Friday, June 14, 2013

BOWs, a Finished Flimsy, and a Quilt Show Tomorrow

I am really enjoying the Grandmother's Choice BOW by Barbara Brachman. I usually wait 3 or 4 weeks and then make a little batch of blocks at one time. I never get bored, because every block is a new adventure. As to fabric and colour choices, it's definitely going to be a scrappy quilt. Here are my latest blocks. Unfortunately, they look a little washed out in the pictures. I was waiting and waiting for the perfect day to take the pictures and then I stopped waiting and took them anyway. 

Block 35. Granny's Choice. 
The colours are actually purple and green...

Block 36. 
It was supposed to be Sunbonnet Sue, 
but I made Jacob's Ladder instead. 

Block 37.
Nameless Star

Block 38.
I might have to make another nonsensical block. This block is a tad too small. Maybe I can fudge it to fit!

39. Endless Stairs

So I am certainly catching up!  Barbara posts a new block every Saturday. Tomorrow will be block 42. There are 49 blocks in all, so we are quickly heading towards the finish line!

I also finished a flimsy this week! Last year I participated in the Bloggers BOM hosted by Jackie at Canton Village Quiltworks. Every month a different quilter would design their block for us with Jackie adding the 13th block so we could go with a medallion setting. For this quilt I definitely went out of my comfort zone, but it was sure a lot of fun to make and I do like the results. Brings a little sunshine into the house on these rainy days!

Many of the fabrics are from the fabric line, "Road to Marrakech" designed by B J Lantz for Studio E. Here is a better picture of the fabrics to give you an idea of some of the true colours of the fabrics I used, plus I added some from my stash. What would I do without my stash?

The quilt top measures about 60" x 60". The free QAL instructions for this BBOM are still available on Jackie's blog HERE. As to how this will be quilted, who knows. For now, I'll put it with a few other tops waiting to be quilted and decide later. 

Guess where I'm going tomorrow? 

Yep, to the Thistle Quilt Guild Show and Tea in Westville, Nova Scotia where Sheila, from Sheila's Quilt World, will be one of the participating quilters. Can't wait! I went last year as well. That is an extremely talented group of quilters so I intend to be very inspired. It's about an hour and a half from here and I will be travelling with a fellow blog friend and meeting up with Sheila and yet another blog friend. Pictures to come!  Sheila et al, see you tomorrow! 

Tomorrow is also the day of the Ocean Waves Quilt Society June meeting in Louisbourg but I just couldn't be in two places at the same time. Our guild is hosting the next Ocean Waves meeting in the fall, so I'll catch up then with all the news and quilts!

Oh, almost forgot...our shop opens on Monday! I am one of a group of 13 local artisans that sell hand-crafted items during the summer and early fall at the newly named "Artisans Collective" located at the Port Hastings Museum. We have the new name, we'll have a new sign, and we expect to fill the shop with everything you can imagine, including quilts and smaller quilted items to weaving, knitting, jewellery, wooden crafts, woolen applique, and so on and so on. We'll be open Monday- Friday from 9-5, and starting in July, we'll also open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4. We each work one day within a 2-week period so it's not too demanding a schedule and we always get to meet some wonderful people when we work a shift. So drop by, won't you? 

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Great little blocks Lesley and so close to the finish . Wow love the quilt top , definitely a ray of sunshine . Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  2. I love your flimsy! It looks fabulous! :0)

  3. Beautiful books,enjoy your day tomorrow.x

  4. Beautiful blocks and a cheery quilt...nice! I'm working on a quilt that is out of my comfort zone and reminds me of something you would make with lots of triangles and pieces. If it totally drives me crazy you may see it in your mailbox. Or not! LOL

  5. The blocks are great and the quilt is pretty too. Have a great time at the show.

  6. Gosh Lesley, it's really too bad you don't have much time for sewing...LOL It's wonderful that you are retired and making the most of your time all to yourself and family. All your projects and quilt tops look awesome! You go girl!

  7. Your shop sounds really neat. And I'm so jealous that you get to see Sheila tomorrow! I wish I could come too. Have a wonderful summer!

  8. Best of luck today...if I were closer you would see me there!

  9. Love your blocks and your flimsy Lesley! Congrats on the shop opening...I bet y'all do great. Shops like that are so fun to visit. Blessings, marlene

  10. Those are really pretty blocks, Lesley. I also love the BOM top - great colors and placement.

    Have fun at the show.

  11. Wow! Such exciting happenings going on in your life Lesley! Love the idea of having a shop with friends to sell pretty handcrafts :) Sure wish I was closer - I'd stop by for sure!!!

  12. Lovely blocks and quilt. Good luck at your summer shop.

  13. You've done an amazing job keeping up with the Grandmother's Choice BOM! That's a lot of blocks! It's going to be just beautiful when it is completed, just like the Blogger's BOM is. Well done. Looking forward to the opening of the Artisans Collective (love the new name). I always stop in when I pass by - just wish it was more often. Had a great time yesterday. Thanks again for bringing me along and for your many kindnesses.

  14. So enjoyed your blocks. Good luck selling!

  15. I love how you fussy cut the bird in the Nameless Star block... I love all those blocks! I need to retire so I can sew everything I love! The Road to Marrakech fabric is so pretty in your flimsy. As you said... adds some sunshine to a rainy day! Good luck with the Artisans Collective! Wish I lived closer!!!

  16. sunbonnet sue?! LOL
    I am trying to decide if I want to make her or not!
    What a fun project this is eh?

  17. I'm not sure how I missed this one but I just love the looks of your flimsy with the blocks set on point and that great border. So pretty!


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