Thursday, July 31, 2014

SIL's Flannel Sports Quilt and a Quilt Show

When DD was married last summer, I gained a wonderful new SIL and the quilt wheels started turning in my head. My SIL is a huge fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team, as evidenced by his many t-shirts, hoodies, and other "Riders" paraphernalia. I knew it was just a matter of time before I made him a sports quilt. 

Earlier this summer, DD, SIL, and DS visited us for a few weeks and that gave me the chance to give him an early birthday present. I worked on it this winter and spring and was thrilled to be able to present it to him earlier in the month. By all accounts, it is well loved and appreciated and has already travelled west to take up residence in its new home. 

Here is the story of this quilt. I printed off a Roughriders logo on fabric and used that as my inspiration throughout the winter to choose a design and fabrics. I decided to make a cuddle quilt out of flannel for those cold winters out West.  Green, black and white solids were the colors I chose to match the logo. 

As to the design of the quilt, I literally googled everything from "green quilts" to "sports quilts" to "flannel quilts" to get some ideas. Using my searches and quilt images, I found a wonderful Bento Box quilt made by Anya at Hills Creek Quilter. She made her quilt using the free tutorial posted by Film in the Fridge. I wanted the quilt to be bright, bold, and trendy, and this pattern fit the bill. Now I had a plan...

It was so quick and easy to sew the blocks together...

but admittedly, a little scary to cut each block in four.

Then the fun came back when the quarters were arranged and this bright and bold block appeared.

One block quickly became a stack.

I designed the centre block around the logo I had printed using Printed Treasures Printable Fabric.

The flimsy was very photogenic. You can tell this picture was taken in the spring before the trees had leafed out.

I sandwiched the quilt with cotton batting and flannel backing using a multitude of pins to baste the layers in place. I decided to machine quilt it using "stitch in the ditch" and off I went...

Woodworker Hubby caught me at the dining room table...there was no way this quilt and I would fit in my sewing corner! 

I added a few borders to the top and bottom to change the design from a square to a rectangle resulting in what I think is a perfect sized cuddle quilt.

I also added a little more interest to the quilt by appliqueing  a few football helmets on the front of the quilt. The binding was attached, a label added, and ta was ready for gifting. This quilt is now ready for SIL to enjoy the football season. I have a feeling it will be very happy in its new home. Go Riders! 

Next week we are hosting the 9th annual quilt show and sale at the historic St. David's Church in Port Hastings, NS. 

It runs from Thursday, August 7 through to Thursday, August 14th from 10-4 every day. I will be working there along with my quilty friends so please drop by to say hello and to see some wonderful treasures made by local quilters and members of the Ocean Waves Quilt Society. We will have a quilt set up on a frame in the church hall that the ladies will work on all week and there will be goodies to munch on like tea and oat cakes. Maybe I'll see you there?

The church is located at the rotary at the entrance to Cape Breton. Just look for the quilts blowing in the wind!

It's a great day to quilt!


  1. I love the use of the Bento Box with this - great sport flannel quilt! Wish I was closer to visit you and see the quilt show.

  2. Wow--very cool quilt pattern. Kind of optical illusion-ish. Great job. Are you up for MIL of the year? : )
    That church looks like a wonderful place for a quilt show.

  3. This is a stunning quilt. I am always fascinated by the optical illusion this pattern creates.The colours are perfect for this block. It is a wonderful gift.
    And good luck with you quilt show.

  4. Oh what a stun! I love it! I imagine your sil was thrilled. What a gift. You have let him know just how treasured he is which is even a better gift! Hope the quilt show goes well...ENJOY!

  5. The quilt for your sil is awesome, I'm not surprised he is happy with it!! Thank you for sharing the process you used. Ihope your quilt show goes well.

  6. It turned out fantastic and I'm betting that it will be well loved.

  7. What a wonderful quilt! So neat that you have the team logo too! I'm sure your SIL will treasure this for many years. Love how you searched for ideas - I use the same method! ~Jeanne

  8. That is a fabulous quilt for your SIL. I'm sure it is greatly loved.

  9. What a beautiful quilt ! Love how you made these blocks and added the logo in the middle of the quilt Perfect !

  10. Lovely quilt and a great idea! Have fun at the quilt show :o)

  11. What a great quilt for your SIL , my son Roger would love this too, he is also a huge riders fan . You may have given me am idea ;-) Hope to get down to see your quilt show . See you tomorrow .

  12. You and your creative side did a wonderful job making your SIL's quilt. I can believe it is much enjoyed. Wish I could attend the quilt show; it always looks like fun.

  13. How ever did I miss this wonderful post? WOW! What a statement this quilt makes. Your color choices are absolutely perfect, playing off each other with such pizzazz!! If your SIL doesn't like it, my address is........hey, wait a minute, you know where I live!! I've never seen the Bento Box design before and I think I'm in like! I'll have to check it out further. Well done, Lesley.

  14. Love the way you split the blocks Lesley. What a great quilt for a fan.

  15. Oh that is a neat quilt. I hope you can take a lot of pictures of your quilt show. The setting is fabulous.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial for that quilt. I am making my 6 Grands a quilt for Christmas and had not decided on a pattern for the 2 boys, but now I have. Thanks:). Love the bright colors and the centre motif dips effective. Thanks ! Love how it turned out!
    Hugs Marg.

  17. While also a Roughriders fan, I’ve got someone in mind who would love a Red Sox quilt like this. Guess what I’ll be doing in the next while, thanks for the great idea!


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