Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Virtual Hugs

While the sun shines outside my window and the birds sing their songs, supper is being prepared in the kitchen by Woodworker Hubby. I am so fortunate...I have everything I could need....family, friends, fabric, fabric, and some more fabric.  But while I enjoy a summer day, my blog friend Sue who blogs at Chickadee's Country Cottage Crafts is not in her home. Her home is surrounded by water and she, her hubby, and residents of her community are under a mandatory evacuation order. 

Do you know Sue? She is the lovely lady who sent me this Santa Quartet pattern because she knew I loved Santas. FYI, I have been stitching it since January and finished it just last week. I have to add the checkerboard border, sandwich it, and do a little quilting before the table runner is complete. It should be ready for Christmas if all goes well. Thank you, Sue, I enjoyed every stitch!

I met Sue in person when I visited Alberta in April to see my DD. Sue is as sweet as I thought she'd be and we had a great chat about quilting and all things quilt related. Sue lives in the community of High River, Alberta, Canada, one of the many cities and communities in Southern Alberta that was devastated a few days ago by enormous, unprecedented flooding.  

Since Thursday, Sue, her hubby, and over 16,000 residents of High River, a community 40 minutes away from the city of Calgary, have been under this evacuation order. At the time of this post, there is no power or water, unsafe roads, and from what we see on TV, the community continues to be surrounded by flood water. Sue has been able to give us a couple of small updates on her blog. Today she posted a link to a news story, a story that has me sending many more virtual hugs to Sue. Please check out her blog HERE to see the story of High River and send her a little note full of prayers and positive thoughts.

In addition, there are some concrete ways you can help. Visit the Canadian Red Cross to make a donation HERE to assist those affected by the floods. 

Paulette of Sweet P Quilting and Creations did a great job of sharing another way to help. She blogged about a group of quilters in Calgary that have started a Facebook page to make quilts for those impacted by the floods in Calgary and area. They have about nine longarm quilters that have offered to quilt donated quilt tops and some members of the group have already had a sew day! Great job, gals. For more info, see the Facebook page HERE.  

Sue, if you get a chance to read this, know that we are thinking of you and so many others affected by the floods. Our hugs, prayers, and positive thoughts are with you. Take care...


  1. Stayed with cousins in High River a couple of years ago. Haven't been able to get ahold of them. We are concerned with what we see.

    1. If You give me their names I'll see if I can trace them for you, or you can call the Red Cross

  2. I'll keep Sue and her neighbors in my prayers.

  3. Hugs and prayers to all that are affected by those floods. Not sure I can help in anyway from Oz, but hope that everything will be ok.

  4. Your Santa stitching is wonderful:):) Makes me want to pull out my snowmen and start on it again:):) Only its been so long I may have forgotten how:( Sue..Your in my prayers:):)

  5. Thank you Lesley, it's good to know our online friends are thinking of us!
    Sue xx

  6. I love your Santa sticking.
    Looks so fantastic.

  7. First of all, I love, love, love your Santa stitchery. Most importantly, thank you for the link to Paulette's FB page. I know I have a flimsie on the shelf that I can slip into the mail!!

  8. Your Santas are adorable , so sweet of Sue to send you this sweet stitchery . The flooding in Alberta and beyond is unbelievable and my heart goes out to all affected by this dreadful disaster .

  9. Your Redwork is beautiful Lesley and I had read about the flooding at Sues. This has to be terrible for them but thankfully they are safe.

  10. It is amazing how quickly water can rise. So sorry to read about so many people being flooded like this. It will take such a long time to recover from this damage. I hope this is over very soon.

  11. That is so sad ..... lots of ways to help, thanks for sharing.

    Love your Santa

  12. There are so many horrible weather related problems all over the place lately. I wish things would quiet down for everyone.


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