Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Big Bucket Tote and Gentle Art

When I saw the BIG Bucket Tote on Jennifer's blog at Ellison Lane, I knew I had to make it for Baby Sister's birthday. She is the one person I know that could fill this tote in a pinch! She is always carrying loads of things from car to house to cottage one to cottage two and back and I thought that she would really appreciate this. So off I went to my stash, found an Avalon jelly roll I had been saving, and started making the BIG Bucket Tote. A couple of sewing sessions later, this is what I accomplished...

I spent lots of time machine quilting the fabric in a straight line pattern, making rows, and rows, and rows...

using my fancy dancy machine quilting gloves...

and ended up with a fabric and batting unit that measured 40" x 26".  This was cut in two pieces for the front and back.

I lined the tote with some wonderful ABC fabric, perfect for the teacher sister, or is it the sister teacher?  

The instructions for the tote were superb...thanks to Jennifer at Ellison Lane for that! My jelly roll was enough for two BIG Bucket Totes. Sister received one, and another is waiting in the wings for me to do the quilting.You can find the free tutorial HERE . The tutorial is also available as a Pellon project HERE. The finished size is about 20" x 26". To give the bag a little more stability at the base, I covered a piece of plastic with the lining fabric and inserted it in the bottom of the tote. I gave the tote to my sister last weekend and she loved it...as I suspected she would!

After that, I thought it was time to work on my May Schnibbles, but I procrastinated and missed the deadline for the Vintage Schnibbles parades at Pink Pincushion HERE and A Quilting Life HERE. So yesterday I started my little quilt and today I finished my version of Carrie Nelson's Gentle Art Schnibble. I used some medium and dark squares from two Double Chocolat charm packs, mixed in a few neutrals from my stash, and here it is...

It's a small quilt, 28" x 28", but has a big heart! The sun came out after a morning of fog, rain, and drizzle, so off I went with camera in hand. First, Gentle Art posed on the box on the deck where we store our deck chairs and cushions...

then the little flimsy tried out the deck railing in front of a sea of grass...

and ended up perched on some fences that line our property...

It's next journey will be to the post office tomorrow on its way to visit Mary at Quilt Hollow. Mary is offering a "Quilting Special" to those who would like to have their Gentle Art Schnibble quilted or "frosted" as we like to call it. She has chosen a beautiful spool and thread motif. Her offer is good until the end of June. View her beautiful Gentle Art quilt and read more about her offer HERE. 
Mary's work is exquisite. Last year she quilted my "I'm So Totally Happy" Schnibbles quilt.  The picture she sent me before it arrived in the mail showed her fabulous quilting.

The picture I took doesn't show the quilting quite as well, but trust me, the quilting is gorgeous!

My goodness, I did get carried away with talking and typing, didn't I?  Time to go to my quilting chair, because it's a great day for quilting!


  1. adorable bag and sigh for the double chocolate!!!
    stars and checkerboards are beautiful!!

  2. Very cute tote project! I love your vintage Schnibbles Lesley! and the quilting on your older VS project. You have been so busy!

  3. So much beautiful sewing in this post.

  4. Love the bucket tote... so pretty (and practical), and love the fabrics you used! Thanks for the link to the pattern. Your May Schnibbles is very sweet! Lovely photo settings in your own backyard, too!

  5. Seriously? You get carried away with talking and typing?! Is there such a possibility? Lesley, that tote is fabulous! Any serious "toter" would fall in love with that! I also love your schnibble. And it's so photogenic too!

  6. Your big tote is a great gift idea. The jelly roll fabrics look wonderful. This will be very useful.
    Lovely work on your Schnibbles, too, and I love the idea of posting it away for someone else to quilt.
    I have also enjoyed seeing outside photos of your quilts. Make the most of that lovely weather.

  7. I am grinning from ear-to-ear having just read your post. It reminds me so much of our telephone conversations because we seem to try to cram in as much information as possible into one call! Hee!

    I just love the bucket tote you made for your sister's b'day. How could she not love it!!! And the Fig Tree fabrics are perfect as are the ones you used for your Gentle Art Schnibble. I must get going on mine in order to take advantage of Mary's special quilting offer. Thanks for the subtle hint, my friend. *wink*

  8. Your sister is a lucky girl, the tote is darling. And I too am a Schnibble fan.. thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow that is quite the tote , your sister will love it !! I also love the spools quilt ,just adorable and I know Mary will do a real fantastic job on the quilting!!

  10. You know that your hands have to actually be in the gloves for them to work, right?!?! LOL
    I am cracking myself up here with that cool photograph!
    Love it!

  11. Oh wow...lots of fun things going on over there...thanks for the link.

    I can't stand my hands to be covered while sewing.....does it bother you?

  12. I love that tote idea and I so need one big enough for my cutting mat to travel to classes. I'm heading over to Jennifer's to check out the tut. Your Schnibbles look great as always too.

  13. The tote is really wonderful and I love the Gentle Art. Mary will work such magic on it with the needle and thread design. She does gorgeous work.

  14. Your sister is lucky to get such a cool bag ! I would have it filled up too !
    Love your Schnibbles quilt...I have always wanted to make a spool quit...one day!
    And the machine quilting on "I'm so totally Happy " quilt is magnificent ...pity I live so far away...I would send her a bunch of quilts ! :-)

  15. What a cute gift, Lesley! Don't you just love those gloves! Until I got my longarm that was all I would use - went through 3 pairs of them! Love your Schnibbles and the fabric you used - one of my favs! Mary will do a wonderful job, I know!

  16. That Big Bucket Tote will be absolutely perfect for your sister-teacher/teacher-sister! My DIL is a teacher and I made her a big bag last year - she loves it, and your sister will too! Cute little Schnibbles quilt - I love any quilt that has spool-like blocks :*)


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