my blog reading.
    Chocolate Cherries sounds perfect. We are in the middle of cherry season here, so I doubly like it!
    You have certainly done well with your wins and bonus extras in orders. Well done. Love all the little projects that are going on.

  16. It sounds like you scored! Love your church blocks.
    And it sounds like you are going to have a busy 2013. Happy Stitching!

  17. Wow you lucky girl and can we talk about your new projects....goodness me truly inspiring....always anything chocolate that got my attention

  18. Quilts and candy just go together. Love your new quilt.

  19. Hi Lesley! Lovlies here...that much I remember! You know my memory can't take in so much and remember it all, but I know lots of it was pretties!


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