Friday, June 5, 2015

Blogger Friends, Quilts, and Family

It has certainly been awhile since I have posted, hasn't it? And now that I am ready to bring you up to date, my laptop is in for repair so I have to see if I can use the Blogger app on my iPad to write a post. Here goes...

First of all, a shout out to my friends, the Nova Scotia Bloggers Quartet. The NSBQ includes Sheila, who blogs at Sheila's Quilt World, Linda who blogs at Scrapmaster, and Karen, who blogs at KaHolly, the creative genius who came up with the idea to do an exchange when we met this year. The four of us met up a few years ago and we try to get together for quilty events each summer. We met recently at the Thistle Quilt show in Westville to see the show, visit the vendors, and exchange the quilty gifts we had made over the winter.  We had swapped names and each of us was given an embroidered design by Michelle Ridgeway for the first letter of the name of the person we were making a gift for. Here we are with our fabulous gifts! Left to right is Karen, Myself, Linda, and Sheila. Thanks to the other gals for bringing cameras that day! We are standing in front of one of Sheila's quilts...she is quite the expert quilter! 

Thank you, Karen, for the wonderful project bag you made me, a Gail Pan design.

I also used a Gail Pan design for the tote bag I made for Sheila. I adapted the pattern a bit, and included two embroidery designs, the letter on the front, and Gail's embroidery design on the back. I quilted the fabrics in a cross hatch design and used a blue on cream toile for the inside.

Please visit their blogs where you'll see some wonderful pictures of the quilt show and some more pics of the four of us and our gifts!

In family news, my mom has had a bit of a set back. My 90-year old golfer and bridge-player mom, my go-to gal, the mom of four girls, has undergone some huge medical issues in the last month. She is on the slow road to recovery now, but every day is a challenge. Mom, me, and Sisters Three were able to be together last week in New Brunswick to share in lots of hugs, prayers, and positivity with Mom. I'm not sure what the nurses thought of our gang! 

We are waiting for the birth of our new grandson in a couple of weeks. I know he has more than enough little quilts to get him started, so I decided to make a baby quilt to put into the Artisans Collective gift shop which will be opening in mid-June at the museum in Port Hastings, NS. I used the flannel scraps from his Ducky quilt, combined with a few flannels in my stash, and designed my "Baby Nine Patch" quilt.

The quilt measures 32" x "44 with a tiny checked yellow fabric on the back. All my labels tend to look the same, white cotton for the information and a frame made with matching fabric scraps.

As you can see, I used straight line machine stitching for the quilting.

I was also able to finish my Stars and Strips quilt, an Atkinson Design, experimenting with a combination of loops and stars. I am pleased with the overall effect and will try a few more stars in my future!

What am I working on today?  I finished piecing a  "Plus Quilt" using some glorious Ecco fabrics I picked up from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop. There are lots of free patterns and tutorials out there for making a Plus quilt, so I found the blogger who writes "For the Love of George" and used her ideas for my inspiration. This quilt will finish at 50" x 64", a good size to cuddle in. I can't figure out how to add a link to this post, so if you google her, you should be able to find her.

Today I am sandwiching the quilt and plan to do straight line machine stitching from side to side. I googled "Plus Quilts" and saw dozens of them with a variety of quilting designs. The straight line ones caught my eye, plus, I don't have to think when I sew!

It's a great day for qulting!

Lesley, The Cuddle Quilter


  1. Lovely quilts.
    In order to link to a different site, there is a button right beside (to the left of) the photo button when you are creating a blog post.

  2. Brrr, Lesley, I'm having one of those days when I can't get warm, but reading your lovely post warmed my heart. First, revisiting our fun filled day at the quilt show. Secondly, hearing that your mom continues to rally. And lastly, being inspired, yet again, by your awesome work and creativity. You are most welcome for your bag. I hope you can get some use out of it, toting your hexies to and fro. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! XO

  3. How fun for you all to have a chance to get together again. And what great gifts you all made and received!

  4. Welcome back love your bag ...and we stitched happily ever after..... beautiful quilts

  5. Sorry to hear your mom is ailing. How great you all had s chance to get together. Love your gifties you all made for each other. Fabulous quilts!

  6. hi Lesley....your friends, your projects all so lovely...x

  7. Prayers for your Mom. What a fun outing for you gals and exchange is an added touch. Wonderful quilts - keep stitching.

  8. What a fun the bag and quilt. Hope your mom has a turn for the better real soon.

  9. Beautiful pics of you and your friends Lesley and what neat quilts! Prayers for your Mom also!

  10. Wishing your mom a speedy recovery. Those are such difficult times.

    Your quilts are all just wonderful. The newest little one will be kept nice and warm.

  11. Hope your Mom will recover and get well soon.
    So many pretty projects going on and finishes. What an exciting post.
    Congratulations to the two finished quilts, they are beautiful.

  12. Wow! Great projects on the go! So glad you all had a great time in Westville :) I was able to see your gorgeous bag when I was visiting Karen last month. Hope your mom recovers soon. Take care!

  13. Lovely newsy post Lesley, you've had plenty going on... I hope your Mum continues to do well. It's neat to hear about your meeting with the other NS girls and see the lovely gifts you exchanged. Your quilts are beautiful Lesley and the plus one is particularly eye catching.

  14. Lovely post , nice to revisit our little day together . Loved seeing the photo of your sisters too and hope your mom continues to improve . Also I didn't know you could use the iPad to blog , need to know a little more about that :-)

  15. My gosh there is a lot going on.
    First of all I want to send you best wishes for your mother's recovery. I do hope all goes well.
    It looks like your had a fun time with friends and making your swap items. And it looks like a lot of Aussie designs were in use.
    Your baby 9 patch looks soft and cuddly. It's not long now to wait for the baby.
    Great end result with the stars and strips. Another wonderful finish.
    Your plus quilt has a lovely Summer feel to it. Gorgeous colours. Good luck with your quilting.

  16. It's always a treat to see what you've been up to and it looks like you've been very busy. So many great projects! I'm sure your mom was thrilled to have her daughters there to cheer her up. Hope she feels better!

  17. Looks like you have been having a blast!!!


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