Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Winner, Sashing, and a Roadtrip

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway sponsored by Sew Sisters Quilt Shop. I hear they had a fabulous Birthday Sale yesterday and I am awaiting my new purchases. I ordered some fabrics for backing and also some background fabric for my Christmas Dresden quilt...the prices were so good! 

The winner of the giveaway of Robert Kaufman batiks supplied by Sew Sisters Quilt Shop is Leah, who blogs at Quilted Delights. Leah has been contacted and is patiently awaiting her winnings. I used Mr. Random generator to do the draw. Congrats, Leah! 

Now that Darlene's Mystery quilt is a wrap, I've been having loads of fun in my sewing corner with some UFOs. Remember the free Blogger Girls BOM that I participated in? It was hosted by Monique at Open Gate Quilts. Each month she would present a block in two versions, with several of her designer friends joining her in showing their two blocks. By the end of June, I had 12 blocks done, using a variety of reds, blacks, whites, and creams.

This week I decided to get back to making the sashings. There is a lot of piecing. I counted about 35 pieces in each sashing unit. There are thirty-one  12-inch sashing units. I may be making these units forever! I used strip piecing as much as I could..

and after a busy day in my sewing corner, I did finish sixty-two 3.5" units that are part of the 12"sashing units.

Some gals have already finished their quilts and they are absolutely stunning. Check them out at the Flickr page HERE.  

Last week,I headed out on an overnight roadtrip with three fellow Nova Scotian quilt bloggers. I met all these gals in the past year or so since I started blogging and they are all so sweet! There is Sheila, who blogs at Sheila's Quilt World, Linda, who blogs at Scrapmaster, and Karen, who blogs at KaHolly. I was the driver for the trip and thoroughly enjoyed our time on the road. What a time we had!  

We left Wednesday morning and returned Thursday afternoon. Our plan was to travel to the discount fabric shop in Avonport (about four hours from here) and spend a night at the Old Orchard Inn in Wolfville, stopping along the way to visit other shops, have a meal or two, and enjoy the scenic drive through rural Nova Scotia. Karen and I left from here, we met Sheila in New Glasgow, and picked up Linda in Elmsdale. Believe it or not, not one of us took a picture the whole time, so I have no proof that I was away, except for the bags that I emptied from the trunk when I got home!

From my house to Wolfville and back, we managed to find 4 fabric shops, visiting two of them twice, so I guess that is like shopping at 6  fabric shops! Just in case we got our bags mixed up, I had printed name labels to put on the bags. When it came time to empty the trunk at the end of the trip, it was pretty easy to find our own bags!

Much of my purchases have been put away for now, except for some of the fabrics I'll be using to make the "Not So Spooky" table runner designed by Kimberbell Designs

Gotta love this spider!

and the cute pumpkins...

Back to the Roadtrip...Karen provided some gorgeous cookies for each of us for the trip and I inhaled my batch. Each one was a little work of art! They were so yummy, though, that no cookies came home with me.

Linda presented each of us with a tape measure wrapped up in a little cute is this?

Plus, she gifted me with the most gorgeous set of hand crafted golf towels as a thank you for coordinating the roadtrip. Aren't they adorable? 

I actually golfed today and tried one works!  It was so pretty I didn't want to use it, but Woodworker Hubby reminded me that towels can be washed, so I very delicately used one corner of the towel to dry my golf ball! Thanks, Linda!

Back to the Roadtrip again...On Wednesday night, when we were back at the hotel after supper, we had a fabric exchange.We had brought along surplus fabrics, patterns, and notions from our own stashes and exchanged them for others. What fun...everything was laid out and we took turns grabbing choosing new treasures! 

Sheila had recently participated in the Pin It Blog Hop hosted by Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt. She made a variety of beautiful pin cushions that you can see HERE and had brought along extra wool for us to take home to make our own sunflower pin cushion. Linda posted hers on her blog HERE  and here is a picture of the one I made...

We all enjoyed the roadtrip so much, I'm sure there will be another in our future. We had wanted to connect with Darlene who blogs at Quilts by Darlene, and Kaaren, who blogs at The Painted Quilt, but it wasn't possible this time. Maybe next year? Darlene has plans to open a quilt shop in Digby by the first of November, so perhaps next time we'll go further. 

Thanks for coming by. It's a great day for quilting!


  1. I'm breathless after reading this post; when do you stop? The Blogger Girl quilts are very beautiful; it's a lovely design. Love seeing all of your goodies and hearing about your trip.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun for you girls. Great idea with the printed name stickers for the packages. If each of you had that many bags, the trunk must have been full.

  3. I finished the Blogger Girls BOM and made all those sashings. I know exactly how much work it is!

  4. Those BOMs are just fabulous!

    It sounds like it was an incredible road trip. How fun to share it with fellow quilters!

    LOVE the measuring tape and the sweet pincushion.

  5. I still can't believe we didn't take one picture! OMG We had such fun. Best time ever. So glad you liked your towels and I just love the sweet little bag you made for me. I have all my handquilting stuff in it right now. We will definitely have to do our little adventure again, Labels and all! I am still fondling and sorting all my goodies. I love your Sheila pincushion. Looks great! The sashing for the BOM looks like a lot of sewing but it will be amazing. Love the tablerunner. Very cute!

  6. Well gosh, Lesley, how wonderful your road trip sounded! I almost felt like I got to go along but now I'm looking around for the multitude of bags I would have brought back.....and there aren't any! Waahhhh! Love the blocks you are working on!

  7. I remember the Blogger Girls. I got exactly one block finished....ahhhh......Congratulations to Leah.

  8. Congrats to Leah - well done!
    The UFO you are working on looks like it will keep you busy for a while with the sashing. But definitely worth it.
    Your road trip sounds like the best fun. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  9. It sounds like you had a great trip and came home with loads of exciting goodies.

  10. It sounds like the road trip was great fun!! Aren't blogging friends great :-)And lovely and thoughtful gifts! I went to the flickr link and you are right, the quilts from your blogger girls project looks great - I look forward to seeing yours move along (it sounds like you will have it done in no time really!!).

  11. Sounds like you had a great trip! So wish Kaaren and I could have made it! But yes, like you said, maybe another time! Next trip, a visit at my shop, perhaps a meal together!

  12. Road trips are the best when they involve crazy quilters! From the looks of your "LESLEY" bags, it was VERY successful! Looking forward to seeing the Blogger Girls blocks in a flimsy!

  13. OMGosh...I laughed out loud when you stuck your name on your bags!! Too funny!! Dare I ask how many stickers your brought with you? Did you live up to your expectations? :o)))

  14. What fun! So many goodies... I am wanting to sew for fall in the worst way. Hopefully in October I can start something.

  15. Oh you have put me to shame with all you accomplished since our road trip, it was the best ever , I loved every minute and can't wait for the next one to come along . Your blogger girl blocks look great and I am sure it will be another beautiful quilt!!

  16. Wow you have just been having too much fun! Love the golf towels and I especially love the tape measure house! Really cute! Nothing is better than fabric shopping... with friends!

  17. That sounds like so much fun. I'm figuring out our plans for the eastern PA shop hop in Nov with my sister and some friends and it will be such a great time hopping and shopping with gal pals.

  18. Delightful post....I'm breathless after reading it!! The road trip was even more fun than words can express and it better become an annual thing because I'm counting on it!! I love how the sashing makes the Blogger Girls quilt so special. A lot of work, yes, but look at those results. Thanks for the link! I can't wait to see the 'Not So Spooky' table runner. It's even cuter than you described!!

  19. Lesley, now that sounds like fun! Oh, my goodness - how wonderful to make new friends this way and meet up for a road trip! Did you see that I hung out with Kim @ Kimberbell last week? Her whimsical little patterns are just adorable! Will you be sharing it on a certain wicked hop? :) Take care!


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