Monday, September 22, 2014

An Old Old-Fashioned Charm

In 2006, I made a quilt that was purchased as a kit from our (then) LQS. Designed by the owner, Kim Braun, the "Old-Fashioned Charm" quilt pattern features an easy-to-make quilt using five different arrangements of  9 1/2" unfinished blocks- a square, 2-patch units, 3-patch units, 4-patch units, and 9-patch units. The blocks are arranged randomly with two borders, a narrow solid one and a scrappy one. This particular quilt finishes at 60" x 78" and is one of the quilts I have layered on our queen bed for the summer.

As you can see, the fabrics are in a range of pastel blues, greens, and creams. The sun washed out the quilt a little, but this picture is actually very close to showing the gentle colours that are in the quilt.

The fabrics are a variety of tone on tones, striped, checks, and even some textured fabrics. 

As you can see, the quilting was done in an edge to edge daisy pattern.

Why am I showing you my old quilt? Because I have been collecting some lovely warm wool flannels for the last couple of years, waiting for a pattern to grab me, and now I see that the pattern was right in front of my eyes in this quilt! 

My plan was to make a quick and easy lap quilt out of flannels for the upcoming chilly weather, so I started my hunt for the pattern. Yes, I found it, but it took a lot of looking in my cupboards. I had been collecting FQs, charm packs, and even some yardage from the original Wool Needle Flannels by Moda so I knew I had enough.

The cotton flannels give the illusion of wool, but they are so soft and cosy...

I put together my stacks of blocks...

and then laid them out on a bed. Just the effect I was looking old-fashioned flannel quilt!

I sewed the blocks together and have actually sent it away to the LAQ but forgot to take a picture of the finished flimsy. I'll show a picture of the quilt to you when it comes back.

Unfortunately, the LQS shop, Harbour Quilt Company, closed its doors a few years ago and I miss it terribly. The owner supplied us with the most marvelous fabrics, kits and designs over the years. When the shop was closing, Kim offered many of her kits for sale. I have several still unopened in my sewing corner, but last week, I opened this one...

Kim always carried a lot of Kansas Troubles fabrics so you may recognise some of these. I pinned all the rows together to make things easier when I sewed at the shop and then pressed the centre when I got home.

I added the wide border and have all the applique shapes and vines ready. I decided to work on one corner at a time. Sorry for the poor is a very nasty day out there today and my kitchen is a pretty dark place to take pictures.

Busy times in my sewing corner but loving it all! It's a great day for quilting!

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Day at the Shop

There are 12 of us who make up the Artisans Collective, a group of women from the area who set up shop every summer in the Port Hastings Museum at the Causeway, the entrance to Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. As one of the twelve, I take a turn once every 12 days  to work a shift. My day was yesterday. Off I went with a smile, some sewing projects, my "new" 1964 Featherweight, and a portable table. You see, at this time of year, the number of visitors drops a bit, so there always seems to be a little time to work on a project or two. Seeing an artisan at work also seems to be a treat for the visitors who come into the shop so it's a win-win situation. 

The number of visitors the shop will start to pick up again in a week or two because of the Celtic Colours International Festival, an annual event that attracts thousands of visitors to celebrate our rich Cape Breton culture. Music, concerts, workshops, crafts, food-it's all here for our visitors to see and experience. Our shop will stay open until the end of the Festival and reopen again for two weekends before Christmas,

Back to my day. I set up my FW in front of the patio door overlooking the deck. This also gave me a beautiful view of the Strait of Canso. I sewed along, listening to Cape Breton music, tapping my toes and heels, and jumping up to welcome the visitors who dropped by. The natural light was indeed a bonus so I pulled out my "peels" ( you can read about this quilt HERE)  and started to sew.

In no time at all, I had finished 6 of the 8 rows that I need for the quilt. I'll work on the final two rows this weekend and then sew the columns of "leaves" to green stems. I figure the quilt will be a good size to cuddle in come the spring!

Do you recognise the quilt on the bed underneath the peels? It is my Cake Mix Celebration quilt. 

We have a bed in the shop that is used to display quilts on. When people are interested in a quilt, if it is on a wall or quilt stand, we spread it on the bed so that they'll see how it looks. We change the bed often-either the quilt sells or we rearrange the quilts in the shop so that our repeat customers will see something different every time they visit. Yesterday I welcomed quilters from Ontario and PEI...there is always so much to be shared with fellow quilters!

This week I also finished all the machine applique on Country Homecoming. My last picture looked so faded in the sunlight, so I took another picture, this time in the kitchen. It is all ready to go to the longarmer next week. Flannels and homespuns always makes my heart soar!

Thanks so much for coming by today. It's a great day for quilting!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sea Glass Has a New Home

There is nothing better than gifting a quilt to someone who will hold it dear to their heart, the same way making the quilt was dear to me. "Sea Glass" is such a quilt. It started off as a "Sea of Squares" QAL project hosted by Christa at Christa Quilts.  You can read all about the making of the quilt, the fabulous fabric included in the kit, and the free QAL HERE.

If you read carefully, you will see that I originally said I would quilt it myself. Christa offers wonderful tutorials on her blog that make machine quilting look so easy that I think even I could attain some pretty good results. But summer came along, life got busy, and I wanted this to be a perfect quilt for my sister, so I sent it along to Ange at Quilting on the Mira to do her magic. And magic she did...

"Sea Glass" has a new home with one of my beach-loving sisters, a long-time collector of sea glass, who was gracious enough to hang the quilt on her clothesline and take a few pictures. And you know how much I love seeing my quilts hang on a clothesline!

I think the quilting pattern is fabulous. Ange knew this quilt needed the perfect pattern, and look....sea shells and more.  I see scallop shells, snails, star fish, sea grass. I think I can even smell the ocean!

I like the way the quilting pops out on both the front and the back. I had a gorgeous piece of fabric I wanted to incorporate into the backing and am so happy with the result. The solid shows off the quilting so well, and the printed side adds so much texture. A win-win for this little quilt. 

"Sea Glass", enjoy your new home...

It's a great day for quilting.