Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pay It Forward Opportunity

You could be the new owner of one of my little quilts, and when I say little, I do mean little. Here is the March quilt I just finished for Kathleen Tracy's A Sentimental Quilter Small Quilt of the Month QAL. The quilt is called Scrappy Triangle Doll Quilt.

The quilt is approximately 13" x 16".  Kathleen told us the March challenge for us was to use some "uglies" from our stash. I think I love every bit of fabric I have, so instead of looking for my "uglies", I went to my little plastic container of orphan HSTs that I have been stockpiling from other projects. Although the free pattern Kathleen provided at Country Lane Quilts indicated 2.5" blocks, I squared them up to 2" because of what I already had in my stash and started assembling the quilt. When all was said and done, I only had to make about a dozen new HSTs.  I added a couple of my "favorite" fabrics for the borders and binding, hand quilted it this week while out of town with Woodworker Hubby, and finished it off this morning in my quilting chair.

I have a few vintage bobbins around the house, so took a few pics with the little quilt as the background.

Of course I added my little Cuddle Quilter tag on the back...

and just had to take a picture of the little quilt posing in the cradle WH made, still to be stained...

So let's go back, shall we?  I mentioned in the first line that you could be the owner of one of my little quilts. Here is how it works. I am participating in a "Pay It Forward" project. In a nutshell, if you would like to receive one of my little quilts similar, but not the same as the one above, just leave me a comment letting me know that you are interested. The deadline for entries will be Monday, March 11 at 10:00 pm AST. Three names will be chosen by me, myself, and I using Mr. Random Number Generator. These three names will receive a little quilt, similar to the one above, sometime within the next year.  The catch is that if you decide to put your name in the hat, then you must also "pay it forward".  

If you are one of the three, when you receive the little quilt from me, you must write a post about it on your blog and promise to make three items for your visitors who wish to participate. The best thing to me is that we have a year to do it.  So even with DD's summer wedding fast approaching,(and the wedding quilt, hidden from view, being constructed as I write this) I know I can still find the time to make three little Pay It Forward quilts within the year. If you are one of the three chosen, I will contact you to get your mailing address and your color choices, so please be sure to leave an email address or have a profile that I can link to your email address. Just remember, I have a year to fulfill my duties, so patience is a virtue!

How did I come to know about this Pay It Forward plan?  Last summer, Sandie at Crazy 'Bout Quilts blogged about a hand-crafted gift she received.  She was looking for participants to pay it forward. I replied to her post that I was interested and the rest is history. Just look at this wonderful fabric wallet that arrived in my mail box this week from Sandie.

Sandie's choice of fabrics is perfectly coordinated! This red fabric is my favorite...I actually have a little fabric like this in my stash but in a different colour. 

Her workmanship is exceptional, from the perfect zipper, to the perfect top stitching to the perfect magnetic closure.  Sandie, were you a perfect Home Ec teacher in your other life?  

Lots of room for my Cuddle Quilter cards, bills, coins, and even my cheque book.  Thank you so much, Sandie!

Sandie is offering a tutorial at her blog on how to make HSTs HERE. How fitting that my Pay It Forward project is going to be a little HST quilt! 

So, are you in?  Do you want to Pay It Forward? If so, leave your name in the comment letting me know that you are interested.

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. You are tempting me after I saw your little cutie! Alas, I must not commit with our year of many unknowns here. I'll be watching though.

  2. that sound like a lovely idea. I would like to join this pay it forward and would also love to be a owner of one of the doll quilts. I just rescued a antik doll crib from the garbage pick up. All it needs is a good clean up and a nice quilt.

  3. Oh this little quilt is so wonderful. So cute.
    Greetings from Germany, Grit

  4. Hi Lesley
    I would love to take part, If I have a year how can I say no!
    Havea great weekend.

  5. I would love to join in. It is a wonderful idea.

  6. Hi Lesley! I love your little quilt. It is darling! Please let me know if I show up as a no-reply blogger. I've been having issues with this. Thanks!

  7. I love that little quilt! And I love doing PIFs! I'd be so happy to be a part of yours! :0)

  8. This is a lovely idea. Don't include me in the drawing. I do try to "Pay it Forward", but don't think I'd better try to set a time limit--even a year--on myself right now. Your little quilt is so lovely, and it did sorely tempt me, but I am being realistic here. I'll enjoy watching your process.

  9. I have never participated in a Pay It Forward before. I would like to be a part of this one.

  10. I have also never participated in a pay it forward but I'd love to give it a go. Your little quilt is adorable!

  11. Love your little mini, Lesley. Aren't these so much fun to do?

    Looks like you have lots of gals who would like to participate in your PIF so I too am going to watch from the sidelines. I've participated in a few of these and have received many wonderful gifts in return. Your wallet is an extra special one and well deserved I might add. Enjoy!

  12. The quilt is darling but so is the printed label.....saw something similar over at The Painted Quilt. Where do you talented and generous ladies order them from?

  13. what a wonderful little Quilt.
    I love it.

    Greetings from Germany


  14. So tempting... I love your Scrappy Triangle Doll quilt... I don't see a single ugly fabric in it! Back to the Pay it Forward... count me in! It's a great idea, and thank goodness we get a year!!!

  15. Don't enter me in your pay it forward, I just wanted to comment about your cute little quilt. I just joined Kathleen's yahoo group Small Quilt Talk. I like her monthly challenges. Usually there is a print or two in a charm pack that I don't like, they would be my ugly fabrics for such a challenge quilt as this. Maybe I'll get time to make one too.

  16. I'm so happy you like your wallet! :-) You are going to have some very happy PIF participants~ your little quilt is lovely! (don't include me either~ ;-) Have a great weekend!

  17. I love your little quilt and would love to win it. I do PIF all the time, I love surprising people and mailing them goodies all thru the year. I have given away lots of little quilts as well as kits for little quilts too.
    Please dont' include me in this as I don't want to feel obligated to do it, I want to do it when someone says Oh I love your little quilts or I want to have a giveaway.
    Have fun! and someone is going to be really lucky to own your little quilt.

  18. What an awesome idea! I would love to take part in the 'Pay it Forward' and the year seems like a reasonable deadline! This would be a great start to a regular event! Thanks for the opportunity and the fabulous idea! If I'm not chosen, I may have to a PIF myself! Thanks, Lesley!


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