Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cuddle Stars, Pay It Forward, and Olde Tyme Christmas

This morning, very early,  I headed to my quilting chair with my Cuddle Stars quilt to finish sewing the binding on.

I just received the finished quilt from longarm quilter Ange at Quilting on the Mira. Ange's shop is about an hour and a half from here. A friend dropped the quilt off last week and the same friend picked it up for me a few days ago. Thanks so much, Quilter Barb, you are so sweet to look after my Stars! I have actually been out of town for several days in the opposite direction. What a treat it was to arrive home to Cuddle Stars!

I love the way it looks in my quilting chair, just waiting for the last strip of binding to be sewn on...

I had asked Ange to use a star motif, and the result is perfect for my Cuddle Stars! If you look closely, you'll see the connecting stars...

I chose a dark burgundy flannel for the backing and the binding and found a wonderful snowman label in my cupboards that was just waiting for the right quilt. 

Oh, I love my Cuddle Stars!

My third and final Pay It Forward small quilt has arrived safely at Laura's house! This is what I sent her...

I used lots of blues and creams from my stash for this scrappy hourglass quilt. I found some wonderful toile to use for the borders. 

I hand quilted "Laura's Quilt" in the ditch and did some straight line echo quilting in the borders. 

I used some civil war reproduction fabric for the backing, attached one of my little Cuddle Quilter labels and shipped it on its way.

Laura blogs at Creations on the Island. She is a very creative and skillful quilter! She wrote a wonderful blog post featuring my quilt. Please visit her blog today to see her beautiful projects and to have the chance to participate in her Pay It Forward program. You have until tomorrow morning to enter! 

I have lots to do today...bindings, labels, tags and finishing up some projects for my participation in our Artisans Collective shop at the Olde Tyme Christmas at the Port Hastings Museum.

I am one of the "local artisans". I hope to have all my quilty goodies ready for 9:00 tomorrow morning to set up. Olde Tyme Christmas opens to the public on Friday so if you are anywhere within driving range,why not plan a visit to see us! We are only open for the two weekends. My day to work is Sunday, December 8, though I plan to drop out for some of the festivities this weekend and to visit with the "work crew".

The Country Charmer QAL final quilt parade is fast approaching. Designer Lynn at Sewn Wild Oaks has been with us every step of the way with tremendous tricks and tips to help us make our quilts. You can find all the helpful hints HERE

I'll be back here on November 30 with Mr. Linky so that everyone who has made a Country Charmer quilt this year can link up with us. Don't have a blog? No problem. Just send me a picture of your quilt and I'll post it for you. In fact, if you'd rather send me a picture than link up, you can do that too. I'm only a mouse click away! And did I mention a giveaway? See you on the 30th...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Hope you surround yourselves with family, friends, and maybe just a bit of fabric!

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. You are so right!! Cuddle Stars is just perfect! What vision! Laura's little PIF quilt is adorable. Love the combination of blues. Good luck at your Old Thyme Christmas sale. Wish I was going to be here so I could drop in.

  2. I want to cuddle under Cuddle Stars! It is beautiful and the quilting motif is perfect for it! What fun to sit and bind it now. Also love the PIF quilt - I love blues and this is a sweet little quilt. Enjoy Olde Tyme Christmas - I've never been to your area and would love to visit one day. ~Jeanne

  3. You have been very busy and productive Lesley! Love your Cuddle Stars. I love working on bindings during the winter. Have fun at the Old Thyme Christmas. It sounds like it would be so much fun.

  4. Coincidentally, Chris from our guild is sewing the binding on Lucky Stars, too. Our guild made this same quilt for our provincial air ambulance charity(S.T.A.R.S). We had a local boy in an accident who used the air ambulance and we made the quilt to help raise money for STARS. I'll email a photo. I can't wait for the Charmer parade!

  5. Cuddle Stars looks so inviting... that was my 1st thought even before I started reading! Love it. I am looking forward to getting my quilt from that pattern out soon - it's done in blue batiks with snow prints.

  6. Your Cuddle Stars is so pretty and looks so snuggly. I like the PIF gift too....beautiful colors.

  7. Cuddle Stars is just wonderful - great quilting motif to match - and snuggle backing is perfect! Laura's little PIF quilt is adorable. Good luck at your Old Thyme Christmas sale.

  8. You are such a busy quilting lady and your quilts are amazing and so, so beautiful. I really love that Cuddle Stars and such a great name by the way! Lots of flying geese it looks like. I really like the scrappy border. I think that is what appeals to me about the quilt. And your hourglass is great! I plan to make one of those, one of these days! We are moving with my fabric at the other place and my sewing machine here. We are already thinking about moving next year so I won't unpack a lot fabric. You stay save and take care. Your quilts are wonderful Lesley. You are quite a remarkable quilter!

  9. Stunning! So lovely!
    Greetings from Finland! :)
    Ulla's Quilt World
    Hugs, Ulla

  10. I love your Cuddle Stars so much! The quilting is just so perfect. Ange did a wonderful job. Laura sure was tickled with the little quilt you made for her. It is so sweet. Love that you used toile for the borders. I must keep that in mind. Have fun at the Old Tyme Christmas. I would be there in a heartbeat if I could.

  11. I love your Cuddle Stars, too. I love the scrappy look it has, and the quilting is beautiful. Beautiful pics of it, too.

  12. Cuddle Stars looks very inviting. So much so that now I am fighting the urge for a nap!!
    Oh, your little "Pay It Forward" quilt is gorgeous. Very nice job. Blue and white quilts are my favorite 2-color combo!

  13. Your Cuddle Stars looks so...uhmmmm...CUDDLY...especially with the flannel backing and binding! And finished just in time for this gale we're experiencing too!

    Good luck at the museum. I wish you many, many sales, my friend!

  14. Laura was very lucky to receive the little blue and white quilt. I love the toile border. There are some quilts that make you feel warm all over just looking at them. Cuddle Stars is one of them.

  15. I love how your gorgeous Stars quilt looks all snuggly Lesley. Oh how I wish I was close enough to attend your Old Thyme Christmas gathering. Hope you do very well.
    Your blue quilt is lovely too.

  16. Cuddle Stars looks just wonderful and all ready to live up to its name. I'd love to visit your sale weekends, they sound great, but I think it's maybe just a bit too far away! Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow for the final Country Charmer Linky party.

  17. Love your stars quilt! It's so fun to see fabrics in other quilts that I have in my stash/quilts! Great idea to use a toile for a border!

  18. Great comfy looking star quilt. Beautiful job.

  19. Your Cuddle Stars looks lovely with all the quilting done. Warm, cuddly and cosy!
    Your PIF quilt is delightful too. Such lovely work.
    Good luck with your Christmas display!


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