Monday, January 28, 2013

Small Quilts, Hearts, and Country Charmer Reminder

I had a fabulous week watching the Grand Slam of Curling and was thrilled when my favorite team went on to win the trophy. Jeff Stoughton's team from Manitoba was victorious in the final. I would show one of the many pictures I took, but that might make me seem like a stalker, so I'll leave curling behind for now and just revel in the memories of a great curling appreciation week.

Now back to my sewing corner. I did manage to work on a few projects in between trips to the rink. Last year I joined Kathleen Tracey's Small Quilt of the Month QAL. I didn't make all 12 quilts, but I did manage quite a few and really enjoyed making them. Kathleen is going to host a small quilt QAL again this year and explains all about it HERE.  

She tells us that we can choose any of her quilt patterns from one of her books for the January quilt. Because I didn't have much time, I looked through my orphan blocks first and found a number of 4-patch blocks I had made awhile back. Then I looked through Kathleen's books that I have on hand and found a pattern that could include the blocks.  A couple of sewing sessions later and this is what I have to show for it...

The pattern is called the Pink Patches Doll Quilt featured in Kathleen's book, "The Civil War Sewing Circle".  As you can see, I stayed with browns, beiges, golds, and just a bit of dark reds and blues. Guess I'll call it "The Gold Patches Doll Quilt".

I changed the size of the blocks from the original 2.5" to 2" square because that was the size I had on hand. Waste not, want not! I guess you can see from the thimble on the quilt that this is a pretty tiny quilt.

The finished size is 12" x 14.5", just perfect to hang from a shelf in the kitchen using this little hanger I purchased from Bird Brain Designs. I hand quilted in the ditch and used a single-fold binding as Kathleen suggests for small quilts. It's kind of fun to go from start to finish in a few days!

I surprised my DD with a Valentine's table runner this week.  I had mailed it awhile back and she called recently to say it had arrived.

The hearts were paper pieced with some red, white, and pink fabrics I had in my stash that included a layer cake and a jelly roll of Valentine-themed fabric.  I machine quilted the table runner in a cross-hatch pattern and used a pieced binding.

Here is a close up of one of the three hearts...

and the back...

I had an extra block left so decided to make a table frame quilt.  Here is the front...

 and here is the pieced back...

Country Charmer Quiltalong Update: The first reveal of the Country Charmer Quiltalong (CCQAL) is fast approaching!  On Friday, February 1, I will host the first of a monthly Country Charmer Quiltalong Linky Party! CC quilt designer Lynn at Sew'n Wild Oaks has been so helpful to us, posting fabulous tips and hints right HERE and will continue to do so every second Thursday. 

Quilt Sue at Quilt Times has also helped promote the QAL to excited quilters from across the pond and continues to share with us her CC journey. She made the CC button for us...isn't it cool?

We have dozens of quilters across the globe that are now participating in this easy going, lazy daisy, work at your own pace quiltalong.  And on Friday we want to see what you've been doing.  We want to see your fabrics, or your first block, or your second, or your finished quilt! Oops, am I getting ahead of myself? 

If you have a blog and you have posted about your progress, please link up here that day. If you don't have a blog, email your pictures to me at or to Lynn by Thursday and we'll post them for you.  We also have a CCQAL Flickr page started so you can post directly there as well. 

Hope to see you here on Friday! If you have any questions, just send me a note or leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Nice work....last Winter Olympics my hubby and I really enjoyed the "curling".

  2. Isn't it exciting when the team you are cheering along wins? Great fun.
    Lovely little quilt and a smart way to use patches already done.
    Your table runner and single block quilt are very sweet. Your daughter is very lucky.
    Enjoy your QAL.

  3. The only sport here is box packing! Lol. I'm envious your getting to quilt and I can't! Lol

  4. I love the paper pieced runner. I have never paper pieced maybe someday. I have 3 CC done to the point of the sashing. I am waiting on some fabric to come in the mail. I watched a lot of the curling, the provincials were even shown this year.I live about an hour from Ottawa so of course I was hoping for Roachel Homan and she won and moves onto the Scotties.

  5. What a cute little mini. I love how you used the gold. The runner is just sweet! Your daughter must have been very pleased to have it arrive in the mail. Lovely quilting too.

  6. Love the mini - perfect size and great way to use those orphans. Oh, I need to start on the CC - not thrilled with my fabrics.

  7. Very cute little mini and nice you found a use for the little four patches you already had .Really lovely runner too Lesley ,I bet your daughter was thrilled to open her mail!

  8. I love the little doll quilt and the heart table runner is lovely. Can I become a DD?????

  9. Loving both pieced and quilted works, Lesley! I'm sure your daughter must be thrilled with her runner. Such a good feeling to have finishes. It always leaves room for new starts...which I know you will have no problem with. LOL Well done, girl!

  10. You get so much done. Varied, lovely projects, every single one. I looked longingly at Kathleen's quilt each month project, but I just don't think I can manage that yet. Maybe I'll jump in mid year. Your Gold Patches Doll Quilt is adorable.
    I appreciate all the photos you share of your work--closeup of the front, the back with hanging pocket and label, the way it's being displayed, the quilting. I enjoy getting ideas from your busy, busy hands.

  11. Love the Gold Patches! I'm planning to sew along with Kathleen too!

  12. The nice thing about Kathy's challenge is that they're only doll sized quilts which are so do-able in the grand scheme of things. I didn't succumb last year but I just might have to this year. I love hand quilting the small quilts and I'll get my fix that way.

    Your Gold Patches is darling as is Alison's Valentine table runner.

  13. I love your little quilt - it's adorable. I love all of Kathy's books.

    The Valentine table runner you made for your daughter is so cute. I'll bet she's smitten with it.

  14. Great projects! Love your sweet Valentine's Day hearts.

  15. Your Valentine runner is lovely. I especially like the way you quilted it.

  16. Oh, so glad your team won Lesley!!! Isn't that fun to follow them to the very end and celebrate a victory?!? Love your quilty projects too - especially the hearts. Your DD is a lucky girl :*)

  17. Worked on Cutting out some fabrics today for the CC quilt. Thanks for the reminder about Friday!

  18. You are so talented. I love that doll quilt and I bet it's beautiful in person. The table runner is very pretty. I made one valentine color quilt but no table runner. It's so nice to be ready for any holiday. I can hardly wait to see what you have for March and St. Patricks Day! Thank you for your help.

  19. Hi Neighbor! Marlene sent me over. I have loved curling since I had a class in college. I only get to watch it on TV now ;( So glad your team won! What gorgeous minis you've made! Have a wonderful day! ~Jeanne


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