Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Country Charmer Quiltalong for May

It's time for the monthly Country Charmer Quiltalong update. I am posting this a day ahead because I am going away for a few days and wanted to set up the Linky tool for you before I left. Who can link up? Anyone who is making the Country Charmer quilt designed by Lynn at Sew'n Wild Oaks is invited and welcome to share their progress with the rest of us.

The beauty of this CCQAL is that you work at your own pace. You can go quickly from step to step, like our own lovely Lynn who has completed her gorgeous quilt with fabulous customized long arm quilting, or you can take your time and make a block or two when the inspiration hits you. Share by linking up on my blog on the first of each month, and/or share HERE anytime on the Flickr page we set up especially for the CCQAL, or share with Lynn or I by emailing your pics to us and we'll publish your progress on our blogs. 

What have I been doing?  You may recall that I finished my blocks last month, so this month it was all about finding the right fabric for my sashing and 9-patches. I loved the fabrics Lynn used for her latest CC quilt, so with her permission and lots of inspiration, I managed to find what I think are just the right fabrics. 

Both fabrics are from the History Repeated 1870-1890 line of fabrics designed by Julie Hendrickson from Windham Fabrics. The colours are truer to the picture above than the pictures below. 

Nothing better than cutting, sewing, and listening to the oldies and goodies while the stacks grow...

and grow...

and end up like this!

Then it was time to cut and sew the sashing strips...

And see how they looked framing a block or two...

I liked what I saw so I played around a little more to get a better idea of what my CC might look like down the road...

I am going to love this quilt!  This is all I wanted to have done for this month, and after all, it is a laisy daisy no stress QAL, so I stacked everything up and put it away.  

Next month I hope to sew the blocks together. As for the borders, I will wait to choose the fabrics after my blocks are together.

Thank you, Lynn, for designing this stunning quilt and helping us so much during the CCQAL.  Lynn posts excellent suggestions and advice on Thursdays. To see her completed quilt with her fantastic quilting, click HERE. Lynn tells us there are some extra CC kits still available, similar to the fabrics used in her quilt. You can find them at In Between Stitches HERE as well as the pattern, because it is never too late to start a Country Charmer quilt!

So what have you been doing?  Care to share?  If so, link up below so we can ooh and aah!

PS.  May 1 is also the day for the parade of this month's Schnibble quilts, hostd by Sinta at The Pink Pincushion, and Sherri at A Quilting Life,. and of course, I just had to make one! Carrie Nelson's Hat Trick Schnibble was the pattern chosen for the first month of Vintage Schnibbles, available at Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. (With the addition of pdf file patterns, just a couple of clicks and the pattern was here!) The pattern called for twenty 9-patch blocks.  Since I just happened to have twenty orphan blocks on hand, with a few amendments, I was good to go.  Here is a peek at the quilt top I finished, but make sure you visit the Schnibble parades at Sinta's and Sherri's blogs on May 1 to see the Hat Trick quilts from around the globe.

Gotta go...heading to New Brunswick in a few minutes to welcome my snowbird mama back home. It must be Spring!

It's a great day for sewing!


  1. Love your "Hat Trick"! Aren't you the lucky one to have orphan blocks!

  2. The border and sashing fabrics are just perfect for your quilt Lesley! Fabulous!

  3. Your QAL quilt is going to be quite the beauty! And the peek at the quilt top for the parade is quite a teaser! Looking forward to seeing the finish on both on both of them.

  4. Love your Country Charmer. Perfect sashing fabrics!

  5. That looks gorgeous. The colors are fabulous.

    Have a safe trip!

  6. That looks so fantastic.
    Grit from Germany

  7. Lovely choice of sashing fabrics for your Country Charmer quilt. This will be a beauty when finished.

  8. Your fabrics choices are perfect ! This is going to be just gorgeous when you are done. SO fun to watch everyone's progress since I finished my Country Charmer :-D

  9. Very nice, you are making loads of progress!

  10. You have chosen some wonderful fabrics.

  11. Perfect sashing and even perfect-er colors! Love it! You'll have your CC quilt finished in no time and what a beauty it's going to be!

    Your Hat Trick Schnibble is coming along nicely as well.

    It's a good thing that you're going to your Mom's for a couple of days because I think your machine needs a well deserved rest! Safe travels, my friend.

  12. Love the fabric choice for your sashings - especially the blue!

  13. The sashing and border looks fantastic Lesley.
    Blue is such a beautiful fresh colour to work with..
    Julia ♥

  14. Have a great time away. Your CC is looking great!!

  15. I love your sashing choices. I think they are just perfect.

  16. Your Country Charmer QAL is so beautiful Lesley! How fun that you had plenty of blocks for the Hat Trick and it was a neat little quilt to make!

  17. Your Country Charmer QAL is fabulous. That looks like something I would love to try someday. I am a newbie and will have to keep learning. Your Hat Trick quilt is super too!


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