Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Country Charmer Update for October

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Another month, another block finished for my second CC quilt. Yes, in this entire month, I made only one Country Charmer block for the QAL...but I sure enjoyed making it, and we did say this was an easy peasy, no stress QAL, right?  

Before I give you my pictorial (!) update, I just want to shout out a huge "HELLO" all the way to Northern California to Lovely Lynn, CC quilt designer and blogger extraordinaire from Sew'n Wild Oaks. She is playing the "hostess with the mostest" to Quilt Sue, or "Queen Sue", as we like to call her, fellow CC participant and designer of our infamous CC button. Be sure to visit their blogs this week...they are both keeping us in stitches informed of their quilty shenanigans. All I can say is I wish I was there! 

Nancy Ann, another regular CC participant and prolific quilter who blogs at Nancie Anne Quilts, has also joined the duo. The wild pair is now a wild trio! You should check out Nancie Ann's CC blocks...she fussy cuts little birds in the centres of her blocks. So cool! 

Because these three gals are so busy entertaining and being entertained, they may not have time to pop in for the CC update, but we will definitely forgive them. For anyone else, would love to have you link up below if you have a CC update or a picture of your quilt to show us. We also have a Flickr page HERE

I was thrilled to see the post made earlier today by Sue of Cozy Little Quilts. She showed some beautiful pictures of her CC quilt HERE. If you're ready to hop on the CC train too, patterns are available HERE.

Without further ado, I present to you this month's "Diary of a Country Charmer."

1) Found my CC tote with my finished block, fabrics, sashing units and nine-patches.

2) Organized my ironing board/table. Pulled out my one CC block and started filling in the pieces for block two on Lynn's cool chart. It's just like making a puzzle! 

3) Spent a little time cutting out pieces for the background for the next few blocks.

4) Set up my iPad so I could sew and be inspired by the CC quilt made by Lynn's friend Barbara that was blowing in the breeze in the pictures that Lynn showed us on her blog post, Quilting in the Garden 2013. I'm also inspired every day by the creative friends that have sent their postcards my way. When I sew, I don't have a window to look through. Instead, I look at my bulletin board. I couldn't  sew a stitch without that thread catcher made by my Cape Breton friend down the road! 

5) Got my tools ready. Hope I'm not the only quilter who has two pin cushions in front of them and still can't find one when I need it. That little sponge, although showing lots of wear, is a terrific little thread remover.Very useful at the end of a sewing session!

6) Started day dreaming. Why not make a leader/ender project while sewing a CC block?  With the piecing I'm going to do for the CC quilt,  I bet I could make a small quilt in no time at all! Decided to grab my blue tote and find some fabrics to use with the 3.5" squares I found of white and blue shirting fabric.

7) Bingo! There must be something useful in here!

8) Decided on a few different shades of blue and stated cutting them to size.

9) Prepared the squares to make some HSTs. Used my super-duper sandpaper/cutting board that Woodworker Hubby made for me. He glued a fine-grit sandpaper on one side of a thin piece of plywood. The other side is a cutting mat. (I had an old cutting mat that was worn out in several places so he cut a "good" piece out and glued it on the other side.)

10) Finally ready to start sewing. In no time at all, I finished block two. I used the same fabrics, same everything. A scrappy quilt that matches...who would have thought!

11) Finished sewing my HSTs.

12) Decided to go a step further and make them into hour glass blocks. Unfinished block size is 2.5".

So that was my CC day! Thank you, Lovely Lynn, for designing this beautiful CC quilt and continuing to inspire us. You're awesome! Thanks as well to your talented sister Gail for testing your quilty designs. I always love to see what she has been up to!

I'm sure you didn't expect another post from me so soon after Sunday's Blogiversary post, but I couldn't change the calendar, could I? If you don't know about it yet, I'm having a giveaway.You can read about it in my previous post HERE and leave a comment there if you'd like your name entered into the draw. I have been so very humbled and overwhelmed by the wonderful comments that you have left for me. 

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Well you were gone most of the month with other fun events, so excused. And those other two, well there is trouble. Love the scraps you are working with.

  2. It is always interesting to see how other quilters work. And these blocks are lovely!

  3. Lesley, your posts are always so delightful! You have the gift of gab, and I say that in the most positive of ways. Your CC blocks are lovely. 2 down!! I set myself up with a new leader/ender project yesterday morning, too! As if we don't have enough to do, right?

  4. Your Country Charmer is looking lovely and I love the blues you are starting the new quilt with. I have been following the adventures of Lynn and Sue. Things will likely get more exciting now Nancie Anne is joining them to go visit the BEARS! Happy quilting.

  5. Sue's quilt is gorgeous. I love the red, white and green. I like the colors of your new one. It is a great design.

  6. What a fun post Lesley! While I'm not making this quilt I did get some tips from you....loved the idea of setting your IPad up by your machine (hadn't thought of that!) and loved your sponge. Is it just any old sponge or a special one? blessings, marlene

  7. What a great post Lesley. You are so organized. Your sewing room must be a dream to work in. Mine on the other hand.......well let's just say sometimes it's a challenge!

  8. Thanks for sharing your day with us! I have started keeping a dollar store package of brightly colored microfiber cloths in my quilting room for cleaning my cutting mat, wiping down my machine or swiping up stray threads off the floor and/or a quilt top.

  9. What a fun post watching your day of sewing ! Your CC quilt is going to be gorgeous in the blue and whites ! Congrats on making 2 more blocks ! I like your tip about the sponge. I will have to try that one for all those threads. So fun to see everyone's Country Charmer quilt !

  10. Wow, I love those colors in your CC tote - love them!!! Yum!!! As a newbie here, I can't wait to see those fabulous fabrics become something spectacular!

    Speaking of that CC tote, I need something like that for my hexie project. I have a larger tote that works fine for long trips (like our recent trip to Hilton Head), but I need something smaller for local trips (like Fridays trip to the hospital while DH has a minor procedure). Where did you get your tote?

  11. I love these blocks and your colors are fabulous.

  12. I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your blog since you commented on mine! Happy Blogiversary! I am approaching my 1 year! You make some very beautiful works of art!

  13. I can just about ditto Kevin the Quilter! I have enjoyed reading your blog and following all the links to those involved with the Country Charmer QAL. Spent some time looking through the pictures too and saw some amazing quilts! Your blocks are pretty awesome too. Happy Anniversary Blogosphere. Thanks too for leaving such a sweet comment on my Stars.

  14. I haven't found it stressful at all. All I did was buy the pattern.....giggle.

  15. Beautiful new blocks love the fabrics.

  16. I love the fabrics you are using in your CC! Can't wait to see it pieced together entirely! What a productive day you had!

  17. The reversible board your husband made for you sounds like a great idea.

  18. How do you like the skinny hst ruler? I've been meaning to give it a try :-)

  19. Beautiful blocks Lesley and your hubby is always doing something creative for you!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday


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