Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Part 2 of Darlene's Mystery Quilt and PIF Winners

There is nothing better than being in a mystery QAL and loving each step, and that is what I am experiencing with Darlene's Mystery Quilt hosted by Darlene herself at Quilts by Darlene. The quilt gets larger every month with the fabulous borders she creates for the quilt.

For February's installment, Darlene asked us to make a border using hourglass blocks, a lot of them. I used fabrics from my stash...my goal is to make this entire queen sized quilt from fabrics I have on hand. I put all the blocks together and took a picture before I sewed them together. I think they would make a great quilt just by themselves!

Darlene's terrific instructions had me making the hourglass blocks in no time flat, but they had to be squared up before being sewed together and I wanted them to fit as well as they could. Lucky for me I found a ruler in my cupboard that I had forgot about...the June Tailor Perfect Half-Square and Quarter-Square Triangles. It really works! I had ordered it directly from the June Tailor site HERE and this was the perfect time to use it.

Thanks to Darlene's instructions, all the blocks were a little larger than needed.  I love "squaring up" blocks because it usually results in a perfect block.

Out came the ruler and it gets placed on top of the block. Two sides are trimmed first...

then a quick turn to trim the other two sides...

Here is a better picture of the block with two sides trimmed. 

Once the blocks were trimmed, they were ready to be sewed  into strips for the borders.  I added a narrow border with a little blue checked print afterwards and this is what I have so far. I love it, each and every step! 

I think the quilt became a favorite after the very first part...to have the centre of the quilt made up of a variety of snowballs is just so perfect for me and this weather...yes, we still have snow on the ground!

I'm all set to start Part 3 which Darlene posted on Thursday. It is gorgeous! This gal has a fantastic ability to "build" a quilt. You can see Darlene's version HERE.  Her latest step has appliqued feathers on a neutral background and pieced star blocks...a fun combination! Darlene uses a variety of greens for the applique but I am thinking of scrappy-coloured feathers. I am loving the variety of colours in the quilt so far. We would love to have you join us in this QAL. Check out the details at Quilts By Darlene HERE and see the Flickr page HERE for more inspiration.

If you remember, the other day I blogged HERE about the Pay It Forward project. The deadline was last night, I did the draw through random.org , and the following quilters will receive a little "small" quilt from me within the next year. In return, they agree to participate in a Pay It Forward project on their blog when my quilt is delivered to them.  Emails are being sent to the following people to get delivery information. So here goes...the winners are
1) Sue who blogs at Chickadee's Country Cottage Crafts
2) Laura Van Fleet who blogs at Creations on the Island 
3) Kerstin who blogs at Cookies Treasures

Congrats to those whose names were drawn. I am looking forward to sending you a little quilted treat sometime between now and next March.

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Those are great blocks and the snow is the perfect background for the snowballs!!

  2. It's a very sweet quilt, Lesley, I've never seen that squaring up ruler but it is nice to cut larger and then square up. A little more work, but things fit together nicely.

  3. What a handy ruler!! I love to make mine a little bigger too and trim down to get them all exact. Love how the mystery is looking - yum yum yum!! (Great snow shot, snowballs in the snow!).

  4. I just might have to get that ruler Lesley. Thank you. Your quilt is wonderful. I will have mine done one of these days. Other family issues have come up and my heart is sad. Enjoy part 3. I look forward to seeing your finished quilt.

  5. Well that ruler looks too easy and it's one I DON'T have. I must add it to my list of things to purchase.

    Your version of Darlene's quilt is wonderful! The variety of colors that you have chosen certainly make it a happy,scrappy looking quilt. I can't wait to start part three but I'm going to wait until my new machine comes home.

  6. I might have to have that ruler too. I have two of the June Tailor rulers similar to this but they are for strips. This one looks pretty cool.

    I'm liking your quilt too. It looks great with those hourglass blocks added to it. Looks like you'll be using up quite a bit of stash. Good for you!

  7. It's coming out just dandy!! Makes me want to run to the cutting table and sewing machine and start one and catch up!!

  8. Your quilt looks awesome. Thanks for the advertising lol!!

  9. I have ruler envy... need to put that on my quilt shop shopping list! Your pictures of how to use it are very appreciated by this "need a visual" quilter... and your mystery quilt is really coming along!

  10. Wow--that is a new ruler to me, and I think I NEED it!
    Love your quilt--it is a happy mix! : )

  11. Uh-oh -- I thought I had my notions and quilting extras under control. No more needed, I thought. But this ruler looks REALLY useful, practical, and something I might just have to have. I have piles of HST stitched from scraps that need trimming, and a couple projects with hourglass blocks are on a list. Soooooo -- this ruler may soon be my new best friend.
    Thanks for the info about it, and BTW -- your mystery quilt is looking great.

  12. Now there's a cool square-up ruler I haven't seen yet! Your quilt is adorable and so bright, Lesley! Congratulations to your winners!


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