Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day Two of Blogathon Canada

Good morning and welcome to day two of Blogathon Canada, a week-long celebration of Canadian Quilting Bloggers brought to you by Sew Sisters Quilt Shop and their sponsors. This year Sew Sisters has teamed up with Aurifil, Northcott and Robert Kaufman to bring you some fantastic giveaways. Check out their blog for a chance to win some great prizes.

You can also win some great prizes by visiting the twelve host bloggers who will introduce themselves and their work on their blogs. They will also include links to more bloggers from their province so you can visit those blogs as well.This is where I come in...I live in Nova Scotia, one of the three Maritime provinces, and am "on the list" of Maritime bloggers who are participating. Our hosts today are Adrienne who blogs at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts and Marjorie who blogs at Marjorie's Busy Corner. Thanks, gals, for hosting us today. These ladies both have giveaways today so check them out and let them know I sent you over! 

If you are new to my blog, welcome and thanks so much for visiting. If you have been here before, welcome back...you know how much I appreciate my friends! 

I have been sewing and quilting since I started in the early 80's using the Eleanor Burns method of tearing fabric to make log cabin quilts. It's been a great ride ever since, especially with the invention of so many tools to help us in our craft. I have been blogging for a couple of years and retired for almost the same amount of time. My days are filled with family, friends, and fabric...can't get much better than that!  

For today's post, I thought I'd feature a few projects that I've been working on. I recently finished hand quilting my Nabby Dowry quilt, a free QAL offered by Pam Buda at Heartspun Quilts. I stitched in the ditch and used some straight line quilting on the borders, so it is a little hard to see in the picture. I'll send the picture along to Pam by December 1 because she is having a parade of Nabby Dowrys and I love parades!

I recently finished a bed-sized Christmas Dresden Plate quilt and I just received it back from Quilting on the Mira who put their special touch on the quilt. I still have the binding to sew on but wanted to share a picture or two so I put it on the dining room table. I hope you can see the quilting...it is wonderful, thanks to Ange's edge to edge skills. I chose a brilliant red print for the backing. Don't worry...I'll move the quilt before supper!

This week I also pulled out my Schnibbles Hat Trick flimsy that I had finished awhile back. The pattern was designed by Carrie Nelson at Miss Rosies Quilt Co.  Carrie's pattern was beautiful but I had used orphan nine-patches for mine and as time went on, I found that my little quilt top just looked too plain. So I added some hexies and some wool leaves and now I am very happy with it. This will be my next hand-quilting project!

So there you have it. Another week in the life of The Cuddle Quilter. Hope you'll be back!

Here is the schedule for Blogathon Canada
Monday, November 18BCHollyHolly's Red Bike
Monday, November 18BCHeatherWinding Bobbins
Tuesday, November 19MaritimesAdrienneChezzetcook Modern Quilts 
Tuesday, November 19MaritimesMarjorieMarjorie's Busy Corner
Wednesday, November 20ABKatherineSew Me Something Good
Wednesday, November 20ABAndreaUrban Quilt Works
Thursday, November 21SKFloButterfly Quilting
Thursday, November 21MBKathyTamarack Shack
Friday, November 22QC

Dizzy Quilts
Friday, November 22TerritoriesDanielleA Geeky Crafty Life
Saturday, November 23ONJackieJackie's Art Quilts
Saturday, November 23ON


Krista Quilts

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Such a classy looking Nabby's Dowry!
    And I love your Christmas Dresdens. Makes a great tablecloth, as long as no one eats there. : )
    You created a wonderfully original Schnibble quilt with your own personal touches. Do you always have a hand quilting project going?

  2. I love catching up with all that you do. You have started me off on my next quilt with your link to Sewing wild oats a while back. Now I'm collecting fabric for a hexagon quilt.

  3. Oh, Lesley, you certainly have 'the touch' for making beautiful quilts. Love how you put your own spin on them. The Christmas Dresden Plates came out deliciously beautiful!!

  4. You, and your quilts, are so amazing. I love the end result of "Hat Trick".
    Hugs from Halifax!

  5. I need to tell you that in Hat Trick, on one of your grey nine patches, two of your four patches are sewn on in the wrong direction. You can also see it in the close up photo as well. Sorry to tell you this! But it is still a gorgeous quilt! I couldn't not tell you.

    1. Thanks so much to Tracey for pointing out the piecing error. Perfect timing. Seams already unsewed, ready to fix with the machine! Thank goodness for better eyes than mine!

  6. Those hexies really dress up that quilt. I love the Christmas dresdens too...maybe you could eat supper at the coffee table at leave it out for all to see?! BTW my parents grew up in Catalone and Louisbourg. The Louisbourg lighthouse is still one of my favourite places in the world.

  7. So many lovey projects and I am enjoying the blogathon.

  8. Thanks for doing a special Blogathon Post! Love the Dresdens! Carol

  9. visiting via the Blogathon. Great use of a wide variety of background fabrics, why use plain white when there are so many interesting dots and spots and othe s.

  10. Wonderful quilts!! I am over to visit from Blogathon

  11. Lesley , your nabby dowry is gorgeous and that dresdan Christmas quilt is incredible ! I think the wool addition was perfect for your little quilt , great choice .

  12. Wonderful quilts. I am a new quilter from Oklahoma. Enjoying meeting our Canadian Neighbor Quilters. Thanks. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  13. Oh my gosh your Dresden is beautiful. So is Nabby Dowry (love that name) and the Schnibbles (love that name, too.) I'm enjoying the hop. Again, your Christmas quilt is a gem.

  14. Hello Lesley. I agree with most comments here, the Christmas Dresden place is beautiful! I am enjoying my visit via the Blogathon!

  15. it's always a great day for quilting! Lovely Dresden

  16. Wonderful to hear that there are still some hand quilters out there! Amazing Dresden Plate quilt

  17. Such beautiful quilts, Lesley. I love the Dresden one. It will be fun to decorate with all the wonderful quilts.

  18. Oh my goodness, I love your quilts ... not sure which I like best. I do thank you for sharing Hat Trick ... caused me to go check out Miss Rosie's patterns, and I found a couple that I had to have! Not sure when I'll get to them, but when I do, I'll be ready! ;-)

  19. Wow, what a treat here at your blog! I love all of your quilts but I especially love what you did with your Schnibbles quilt Lesley! Very inspiring!

  20. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful work. Your stitching is lovely.
    Your Christmas Dresden is looking wonderful and all that gorgeous quilting is perfect.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  22. Your Dresden plate is beautiful.....I also liked what you did to the Schnibbles...the hexi's and the wool leaves really added a lot.......


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